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Legend of Dragoon, The (PlayStation)

With Shana and Meru in your party, defeat the Complete Virage while destroying all of its appendages at once.
The Key to a Balanced Attack (25) (62)
With Shana and Meru in your party, defeat the Complete Virage while destroying all of its appendages at once.

Created by AlmightyXor on: 17 Jan, 2020 05:40
Last modified: 03 Feb, 2020 02:32

Won by 33 of 158 possible players (21%)

Recent comment(s):
25 Jan 5:28 2020
AlmightyXor edited this achievement.
25 Jan 5:33 2020
AlmightyXor edited this achievement.
25 Jan 5:34 2020
AlmightyXor edited this achievement.
25 Jan 5:37 2020
AlmightyXor edited this achievement.
25 Jan 5:40 2020
AlmightyXor edited this achievement.
2 Feb 22:01 2020
AlmightyXor edited this achievement.
3 Feb 2:32 2020
AlmightyXor promoted this achievement to the Core set.
7 Feb 4:21 2020
This was nerve wracking because he kept spamming his instant death ugh what a pain
23 Feb 16:57 2020
An advice, first of all save Dawn Burst Magic and use it at the end with the highest magic char, hit the left, head, body an then use the magic.
23 Feb 16:59 2020
Remember all the appendages must be in red icon before the use of Dawn Burst. Except the right arm that have less than 300 hp.
24 Feb 21:48 2020
I cannot get this to unlock. The game won't let me destroy all 3 appendages at once. No matter how weak I get its right arm, it will only destroy the body and the left arm
24 Feb 22:09 2020
Are you also destroying the head in the same attack? The head is also taken into account.
24 Feb 22:16 2020
I was just able to get it to work. I think it was a problem with the Retroarch core Beetle PSX HW. I tried getting everything red and then using an item to kill every part, and it unlocked just fine on the PSX ReARMed core, but not on the other
24 Feb 23:53 2020
i have yet to be able to get beetle to work and ive watched a few videos on it i just use rearmed myself
5 Mar 21:31 2020
Didn't unlock for me on PCSX ReARMED... for some reason you can't kill both arms at same time, only one dies and the other remains with 1hp... used Shana's dragoon magic to kill all parts at once and nothing.
5 Mar 21:34 2020
If it's not triggering, please submit a ticket with a link to a save state.
5 Mar 22:26 2020
Damn... I overwrote it by accident while playing it today...
5 Mar 23:24 2020
I did it in PCX ReARMED, you need to kill all de appendages at once, that includes the head, not only the left-right arm and body.
5 Mar 23:54 2020
Yes, I did that and didn't work. Second time I tried to kill all other parts except the head with Shana's all enemy hit spell again to see if some problem was happening and verified that both arms just won't die at the same time, one aways remains.
6 Mar 4:05 2020
As i said at top, you need to make red (low hp) head, body and left arm first, only att, the right arm once, later use with your best magic char and att item as Dawn Burst, or Gravity Grabber, try any Att item that is not multi. I did it the first T.


UserHardcore?Earned On
Hardcore!03 Jun, 2020 20:44
Hardcore!31 May, 2020 14:15
Hardcore!09 May, 2020 12:49
Hardcore!09 May, 2020 11:08
05 May, 2020 22:35
Hardcore!04 May, 2020 00:22
Hardcore!27 Apr, 2020 02:22
Hardcore!27 Apr, 2020 02:01
Hardcore!11 Apr, 2020 08:12
10 Apr, 2020 21:13
Hardcore!31 Mar, 2020 20:08
29 Mar, 2020 14:21
Hardcore!28 Mar, 2020 18:43
26 Mar, 2020 23:38
Hardcore!26 Mar, 2020 07:42
Hardcore!22 Mar, 2020 05:01
Hardcore!21 Mar, 2020 23:57
06 Mar, 2020 21:01
Hardcore!05 Mar, 2020 02:41
Hardcore!04 Mar, 2020 02:20
Hardcore!01 Mar, 2020 11:59
Hardcore!27 Feb, 2020 02:07
Hardcore!26 Feb, 2020 22:02
24 Feb, 2020 22:13
Hardcore!23 Feb, 2020 16:55
Hardcore!16 Feb, 2020 17:36
Hardcore!14 Feb, 2020 16:05
11 Feb, 2020 23:46
Hardcore!08 Feb, 2020 22:31
Hardcore!08 Feb, 2020 18:00
Hardcore!07 Feb, 2020 16:16
Hardcore!07 Feb, 2020 04:20
Hardcore!04 Feb, 2020 20:39


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