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Most Awarded Achievements List - PlayStation

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TitleDescriptionPointsGame TitleTimes Awarded
Defeat Dracula in the prologue 1620
Defeat Gaibon and Slogra in the Alchemy Laboratory with Alucard3454
With the power of Aku Aku, become invicible against anything!... or almost...3434
Defeat the Doppleganger10 in the Outer Wall with Alucard3359
Complete Sky Lagoon5349
Acquire the Jewel of Open from the master librarian2336
Collect 3 Tawna's Tokens and save your game in her Bonus Round2333
Find the Leap Stone2304
Reach level 20 with Alucard3290
Defeat Scylla in the Underground Caverns with Alucard3280
Get the Copper Shield.5272
Defeat Hippogryph and Karasuman with Alucard3269
Defeat the Minotaurus and the Werewolf in the Colosseum with Alucard5264
Acquire the powers to shapeshift into wolf, mist and bat10264
Defeat Olrox in his quarters with Alucard5255
Collect 100 Gems and rescue 4 Dragons in Artisans Home5253
Defeat Web Spider at the Jungle5253
Activate the Belmont secret technique1249
Defeat Cerberos in the Abandoned Mine with Alucard5248
Find the Holy Symbol in the Underground Caverns4242
Defeat Web Spider without using weapons, Nova Strike and learned techniques5242
Defeat Succubus and find the Gold Ring5241
Defeat Granfaloon in the Catacombs with Alucard5238
Get the crossbow.5237
Find the secret passage to the Jewel knuckles room in the Outer Wall3236

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