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Most Awarded Achievements List - Saturn

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TitleDescriptionPointsGame TitleTimes Awarded
Find your first screw2107
Defeat Yadokargo at the Intro Stage2101
Find all the screws at the Intro Stage576
Defeat Tengu Man and get his weapon560
Defeat Grenade Man and get his weapon558
Defeat Frost Man and get his weapon553
Defeat Clown Man and get his weapon550
Defeat Duo444
Defeat Aqua Man and get his weapon539
Find all the screws in Astro Man's Stage1039
Defeat Sword Man and get his weapon539
Defeat Astro Man and get his weapon539
Complete Episode 1 on any difficulty539
Find all the screws in Duo's Stage538
Defeat Search Man and get his weapon537
Defeat Grenade Man Sub-Boss without letting him dive535
Find all the screws in Tengu Man's Stage1035
Defeat Atetemino at Wily's Stage 11034
Defeat Blinking at Wily's Stage 21034
Complete the first snowboard section of Frost Man's Stage without taking damage534
Defeat Green Devil at Wily's Stage 31032
Find the secret life in Clown Man's Stage232
Find all the screws in Sword Man's Stage1031
Find all the screws in Frost Man's Stage1031
Find all the screws in Grenade Man's Stage1031