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Most Awarded Achievements List - Game Boy Advance

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TitleDescriptionPointsGame TitleTimes Awarded
Obtain Your 1st Soul15650
Obtained Grave Keeper Ability55346
Defeated the 1st Boss as Soma54959
Defeated the 2nd Boss as Soma104159
Obtain the Morph Ball ability34132
Obtained Malphas Ability53911
Defeated the 3rd Boss as Soma103876
You've Been Turned Into Stone!13842
You've Reached Soma's LV10 53802
You've Been Cursed!13772
You've Been Poisoned!13771
Upgrade the length of your beam33655
You've Obtained the Salamander Card (Magician Mode Excluded)53562
Obtained Skeleton Blaze Ability53524
Defeated the 4th Boss as Soma103518
Obtain Missiles43397
Defeated the 5th Boss as Soma103391
You've Reached Soma's LV2053128
Obtain the Broken Picori Blade.53099
Increase your Energy capacity43041
Obtain the ability to place bombs in morph ball form53027
Obtain the Jabber Nut.53019
Defeated the 6th Boss as Soma103005
You've Obtained the Mercury Card (Magician Mode Excluded)53003
You've Obtained the Dash Boots.53001

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