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Most Awarded Achievements List - Game Boy Color

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TitleDescriptionPointsGame TitleTimes Awarded
Defeat Pryce and gain the Glacier Badge.10830
Acquire the Wind Marimba from the Catfish's Maw10813
Give your new rival a name.1811
Acquire the red clothes or the blue clothes from the Color Dungeon.10804
Obtain the Fertile Soil from Gnarl Root Dungeon.5794
Learn all 3 Ocarina songs10784
Defeat Falkner and gain the Zephyr Badge.5784
Defeat Team Rocket in Mahagony Town.5779
Get the Bomb capacity upgrade from the Mad Batter5778
Acquire the Coral Triangle from the Face Shrine10762
Obtain the Wooden Shield from the shop and equip it.3760
Buy a shield from a local shop in Labrynna and equip it.3755
Defeat Clair and gain the Rising Badge.10751
Earn the Eternal Spirit form the Spirit's Grave.5737
Defeat Team Rocket in the Radio Tower.5736
First Boss Encounter.3735
Defeat the newly formed Team Rocket in Slowpoke Well.5733
Acquire the Rod of Seasons.5729
Acquire one of the Companion's flutes.5726
Acquire the Harp of Ages.5726
Change your Game Boy, play Tetris the classic way.1720
Chase down and capture Suicune.10712
Acquire the winter power for the Rod of Seasons.5712
Defeat Angler Fish without being harmed10689
Get the boomerang10689