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The Golden Era of Handheld Gaming - whether it's Tetris, Mario or Pokemon, discuss your favourite GB/GBA titles here!
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Did something weird happen in RAVBA? Crash? Unexpected behaviour? Please let me know with as much detail as possible!
21 Feb, 2020 03:11
What achievements work well with Gameboy or GBA titles? What would you like to see? Let us know!
20 Feb, 2020 01:21

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on Today 04:47 in Sonic R
Then i haven't done it at all, i've mostly played this game on PC with the Sonic R Updater Software ...
on Today 04:28 in Jaws
Revision proposal to add 4 achievements: - Collect 3 crabs to Max out your diver speed - During ...
on Today 04:13 in Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition
You're welcome, glad you got it working...
on Today 04:03 in Sonic R
No, I'm pretty sure Easy was on PC too... Saw the option while switching to Hard several times....
on Today 03:57 in Sonic R
I've never known the game had a easy mode, i've always beat the game on normal, or easy mode was rem...
on Today 03:53 in Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition
It worked. Thanks....
on Today 03:21 in Leapfrog 4
[url=]Day 22[/url] [spoiler] ...
on Today 03:03 in Leapfrog 4
[url=]Day 22[/url]...