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Boogie Wings | Great Ragtime Show, The (Arcade)

Developer:Data East
Publisher:Data East
Genre:Shoot 'Em Up (Horizontal), Platformer
First released:November 26, 1992
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 2 achievements worth 15 (22) points.
Authors: (2).

The Opening Boogie
won by 26 (20) of 27 (96.30%)
Beat Stage 1 without dying (use default dipswitch settings and disable Player 2 inputs)
Santa's Slay
won by 8 (8) of 27 (29.63%)
Beat the Merry Merry Christmas stage within current and 2 additional credits (see comments)
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Recent comment(s):
17 Apr 21:15 2018
I linked the parent Boogie Wings rom and The Great Ragtime Show (Japan v1.5, 92.12.07) rom (ragtime) to this entry.
12 Nov 6:00 2018
I'll be testing this out and making a few achievements very soon for this (over the next month).
28 Nov 12:41 2018
delete comment
it's a MVS or CPS? great game!
28 Nov 17:27 2018
28 Nov 21:54 2018
Neither. It's 16-bit custom Data East hardware.
2 Dec 14:01 2018
Note: Don't change any dipswitch settings when you load the game. None of the current or future achievements in this set will trigger if dipswitch settings are changed from the default settings.
2 Dec 14:02 2018
If I make any achievements for the Hard or Hardest dipswitch setting, those will be exceptions & will be noted but for now I don't have any plans for that.
2 Dec 15:28 2018
Also make sure player 2 inputs are disabled.
25 Feb 2:09 2019
4 more achievements needed for award badge
9 Dec 17:34 2019
The memory of this game may not be fully mapped/exposed in the memory inspector since I along with televandalist tried looking for some basic stuff and couldn't find it.
9 Dec 17:36 2019
If that's the case it will be a while until a full set for this game can be worked on. I'll try to release more achievements I am currently able to make & thought about last year hopefully before Christmas in case more players want to try this set.

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Achievement Distribution


Get the highest score in 1 credit starting from Stage 1 and going directly to Merry Merry Christmas (see comments)