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Blue Marlin, The (NES)

Developer:Hot B
Publisher:Hot B
First released:July 1992
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 24 achievements worth 400 (1247) points.
Authors: (24).

So That's How...
won by 79 (51) of 114 (69.30%)
Hook any billfish by drawing one up behind a school of fish with your lure.
Amateur League
won by 18 (14) of 114 (15.79%)
Win the Miami tournament.
Pro League
won by 15 (12) of 114 (13.16%)
Win the first Hawaii tournament.
Gaining Renown
won by 15 (12) of 114 (13.16%)
Win the second Hawaii tournament.
King of Billfish
won by 14 (12) of 114 (12.28%)
Win all tournaments
Don't Rock the Boat
won by 26 (20) of 114 (22.81%)
Forced to turn back to the dock for repairs.
I'm Ready for Anything!
won by 25 (21) of 114 (21.93%)
Body Strength reaches AA level.
I'm the Strongest!
won by 19 (16) of 114 (16.67%)
Muscle Power reaches AA level.
Master of RNG
won by 11 (11) of 114 (9.65%)
Skill reaches AA level
Jack of All Trades
won by 11 (11) of 114 (9.65%)
All stats reach AA level.
The Silent Type
won by 65 (48) of 114 (57.02%)
Let the game generate a name for you.
The Magnificent
won by 15 (12) of 114 (13.16%)
Impersonate a certain red-head.
The Ultimate Troll
won by 21 (17) of 114 (18.42%)
Hook a tuna.
It's a Secret to Everybody
won by 15 (13) of 114 (13.16%)
won by 14 (12) of 114 (12.28%)
Someone didn't code the sound test properly. That option could crash you.
Don't Be a Drag
won by 28 (22) of 114 (24.56%)
Land a fish that weighs at least 300lbs. without using the drag.
Building Tension
won by 18 (14) of 114 (15.79%)
Catch a 500lb. fish or heavier after line tension hits crisis level 2.
No Wiggle Room
won by 16 (14) of 114 (14.04%)
Catch a 500lb. fish or heavier with a bad hook set (starts at crisis level 1).
Bad Lighting
won by 14 (10) of 114 (12.28%)
Catch a billfish with the Flourescent lure between 10 AM and 3 PM.
In it for the Long Haul
won by 11 (10) of 114 (9.65%)
With a 500ft. line, land a 300lb. fish or better with Muscle Power B or lower.
The Legend
won by 14 (11) of 114 (12.28%)
Catch a 900lb. or heavier Blue Marlin.
Speedy Fisherman
won by 15 (12) of 114 (13.16%)
Win any tournament before 7 AM.
Stronger Than Jaws
won by 8 (7) of 114 (7.02%)
Catch a shark with an estimated weight of 1200lbs. or greater.
Eleventh Hour Superpower
won by 7 (7) of 114 (6.14%)
In the final 15 minutes of any day, hook and land your day winning billfish.
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Recent comment(s):
15 Mar 23:25 2015
All achievements that ask for a non-estimated weight must have an ACTUAL weight at or above the requirement. If the weight is estimated at the required amount, but it doesn't proc, the actual weight is within 50 below the minimum.
17 Mar 8:04 2015
These look great! I love the names and screenshots you collected. Well done!
31 Mar 18:37 2015
Game box art added. :)
17 May 4:03 2015
Thanks, Fernando. :3
8 Nov 19:29 2017
How do you catch a fish? No info online...
23 May 18:02 2018
To start, hold down the B button and down to set the line so it won't reel out quickly, then use the control pad to tire the fish out while holding A to reel him in. Almost forgot, you probably want to press select when each level starts so you can
23 May 18:04 2018
Set the line length to 100. Also, when you hear clicking fast, that means the line is about to snap, so you need to stop holding down (which stops your line from reeling out and wears down you AND the fish.)
23 May 18:29 2018
Forgot some more stuff. When you hold up, this is known as "thumbing the line" which tires the fish, but can also make your gloves start smoking. When something bad like that happens, you just have to take you chances and guess which one is the right
23 May 18:31 2018
Choice. Your skill level will increase the odds of your choice working, but the correct choice shuffles even when it's loaded. (I know this from using an emulator for the game.)
23 May 18:34 2018
One more thing: pressing down will pull the hook out of the fishes mouth, which you can see on the fish's display at the bottom right. Oh, and when you see sweat on the display, it also means the fish is tiring.
23 May 18:43 2018
Sorry, I have to brag about this: approximately 6:52 into the first day and I caught a 900 pound Blue Marlin. A reason I believe I can get the world record on this game.
2 Jun 21:28 2019
How do I do the soft reset and BGM tester on a PS4 controller in Retroarch? What core should be used?

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