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Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Game Boy)

Genre:Platformer (Side Scrolling)
First released:July 26, 1991


There are 34 achievements worth 400 (1074) points.
Authors: , ,

won by 173 (127) of 211 (81.99%)
Get the Rolling Cutter
won by 172 (123) of 211 (81.52%)
Get the Thunder Beam
Too Frozen
won by 167 (121) of 211 (79.15%)
Get the Ice Slasher
Blazing Blaze
won by 169 (126) of 211 (80.09%)
Get the Fire Storm
Floating Disk
won by 163 (118) of 211 (77.25%)
Get the Carry item after beating the 1st four robot masters
Shiny Flashes
won by 142 (106) of 211 (67.30%)
Get the Time Stopper
The Second Boomerang
won by 140 (105) of 211 (66.35%)
Get the Quick Boomerang
Bubble Lead
won by 147 (108) of 211 (69.67%)
Get the Bubble Lead
Another Flame Weapon
won by 140 (105) of 211 (66.35%)
Get Atomic Fire
Holy Barrier, Mirror Force
won by 134 (100) of 211 (63.51%)
Get the Mirror Buster
Mr. Mega Potato
won by 135 (102) of 211 (63.98%)
Get 4 lives in total
No Longer Sharp
won by 131 (105) of 211 (62.09%)
Beat Cut Man using only the arm cannon
Plasma Thunders
won by 140 (106) of 211 (66.35%)
Beat Elec Man using only the arm cannon
Ice (not) Climber
won by 122 (100) of 211 (57.82%)
Beat Ice Man using only the arm cannon
Flame Thrower
won by 124 (103) of 211 (58.77%)
Beat Fire Man using only the arm cannon
Time Trooper
won by 102 (81) of 211 (48.34%)
Beat Flash Man using only the arm cannon
Not Quick Enough
won by 95 (80) of 211 (45.02%)
Beat Quick Man using only the arm cannon
won by 101 (83) of 211 (47.87%)
Beat Bubble Man using only the arm cannon
A Lighter Off
won by 92 (79) of 211 (43.60%)
Beat Heat Man using only the arm cannon
won by 25 (21) of 211 (11.85%)
Defeat Cut Man without taking any damage
Power Up The Revolution
won by 28 (22) of 211 (13.27%)
Defeat Elec Man without taking any damage
Freeze It At All Costs, Soldier!
won by 43 (34) of 211 (20.38%)
Defeat Ice Man without taking any damage
Hell Has Frozen Over
won by 36 (31) of 211 (17.06%)
Defeat Fire Man without taking any damage
won by 55 (45) of 211 (26.07%)
Beat Enker avoiding damage
Mega Man Uncut
won by 15 (13) of 211 (7.11%)
Get to Cut Man without taking any damage in the stage (reset game if hit)
Mega Man Unplugged
won by 16 (14) of 211 (7.58%)
Get to Elec Man without taking any damage in the stage (reset game if hit)
Unfrosted Mega Man
won by 14 (13) of 211 (6.64%)
Get to Ice Man without taking any damage in the stage (reset game if hit)
Mega Man Raw
won by 13 (12) of 211 (6.16%)
Get to Fire Man without taking any damage in the stage (reset game if hit)
Compound Crusher I
won by 12 (11) of 211 (5.69%)
Get to the teleporter room of Dr. Wily's 1st Skull Compound without taking any damage
Compound Crusher II
won by 8 (7) of 211 (3.79%)
Get to the boss room of Dr. Wily's 2nd Skull Compound without taking any damage
A New Future
won by 111 (79) of 211 (52.61%)
Beat Dr.Wily
won by 0 of 211 (0.00%)
Beat Dr.Wily with all the lives that you can
He Wants Revenge
won by 22 (19) of 211 (10.43%)
Beat Dr.Wily with a complete life bar
A Loaded Gun
won by 0 of 211 (0.00%)
Clear the game using only the basic Arm Cannon, Mirror Buster and Carry item
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Recent comment(s):
1 Dec 22:55 2016
Having one hell of a time with cutman no damage. Random presser halfway through the stage on top of Cutman's random stop+shoots
3 Dec 1:41 2016
I don't know what happened to the forum topic for this game.
3 Dec 1:49 2016
yeah I found it gone too. Fireman + Ice Man are doable, I'd recommend sticking with those. Cutman and Elec Man, save yourself the frustration.
3 Dec 1:50 2016
Most Mega Man games on here have the precedent of no damage bosses, and the ones that have arm cannon no damage are stage only (MM3). Even Mr. Perfect in MM9 and 10 allows sub weapons for the stage + boss
2 Jan 21:10 2017
I was wondering why these weren't unlocking. The achievements don't even state that you can't use special weapons. Ridiculous. Sometimes you just want to be done with a game. Not replaying endlessly in hopes the RNG goes your way.
3 Jan 1:11 2017
Or is that what is meant by, "Has to be the first stage"?
24 Aug 15:58 2017
I want to do this, but at the same time, I have no patience for those perfect run achievements, sorry.
20 Sep 20:56 2017
ok, I've tried this again, and STILL can't get it, seriously, those clear stages without taking damage, demote them! They're not worth the headache and time...
29 Oct 5:44 2017
I think the perfect stage achievements should at the very least be changed to getting to the boss door without taking a hit. Even that can be a pain with the damn Big Eyes but it's a lot more forgiving than ding both the stage and the boss hitless.
29 Oct 5:48 2017
And if needed, seperate hitless achievements can be made for the first 4 robot masters. That's what I did for the ones I made for Mega Man 3 (NES).
30 Oct 22:19 2017
that would be more fair, also maybe NOT restricting you to just the megabuster.
26 Jan 19:27 2018
Finally! I finally got the Cutman damageless one! Thank god for the nerfing! Only three to go!
8 Aug 19:42 2018
For Mega Man Uncut, Mega Man Unplugged, Frostbite-Free Mega Man, and Mega Man Raw, do them 1 at a time & reset the game before trying them (same if you fail).
8 Aug 19:43 2018
And by reset I mean before trying each one. The value of the stage & screen address doesn't return to the required value unless you reset.
22 Aug 12:39 2018
Testing Compound Crusher I & II now & will demote them back to Unofficial when I'm done and will take public opinion on whether I will add them to the core once I know they're working.
22 Aug 14:49 2018
OK, both Compound Crusher I & II work fine. I demoted them again and will ask the community if they would like me to add them to the core now that I know they work.
6 Sep 21:00 2018
"Keeper" and likes of it throughout GB series could really use a better description. "with all the lives that you can". Really? That I can WHAT? I can beat game in one life. I can farm 9 lives how ever long it will take. Or only 1ups on stages count?
7 Sep 2:08 2018
only one up from stages from what i recall
16 Sep 8:36 2018
OK since I didn't get any negative feedback about Compound Crusher I & II in here or the forum, I added them to the core set after lowering the points to the overly inflated weapons achievements.
16 Sep 8:42 2018
For the Compound Crusher I & II achievements, I used the following MD5 hash: 4ba4398181d98958fa7434ba7716f11a

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