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Final Fantasy II (SNES)

First released:November 23, 1991
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There are 21 achievements worth 240 (316) points.
Authors: (21).

Unexpected Consequences
won by 602 (472) of 616 (97.73%)
Deliver the package to the Village of Mist
New Leader
won by 471 (385) of 616 (76.46%)
Find out who the new leader is for the Red Wings
Ruby Rose
won by 440 (362) of 616 (71.43%)
Save Rosa from Desert Fever
Wind Defense
won by 414 (341) of 616 (67.21%)
Attempt to defend the Air Crsytal
Rotting Earth
won by 393 (329) of 616 (63.80%)
Defeat the Fiend of Earth, Milon
True Power
won by 393 (328) of 616 (63.80%)
Attain the power of the Paladin
Water Imposter
won by 369 (306) of 616 (59.90%)
Defeat the fiend of water, Kainazzo, and obtain your first airship
Metal Impaired
won by 341 (284) of 616 (55.36%)
Defeat the Dark Elf and get the Crystal of Earth back
Unnecessary Sacrifice
won by 336 (280) of 616 (54.55%)
Defeat Valvalis and escape the Tower of Zot
Summoning a Surprise
won by 327 (273) of 616 (53.08%)
Defend the Dwarves Crystal from Golbez
More Sacrifice
won by 317 (266) of 616 (51.46%)
Escape the pursuit of the Red Wings
won by 309 (258) of 616 (50.16%)
Fail on the mission to acquire the seven crystals
Biding His Time
won by 294 (248) of 616 (47.73%)
Have the eighth crystal lost by a friend
Moon People
won by 291 (246) of 616 (47.24%)
Gain access to the moon
The Harder They Fall
won by 277 (236) of 616 (44.97%)
Defeat the Giant of Bab-il
King and Queen of Baron
won by 265 (225) of 616 (43.02%)
Defeat Zeromus and bring peace to the world.
won by 288 (245) of 616 (46.75%)
Gain Asura's approval for Rydia
Sea Serpent
won by 283 (241) of 616 (45.94%)
Gain Leviathan's approval for Rydia.
won by 267 (231) of 616 (43.34%)
Prove to Odin that you are worthy of his power.
King on the Moon
won by 270 (232) of 616 (43.83%)
Prove your worth to Bahamut.
Outstanding Knight
won by 250 (219) of 616 (40.58%)
Defeat all the forms of Zemus without Cecil getting KO'd.
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Recent comment(s):
30 Jul 16:41 2017
em. Is there some way I can set the game to work with another version, like when the game asks what game to use when it can't find the right name?
30 Jan 0:24 2018
my roms dont works the achivments?
30 Jan 9:26 2018
You need the second release, often referred to as v1.1 or Rev 1. The original version doesn't link. If you have a ROM that says 1.1 or Rev 1 but doesn't work, then the ROM is mislabeled, which is a common problem.
8 Feb 0:02 2018
How about a trophy for landing all your ships at baron castle? This is something I've always challenged my friends to do when they played this game.
8 Mar 3:40 2018
Can you make this work with the Final Fantasy IV 10th anniversary edition translation by J2E?
1 May 12:18 2018
I love the way you did the achievements. Just working through the story, and fewer bigger-point achievements rather than make 80 of them. Well done, thank you.
4 Aug 6:55 2018
I disagree with the above user... I know FF2 is basically "Easy Type" but these achievements are basically just "play the game -> get RetroScore" instead of challenging the player with some creative obstacles... they don't have to be extreme
4 Aug 6:59 2018
Maybe something as simple as "Vengeance is mine!" -> Defeat Rubicante without Edge dying in the underground tower of babilor"White Matter Spoon" --> Throw the spoon at Zeromus in the final battleAdd a bit more challenge and are not hard toget
25 Jan 1:18 2019
I like "RetroScore". It gives me a reason to play RPGs, including these FF games I've never played before.
6 Jul 19:49 2019
Definitely got every achievement on hardcore, but the Betrayed by Kain achievement never popped. Ticket created!
2 Dec 22:38 2019
I agree with Jeftah here. This set is a good start and it's better than nothing, but it's not very interesting.
2 Dec 22:47 2019
Dancing Mad - Equip 5 Dancing Daggers in the same party.
30 Jan 2:27 2020
There should be trophies for the weapons you fight for at the end plus Excalibur and sylph would make this complete
16 Feb 23:36 2020
Achievement idea: Acquire all of Rydia's bonus summons, including the ones with a low-drop rate.
17 Feb 23:09 2020
achievement idea "don't save the game and don't die".
7 Apr 13:33 2020
Hello, could you please adde the French translation of this game? MD5 is : 325ecfab0118f6efd74026c1122fa9fd. Thanks
26 Apr 5:58 2020
Mastered! But I think this set needs a revision, there are a lot of possibilities for new achievements.
31 May 20:25 2020
Maybe the much bigger set for FFIVJ could be ported over. I see that FFIIIU/FFVIJ have a single unified set of achievements, maybe that could be a goal here.
31 May 21:56 2020
I think only games similar enough code-wise can have unified sets, like J and U versions which are pretty much the same except for the localization. FF4(J) on the other hand, was quite modified when nerfed into FF2(U), so unified cheevos are unlikely
3 Jun 0:09 2020
IMO just rework this set. Keep it easy, and accessible, in the spirit of the game itself, but expand the acheivements and maybe add some simple challenges, or collection achievements.

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