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Tetris (Game Boy)

First released:June 1989
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 13 achievements worth 177 (512) points.
Authors: (13).

Tetris Newbie
won by 1512 (833) of 1743 (86.75%)
Earn A Score of 20,000 (TYPE A)
Tetris Regular
won by 1018 (618) of 1743 (58.41%)
Earn A Score of 40,000 (TYPE A)
Tetris Champion
won by 413 (301) of 1743 (23.69%)
Earn A Score of 100,000 (TYPE A)
Tetris Master
won by 206 (155) of 1743 (11.82%)
Earn A Score of 200,000 (TYPE A)
Line Em Up
won by 1650 (883) of 1743 (94.66%)
Clear 50 Lines In A Single Game (TYPE A)
Line Em Up Extreme
won by 160 (118) of 1743 (9.18%)
Clear 200 Lines In A Single Game (TYPE A)
Type B Newbie
won by 594 (465) of 1743 (34.08%)
Beat B Mode, Level 9, High 1 or higher
Type B Regular
won by 551 (433) of 1743 (31.61%)
Beat B Mode, Level 9, High 2 or higher
Type B Champ
won by 521 (413) of 1743 (29.89%)
Beat B Mode, Level 9, High 3 or higher
Type B Master
won by 474 (373) of 1743 (27.19%)
Beat B Mode, Level 9, High 4 or higher
Type B God
won by 423 (336) of 1743 (24.27%)
Beat B Mode, Level 9, High 5
Challenge Of The Best
won by 269 (238) of 1743 (15.43%)
Use The Speed Cheat And Clear 20 Lines on Speed 15
Challenge Of The Gods
won by 238 (209) of 1743 (13.65%)
Use The Speed Cheat And Clear 20 Lines on Speed 19
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Recent comment(s):
30 Mar 4:48 2017
Rom is Tetris (W) (V1.0) [!]
30 Mar 19:07 2017
"Challenge of the Gods" did not pop for me:
30 Mar 19:49 2017
In your photo it says level 10, the game does not roll over from 19, I've tested it over and over. Do the speed cheat, select 9, get 20 lines and it pops just fine.
30 Mar 20:30 2017
Yeah, I figured. Though, the starting level may have to be set at 8heart not 9heart. I started at 9heart and it leveled me up to 10heart when I cleared about 17 lines.
2 Apr 20:03 2017
Can someone explain how to get the challenge of the gods achievement? Whenever I start at heart9 and get 20 lines, it changes to heart10 and I don't get the achievement. I tried it on heart8 and it levels up to heart9 and 10 lines and heart10 at 30.
3 Apr 18:43 2017
The way the achievement is (currently) coded is that you must land in EXACTLY 20 lines cleared, anything different and the achievement won't trigger
5 Apr 15:03 2017
Challenge achieves fixed to accept numbers greater than 20, I apologize for those that have to achieve them again as they are the hardest ones, but at least that work better now.
16 Jun 2:28 2018
Speed Cheat: when you get to the main screen, press the DOWN ARROW key while pressing the START key to begin the game. You will play with levels faster by 10 levels, which means that Level 1 = Level 11, Level 2 = Level 12, and so on.
13 Nov 22:43 2018
Hi all, yesterday I did type B level 9 and height 5 but the achievement didn't pop for me, do I need to do all the type B achievements to get this?
2 Jan 11:00 2020
anyone else feels lag when playing this? it seems that button presses sometimes feel slow. not encountered this feeling before unless when playing with a wireless pad over BT. will try other gb games to verify.
7 Mar 18:23 2020
I am not good but the game is good
13 Apr 4:45 2020
Challenge of the Gods popped up for me immediately upon starting the game after the second demo (speed cheat on).
2 Jun 1:32 2020
git gud :P
10 Jun 6:54 2020
See my earlier post, btw respect for mastering nes tetris (not the tengen one right? i have not played that one), i also took my time in mastering that one :)
19 Jun 10:49 2020
Looking forward to giving this a go. Played the hell out of it when I was a kid, and I remember hitting the 200 line mark in Type A twice. Considering how much I played, it was pretty rare. Wondering if I can pull it off again.
12 Jul 6:04 2020
200 lines is not that hard if you can clean 20 lines starting from level 14. Because after starting from level 0 you'll advance a level for the first 10 levels for 10 lines each and after that -- for 20 lines each.
17 Jul 7:43 2020
i did it starting level 0, and using the ra gameboy emu, does that make me good? :P

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