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Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy Color)

Developer:Intelligent Systems
First released:September 21, 2000
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


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Recent comment(s):
24 Feb 4:27 2015
The achievements in this game pop up at strange moments, usually around where they should but with inconsistency. For example some of the ones for using a certain Pokemon will pop up when the match is won like they should, while others (continue)
24 Feb 4:29 2015
will pop out right at the beginning of the match. Also some achievements about beating an opponent pop up at the beginning of the matches while others behave like they should. This set will need some fixing. Thanks in advance!
23 Sep 4:05 2015
Win as X Pokemon triggers when you loose at (advanced) puzzle with that Pokemon...
30 Aug 17:55 2016
I will fix my broken set soon :P
20 Jun 22:32 2017
I don't believe these work at all I beat the whole challenge mode
1 Aug 1:49 2017
Pokemon Master unlocked when i started insane... i'm not gonna reset that one hahaha.
8 Aug 16:05 2017
Set demoted until I fix all achievements and add further achievements.
8 Aug 18:14 2017
will we have to regain the achievements we already got?
14 Aug 11:36 2017
glad i didnt take more times for the last achievements i wasnt able to get
18 Mar 8:13 2018
btw I'm pretty sure this game is Game Boy Color only :)
10 Oct 2:31 2018
Says it right on the box art
8 Feb 16:09 2019
yes, but not in the game name here
12 Aug 20:27 2019
Any news on an official set?

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