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Dragon View (SNES)

Developer:Kotobuki System Co., Ltd.
Genre:Action RPG
First released:November 1994
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 25 achievements worth 400 (2116) points.
Authors: (25).

Just warming up
won by 221 (130) of 305 (72.46%)
Win the first battle without being hurt
won by 79 (51) of 305 (25.90%)
Defeat the first boss
won by 37 (24) of 305 (12.13%)
Defeat the second boss
Frozen Horror
won by 30 (20) of 305 (9.84%)
Defeat the third boss
Death Jester
won by 33 (25) of 305 (10.82%)
Defeat the fourth boss
Mine Demon
won by 199 (101) of 305 (65.25%)
Defeat the fifth boss
Water Dragon
won by 79 (50) of 305 (25.90%)
Defeat the sixth boss
Piercia (revenge)
won by 24 (20) of 305 (7.87%)
Defeat the seventh boss
Efreet (revenge)
won by 22 (17) of 305 (7.21%)
Defeat the eighth boss
won by 22 (17) of 305 (7.21%)
Defeat the Final foss
Piercia (no damage)
won by 23 (17) of 305 (7.54%)
Defeat Piercia without being hurt
Efreet (no damage)
won by 16 (12) of 305 (5.25%)
Defeat Efreet without being hurt
Frozen Horror (no damage)
won by 14 (10) of 305 (4.59%)
Defeat Frozen Horror without being hurt
Death Jester (no damage)
won by 15 (11) of 305 (4.92%)
Deafeat Death Jester without being hurt
Mine Demon (no damage)
won by 15 (11) of 305 (4.92%)
Defeat Mine Demon without being hurt
Water Dragon (no damage)
won by 15 (12) of 305 (4.92%)
Defeat Water Dragon without being hurt
Piercia revenge (no damage)
won by 11 (10) of 305 (3.61%)
Defeat Piercia without being hurt again
Efreet revenge (no damage)
won by 16 (12) of 305 (5.25%)
Defeat Efreet without being hurt again
Giza (no damage)
won by 11 (10) of 305 (3.61%)
Defeat Giza without being hurt
Collect 5000 jades
won by 22 (19) of 305 (7.21%)
Do you really need that all ?
Punch me !
won by 18 (15) of 305 (5.90%)
Got all the HP Capacity
I prefer use magic
won by 227 (109) of 305 (74.43%)
Got all MP Capacity
Sword Energy lv5
won by 23 (19) of 305 (7.54%)
Upgrade your sword to level 5
Hauza Energy lv5
won by 20 (16) of 305 (6.56%)
Upgrade your hauza to level 5
Armor Energy lv5
won by 167 (98) of 305 (54.75%)
Upgrade your armor to Lv5
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Recent comment(s):
7 Mar 16:57 2017
There's a little trick to prevent the crash at Ortah Temple (mid game) you must load a least one time your savegame after beating the first boss (scorpio)
13 Mar 17:07 2017
I've been thinking about this set for a long time-- thanks for finally making it. This is an awesome and almost totally unknown game any fan of RPGs or beat em ups should check out.
14 Mar 4:19 2017
Never played this before but it's pretty fun. It does get a little frustrating when you're way underprepared but that's a learning curve.
16 Mar 0:19 2017
It's because of the game's very basic damage formula. It's just ATK -DEF and every enemy has 40 hp (184 for bosses). The difficulty is based around having enough ATK to break the DEF threshold and it gets magnitudes easier
17 Mar 2:34 2017
It's similar to Terranigma and Crystalis I guess. If your level (or some stat) is too low, you're a goner. In Terra at least, one level more let's you wreck bosses. Giza is really tough, well I didn't get all the upgrades yet so I better look for...
17 Mar 2:41 2017
...them and grind. Since SNES has no anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering I'm gonna use the world map on GameFaqs to some me some headache.
23 May 18:54 2017
Okay, so I got several achievements on startup. Death Jester, Water Dragon, Mine Demon, MP Capacity... all of those were given either at startup or the wrong time (I got Mine Demon when Katrina was taken by Argos). Also...
23 May 18:55 2017
Sword and Hauza level 5 achievements aren't registering despite me selecting both in my menu as per the instructions. I don't know if it's where I already have a save at level 37 upon it FINALLY registering as an achievable game, but either way...
23 May 18:55 2017
I felt the need to bring it to the mods' attention.
23 Jul 5:55 2017
Yea, these cheevos are all messed up. they pop at the wrong moments.
5 Nov 16:25 2017
id really like to play this game, but until the cheevs are fixed im gonna hold off.
12 Dec 19:08 2017
I prefer use magic (sp? and Just warming up popped by starting the game - I just started the game then quit in the opening cut scene.
22 Jan 13:19 2019
Yes.I tried in both versions.No one works.
22 Jan 14:26 2019
The achievement finaly unlocked. Great game.
13 Mar 2:22 2020
I went through and fixed the boss achievements, so they shouldn't pop randomly anymore. That said, this game is great! Definitely an SNES hidden gem.
5 May 0:48 2020
Update: Some of the boss achievements that I "fixed" had an issue where they would not trigger. Sorry about that, especially if you played this game since I "fixed" those achievements. But they should be actually fixed now.

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