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History - 31 Oct 2016

KirbyMoon92KirbyMoon92 (3859 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
20:36Collect 20 Rings2
20:37Get 50 rings in the first 25 seconds of a level10
20:37Complete the first act in Green Hill Zone3
20:59Start Star Light Zone Act 1 With a Sparkle...5
21:03Become Beam Kirby1
21:04Become Spark Kirby1
21:04Become Fire Kirby1
21:04Get U.F.O in the secret area of stage 1-15
21:04Become UFO Kirby1
21:21Used a bomb.2
21:25Clear Stage 110
21:32Defeat Whispy Woods without being harmed.5
21:32Beat Stage 1 on Normal difficulty.5
22:22Defeat Lololo and Lalala without being harmed.10
22:22Beat Stage 2 on Normal difficulty.5
22:25Defeat Kaboola without being harmed.10
22:25Beat Stage 3 on Normal difficulty.5
22:26Get 100,000 points.10
22:30Beat Stage 4 on Normal difficulty.5
22:37Beat Stage 5 on Normal difficulty.10
22:37Complete the entire game without dying once.25
22:41Beat Stage 1 in the Extra Game setting.10


Total earned on 31 Oct 2016: 141 points, 22 achievements.

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