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History - 18 Mar 2019

BinaryNumberBinaryNumber (10496 points)

AtTitleDescriptionPointsAuthorGame Title
06:53Get to Spring Yard Zone!10
06:57Get 100000 points!10
07:05Collect 100 Rings!5
07:06Get to Labyrinth Zone!10
07:13Collect 6 Chaos Emeralds!25
07:24Get to Star Light Zone!10
07:33Get to Scrap Brain Zone!10
18:02Catch your breath at the last possible second in Labyrinth Zone!5
18:07Reach the Final Zone!10
18:09Defeat Dr Robotnik in the Final Zone10
18:09Complete the game with all 6 Emeralds25
19:00Reach Chemical Plant Zone5
19:09Reach Aquatic Ruin Zone5
19:18Defeat a Boss without touching the floor.5
19:29Reach Casino Night Zone5


Total earned on 18 Mar 2019: 150 points, 15 achievements.

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