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One who knows nothing can understand nothing

Member Since: 09 Apr 2019, 22:42
Last Activity: 29 May 2020, 02:03
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.33
Average Completion: 54.73%
Site Rank: 2421 / 71745 ranked users (Top 4%)

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Level 67 in Castle Oblivion (13F)

Last 5 games played:

17% complete
Shin Megami Tensei II (SNES)
Last played 2020-05-29 02:03:10
Earned 6 of 71 achievements, 30/400 points.
The Champion
Junior Summoner
The First Champion
Virtual Reality
Victim or Perpetrator
King Icecream
Mining Disaster
The Ultimate Sacrifice
The Guardians
Damsel in Distress
Love Birds
Resurrecting a Prince
The Revolution
Into the Abyss
The Matrix
Matrix Destruction
A Siren's Love
The Fallen Archangels
Dance Fever
Back to the Abyss
Angelic Alliance
Devil's Advocate
Army of Two
Angel of the Abyss
Atavaka and the Twelve Shinsho
Deadly Wang
Castle of Terror
Maou Bellzebub
The Fallen Angel
Morning Star
The Destroyer
God of the Old Testament
God's Judgement
God's Wrath
Lawful Good
Chaotic Evil
True Neutral
Virtual Fighter - Round 1
Virtual Fighter - Round 2
Big and Small
That's a Lot of Coins!
Cat O' 9 Tails
Devil Analyzer
Virtual Fighter - Round 3
Cute or Deadly
Jipanium Legs
Memory Upgrade I
Virtual Fighter - Round 4
Virtual Fighter - Round 5
Jipanium Helm
The Japanese Pantheon
Memory Upgrade II
Prison Break
Memory Upgrade III
King of Asuras
One Last Goodbye
Naughty Demon
Astaroth True Form
Misplaced Dresses
Advanced Summoner
High Summoner
Master Summoner

196% complete
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-05-29 00:58:31
Earned 87 of 89 achievements, 372/385 points.
One-Winged Angel
Diamond Dust
Ultima Weapon
Final II...
Level Boost
More Than the Half
Light and Dark
The Rabbit Hole
Hero Test
Trick or Treat
And Another...
You can Fly
One More...
More Parasites
In the Sea of Fire
Around Green Flames
Reverse Rebirth
Reach Out To The Truth
Critical Competitor
Extinguish the fire
Revenge of the Nymph
Riku, for last time...
Quake Sleight
Divine Rose
Stop Raid Sleight
Metal Chocobo
Divine Justice
Old Friend
Taste of the Past
Warp Sleight
Firaga Break
All the Rooms
Chilly Academic
Pixie Dust
Thunder Raid Sleight
Fairy Harp
Gravity Raid
End of the World
Blazing Donald
Finding for Riku
Under the Sea
A Different Strategy
Room of Rewards
Homing Blizzara
Searching for Riku
Friendly Fellows
Savage Nymph
Alice in Wonderland
Time Stop
Big Mistake
Three Wishes
Lady Luck
Junior Hero
Keyblade vs Buster Sword
Blizzard Raid
Infinite Heartless
Parasite Cage
Wishing Star
This is Halloween
A Whole New World
Magic Refill
Always Down
Hotter Than Fire!!
The Adventure Begins
This is Only the First
Heartless Hunter
Leveling Up

191% complete
Pokemon - Black Version (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2020-05-20 22:32:10
Earned 86 of 90 achievements, 700/850 points.
Pokemon Assistant
Black Empoleon
Abyssal Ruins
Gamefreak Morimoto
Boundary Pokemon
Catch'em All - Unova
Side-Quest: Looker
Riches Family
Head Butt Pokemon
Shield Pokemon
Shellfish Pokemon
Fossil Pokemon
Spiral Pokemon
Shrimp Pokemon
Sea Lily Pokemon
Sinnoh Champion
League Champion
Single Battle Institute: Master Rank
Royal Unova
Small Court Tennis
Big Stadium Baseball
Big Stadium Soccer
Small Court Basketball
Big Stadium Football
Deep Meditation
Aftertrade Naoki
Aftertrade Aya
Cinccino & Munchlax
Ditto & Rotom
Sun Pokemon
Rarest Fish
Drowsing Pokemon
Double Battle Institude: Hyper Rank
Double Battle Institude: Elite Rank
Double Battle Institude: Master Rank
Double Battle Institude: Novice Rank
Double Battle Institude: Normal Rank
Double Battle Institude: Super Rank
Double Battle Institude: Beginner Rank
Single Battle Institute: Elite Rank
Single Battle Institute: Novice Rank
Single Battle Institute: Normal Rank
Single Battle Institute: Super Rank
Single Battle Institute: Hyper Rank
Single Battle Institute: Beginner Rank
Dethroned Megalomaniac
Ideal Versus Reality
Vast White Pokemon
Cyclone Pokemon
Grassland Pokemon
Cavern Pokemon
Battle Subway: Double
Iron Will Pokemon
Battle Subway: Multi Train
Battle Subway: Single Subway
Appraisal Legend
Legend Badge
Pokemon Ambition
Blazing Pokemon
Freeze Badge
Larva Egg
Appraisal Jet
Jet Badge
Boldore & Emolga
Ideal Dreams
Freedom Wings
Quake Badge
Minccino & Basculin
Cottonee & Petilil
Appraisal Bolt
Bolt Badge
Plasma Sovereign
First Prototurtle Bird Pokemon
Appraisal Insect
Oneself Revision
Insect Badge
Basic Badge
Protective Determination
Appraisal Trio
Trio Badge
School-Based Learning
Elemental Monkey
Pastoral Road
Mysterious Trainer
Long-Awaited Day
Battle Subway: Super Single Subway
Battle Subway: Super Double Subway
Battle Subway: Super Multi Train
Catch'em All - National

150% complete
Dragon Quest I & II (SNES)
Last played 2020-05-11 23:58:27
Earned 51 of 68 achievements, 480/700 points.
[DQ2] This jail is so dangerous
[DQ2] Get out of my shop!
[DQ2] The Suit of Cups
[DQ2] I don't recall seeing anyone there
[DQ2] Weird place to find a black market...
[DQ2] The Rising of the Shield Hero
[DQ2] An actual helmet at last
[DQ2] At least it was guarded this time
[DQ2] Best doggo out there!
[DQ2] The Star
[DQ2] King Dragon the cartographer
[DQ2] Edgeless Sword
[DQ2] The Moon
[DQ2] Aboat to start your adventure
[DQ2] Gacha giveth, gacha taketh away
[DQ2] Don't you think I'm cute?
[DQ2] Let the Wind Blow
[DQ2] Farewell, your majesty
[DQ2] The Cursed Princess
[DQ2] Poisoned reflections
[DQ2] The Evasive Prince
[DQ2] Shiny Key
[DQ2] Emergency Supplies
[DQ1] A new hero was born
[DQ1] Dragon Slayer
[DQ1] I don't need anyone's help
[DQ1] You were the chosen one!
[DQ1] King Dragon's Quest [m]
[DQ1] I swear i'm Roto's descendant
[DQ1] This better kill things fast!
[DQ1] Multitasking as a bodyguard
[DQ1] Three is company [m]
[DQ1] Finally! A second party member!
[DQ1] Dragon Quest Builders
[DQ1] Catch the Rainbow
[DQ1] Thank you Roto
[DQ1] Are you a wizard?
[DQ1] Now that's a shield
[DQ1] What is this pile of bricks doing here?
[DQ1] Harder than stone [m]
[DQ1] Nice Small Medal!
[DQ1] Lucky!
[DQ1] Weather Report
[DQ1] Broken Instrument
[DQ1] Like a Rolling Stone
[DQ1] Sleep well
[DQ1] Nose for Treasure - Mountain Cave
[DQ1] Puff-Puff
[DQ1] Let the Quest begin
[DQ1] Thanks Gooman *Slurp*
[DQ1] First of many
[DQ2] Who needs a treasure anyway?
[DQ2] The Sun
[DQ2] The Lovers
[DQ2] This place is so charming
[DQ2] Nose for Treasure - Tower of the Moon
[DQ2] Nose for Treasure - Sea Cave
[DQ2] Trio of Danger
[DQ2] Worthless sacrifice
[DQ2] Hargone [m]
[DQ2] Ancient Protection
[DQ2] Become like water, my friend
[DQ2] The Sword of Roto got old fast
[DQ2] Sweet sweet levels
[DQ2] Proving usefulness
[DQ2] Now we're ready to battle
[DQ2] Our bonds will give me strength!
[DQ2] A new hero was born (Part II)

22% complete
Super Mario World (SNES)
Last played 2020-05-09 19:38:24
Earned 7 of 63 achievements, 24/556 points.
Bonus on the Island
To the Stars!
Shoo! Shoo! Big Boo
I Believe I Can Fly
I is for Icky Iggy
Unleash The Dragon
Giddy Up!
Another Kind of Flying
Floating Through The Clouds
Maximum Finish
Perfect Bonus Stage
Yoshi's a Mommy?
Morton Enough
Lemmy Down Slowly
Ludwig's Last Symphony
Roy's Ploy Destroy-ed
Wendy Chips Are Down
Larry in the Airy
Bowser Disposer
Reznor - Flaming Wheel of Death
Burning Bowser
Filling All The Blocks In
Color by Yoshi - Yellow [m]
Color by Yoshi - Green [m]
Color by Yoshi - Red [m]
Color by Yoshi - Blue [m]
Chocolate Donut
Mario's Special Place
Change of Scenery
All Exits
The Investigator
That Oh-So-Familiar Tune
Bonus of the Donuts
Bonus on the Butter
Bonus of the Chocolate
Birth of Economy
A Hole In Your Wallet
Like A Giant Bank
Economic Gaps
Illusions of Grandeur
Sweet Greed
The Dragon's Hoard
Special Sorta Person
Super Moonio
Crescent Donut
Lunar Vanilla
Bridge Over Moonlit Water
A False Moon
Under A Koopa Moon
A Mighty Quake
Fence Offense
Who Needs Vines?
Spooking Big Boo
Everything is Lava
Didn't Take the Bait
Bowser's Castle Explorer
I Starved Yoshi and All I Got Was...
Who Needs Helium?
A Groovy Flight
With More Than You Started
Shortest Route
Starman Challenge

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