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Member Since: 09 Apr 2017, 03:40
Last Login: 15 Aug 2019, 13:25
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Magical Taruruuto-kun (Mega Drive)
Last played 2019-08-03 15:27:32
Earned 0 of 22 achievements, 0/400 points.
Jabao Stop Playing Football
Is it Your Magic or are You a Harpy?
Geez... Stay Away From Me Little Witch
Vampire Kiss
Dancing With My Devil
Bye Bye Harako-chan
Knock-Knock-Knockin on Hell\
Fairy Tale
Bullying Art
Wizards of Time
Caravan to Hell
Family Tree
Living In the Hills
My Little Fairy
Temperamental Teacher
Master Magician
Is Enough for some Takoyakis?

0% complete
Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)
Last played 2019-08-03 10:46:30
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

0% complete
Nekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes (SNES)
Last played 2019-08-03 09:58:53
Earned 0 of 100 achievements, 0/980 points.
The Needs of The Many Outweigh The Needs of The Few
The Truth Behind The Story
Frog On The Big Bridge
The Last Earthling
Heroes Never Die
Dragon Jump!
My Darkest Hour
The Hot-Blooded Fighter
Easy Come, Easy Go
Fork it Over
How Much Pain Can You Bear?
Jumping To The Moon
Swear on the Dead,  Vengeance Is Soon To Come
Rouga, The Samurai Warrior
Nothing Else Matters
Death Is Too Good For You ... You Deserve Worse
Almost A Happy Ending
Treasure Hunter
Not Even On Your Best Day, Old Lizard!
Woow! It\
Fuga...!? *Sob...!
Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
Wahn ... Lizards, Dragons ... I Hate These Geckos
Pickpocket? If I Want, I\
Never Underestimate My Strength, Demons!
Emotional Catastrophe
My Great Collection
Loud And Clear
This Is For You, Fuga ...
You Stole My Heart
Justice Is Always Winner
The Brave Master Shen
Scrapped Machine
Chimera or Kigurumi?
I Don\
Six Feet Underground
No Matter What You Say, I\
Shi-ende, The Demon Hunter
Amends For The Past
This is just a Punk Rock Song
Chocolate Eclair A La Mode
Stupid Taiga, You Don\
Struck A Nerve
My Patience Is Over! Give Back The Sword!
Emes Got In My Way, And Now You Will Join Her!
The Best Chocolate
Mystic Blast
Backalley Punks
Chocolate and Eclair - The Magic Sisters
Herbal Star
Say Your Prayers, Crazy Lady!
Count on us, Taiga!
Emptiness ...
Guardian Slayer
You Made Your Choice, Hell Cannon ...
Three Cheers For The Happy Couple ...
Arch Enemy
These Things Will Be Taken To The Bananas Guild
Surely You Jest
I Will Not Even Touch You, Ugly Hag!
The True Warrior\
The Colors of Death
Why Do We Love Collecting Things?
The Heroine Wins Again!
Like a Shooting Star Across The Midnight Sky
My Favorite Color
Addom ...
History Will Not Repeat Itself
This Was The Best of All Battles. Adios Addon
Emotional Openness
Doctor, Doctor
Cat Fight
Minion and Master Battle
Another One Bites The Dust!
Parallel Formation
Wrong Way, Super Phantom
The End Is Near
God Have Mercy
Promise Across Years
Burning Heroes
We Believe In Our Strength
You Are Not Alone!

0% complete
Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibouken (SNES)
Last played 2019-08-03 09:37:11
Earned 0 of 40 achievements, 0/515 points.
Mickey Cat
Pirates of the Caribbean
Big Thunder Mountain
Splash Mountain
Haunted Mansion
Space Mountain
Pirate Pete
Spiked Frog
Train Driver Pete
Botanist Pete
Ghost Pete
Astronaut Pete
Sorcerer Pete
Mice And Treasures First!
Lika In Oak Island
Conquering Heights
Seek Not Your Fortune In A Dark Dreary Mine
If I Could Fall Into The Sky
Danger Does Not Scare Me! I\
Preserving Nature
Waaa ...! This Is Really Scary !!!
12 hours In That Mansion
Why Do I Always Have To Go Through A Cemetery?
Technological Labyrinth
Give Me A Sign Tonight
Shiver Down My Spine
Enough To Buy Cotton Candy
Aye Aye! Here I Come!
An Aquatic Adventure
This Kind of Entertainment Really Necessary? * Squeak *
Roller Coaster - Out of Service
The Magic of Disneyland ... Really?
All Together For A Show
Eighteen Times I Went To The Well

0% complete
Castle Of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse (Master System)
Last played 2019-08-03 05:55:37
Earned 0 of 41 achievements, 0/460 points.
A HA! I Can See You Treasure!
Piece of Cake ... Delicius!
What Is Missing?
Mizrabel Special Collection
To Grandma\
Run and Catch
Last Minutes of Halloween
I Missed The School Bus
Running Against The Clock
Where Is The Key ? Waaa !!!
Animal Behavior
Beware of Hyperactivity
Studying For A Test
No Distraction - Time Flies
Hello Willow Tree, Do You Think You Enchant Me?
Waaa, Toys Should Be Fun!
An Untold Fable
Forget This ... It\
This Is Not Really A Fair Battle, Is It?
Bye Bye, Ugly Witch!
Mouse On A Hot Tin Roof
Squeak ... Squeak!
Of Mice And Men
Someday I\
Suicide Mouse
Nhaa, I\
Minnie, Do You Believe I Went To A Candy Store ?
Army of Me
A Mouse Focused On Its Goals

User Wall

Recent comment(s):
29 Aug 12:53 2017
Your dev work is mindful, and your link with the game very impassioned. I'm glad you are with us, doing something you clearly enjoy, and I'm sure others see this too.
2 Sep 14:21 2017
Keep up the good dev work and gaming too!
25 Sep 13:16 2017
Maybe kinda late I guess, but I wanted to write that FF9 is my favourite in the series, and Freya is the best character (along with Vivi)~
25 Sep 13:47 2017
That's so cool! I also love Vagrant Story, and there are some others (Xenogears, Legend of Mana, Staro Ocean 2), but these 3 I like the most...
25 Sep 13:50 2017
The story in FF9 is one of the most mature I found in all FFs I've played, and I think calling this game infantile is just silly and a sign someone didn't focused on the game as much as it's needed to understand.
25 Sep 14:24 2017
About pickpoketing in SO2... I did it too:)! It's fun, regardless it has influence on overall relations between characters (spoiling your ending results), so it's better just to steal the rarest items if any at all (like these gourmet cooking items).
12 Nov 17:23 2017
you're a great dev and a nice person. Sad to see you leave.
13 Nov 5:12 2017
What happened?
2 Dec 1:07 2017
delete comment
I wish you a merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you bad gifts.
5 Dec 9:12 2017
Have a spooky xmas
5 Dec 18:15 2017
Bad gifts and spooky christmas... keep it for yourself guys, it's not october anymore ;p Seasons greetings!
10 Dec 18:43 2017
Duda dubba duba! Baba dubababa dub.
31 Dec 21:59 2017
I aways happy to help with japanese translations such good developer and wonderful friend! Happy new year!
12 Apr 17:28 2018
delete comment
Alena, somente um adendo sobre o nekketsu que vc esta desenvolvendo: eu confundi com outro jogo do super famicom, o little master nijiiro no masenki (nao tem nada a ver, eu sei la pq confundi kkkk), esse que vc esta fazendo eu desconheco qualquer bug
9 May 11:47 2018
Thanks for all the Wonderful Achievement Sets you bring to this Site. I hope we will have you for a long time!
20 May 0:02 2018
Milady Princess of Hidden Gems <3
22 May 21:54 2018
A couplet for Alena: "Alena is so sweet, and I'm glad we are friends / I love the Princess of Hidden Gems"
26 May 20:11 2018
That's almost a haiku <3
3 Jun 14:32 2018
I once read "A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest". Please Alena, don't mind the noise coming from haters and pay attention on the forest of love and admiration that silently grows day by day for you and your work here.
3 Jun 15:21 2018
We love you. You are our inspiration. You are always welcome. You are not cancer, but cure for cancer here. Those haters only win if they make you feel bad. Don't make them turn into something you are not, because you are our tresure.
4 Jun 1:06 2018
Alena! If it wasnt for you nobody would have done that Great Battle 2 set for me...To be able to play it here on RA brings me memories from my childhood. I played it a lot with my father and it brings me back those good memories.
4 Jun 1:08 2018
Please Alena! keep doing those wonderful sets for us! I still have a lot japanese translations to share with you!
4 Jun 10:31 2018
delete comment
Alena, o que houve? quem foi o maldito que te criticou? tem gente no RA que nao passa de peso morto, continue seu otimo trabalho por aqui, vc eh um referencial pra muitos!
4 Jun 10:37 2018
Alena no pare, no desanime por crticas ou trapaceiros, essas pessoas no merecem ateno, so invejosas e enganam a si mesmo. Continue seu trabalho brilhante.
5 Jun 1:28 2018
Alena....please come back....
5 Jun 7:58 2018
I really thank you friends, for all the good things you've told me ... It's not the first time that I'm sad and I end up making you all sad, too, so I'd better go out .... I love you all and I hope be well always.
5 Jun 13:50 2018
That's the past now sweetie, and I'm sure everyone will be just happy to have you back.
5 Jun 23:41 2018
just come back please...
6 Jun 22:39 2018
Thank you all for being by my side friends ... I really appreciate the messages everyone sent me <3
19 Jul 11:17 2018
Just saw the new sets for MS and GG games. As a long time Sega fan, I can't thank you enough for all your work.
6 Aug 22:20 2018
19 Aug 18:47 2018
The sweetest person on RA <3
19 Aug 20:22 2018
*correction: on the internet
31 Oct 14:47 2018
Thanks for having you!
31 Oct 20:02 2018
It's good to see you again, Alena. Thank you for all the help and support!
12 Nov 20:43 2018
15 Nov 2:22 2018
pegue seus pontos de volta
18 Nov 16:32 2018
looking forward to work with you on some sets. i hope you have a good day!
26 Feb 11:30 2019
If there would be a Developer contest on RA, you would get my vote. <3
8 Mar 6:26 2019
ai que wallzinho fofo, seria uma pena se eu arruinasse ele
14 Mar 23:46 2019
moja muza urocza <3
15 Mar 0:26 2019
29 Mar 3:48 2019
10 Apr 2:30 2019
Love the cameral atmosphere there <3
10 Apr 2:31 2019
Salsa This drummer is one of the best in the world right now for me
14 Apr 14:27 2019
Milady, I came here just to say hi and thanks for your sets! <3
28 May 19:02 2019
8 Jun 14:19 2019
8 Jun 14:20 2019
19 Jun 18:48 2019
11 Jul 3:07 2019
au au au-au-au au AU AU aua uauau auau

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MASTERED Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES)
Awarded on 01 May 2017, 14:59
MASTERED Flashback - The Quest for Identity (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 02 May 2017, 23:11
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Awarded on 05 May 2017, 15:22
MASTERED Pokemon - Red Version (Game Boy)
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MASTERED Blackthorne (SNES)
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MASTERED ~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. Enhanced (SNES)
Awarded on 11 May 2017, 23:03
MASTERED Sailor Moon S - Jougai Rantou! Shuyaku Soudatsusen (SNES)
Awarded on 13 May 2017, 07:16
MASTERED Final Fantasy II (J) (NES)
Awarded on 20 May 2017, 08:36
MASTERED Kirby's Adventure (NES)
Awarded on 21 May 2017, 18:47
MASTERED Moon Crystal (NES)
Awarded on 24 May 2017, 13:48
MASTERED Rescue Mission (Master System)
Awarded on 26 May 2017, 11:35
Awarded on 27 May 2017, 13:15
MASTERED Mischief Makers (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 02 Jun 2017, 15:54
MASTERED Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 09 Jun 2017, 09:48
MASTERED Final Fantasy II (USA) | Final Fantasy IV (JAP) (SNES)
Awarded on 14 Jun 2017, 02:02
MASTERED Revenge of Shinobi, The (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 16 Jun 2017, 15:59
MASTERED Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 17 Jun 2017, 11:01
Awarded on 18 Jun 2017, 09:25
MASTERED Little Mermaid, The (Game Boy)
Awarded on 18 Jun 2017, 15:15
Awarded for producing many valuable achievements, providing over 70000 points to the community!
Awarded on 01 Jul 2017, 15:42
Awarded for being a hard-working developer and producing achievements that have been earned over 6000 times!
Awarded on 01 Jul 2017, 15:42
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Awarded on 29 Aug 2017, 10:47
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Awarded on 05 Oct 2017, 16:58
MASTERED Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubo (SNES)
Awarded on 07 Jan 2018, 08:46
MASTERED Ranma 1|2 - Gu Choki Ougi Jaanken (SNES)
Awarded on 13 Feb 2018, 00:00

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