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Member Since: 26 Apr 2017, 03:40
Last Activity: 29 Mar 2020, 01:19
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Retro Ratio: 1.30
Average Completion: 13.69%
Site Rank: 6272 / 71213 ranked users (Top 10%)

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Davy is flying through Sky Land

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0% complete
Mario Golf: Advance Tour (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-03-28 23:50:22
Earned 0 of 60 achievements, 0/400 points.
Taste of Success
Putter Golf
You need the power
Smoking Joe
Taste of success
Marion Champion
I am Aggressive
Driving all night long
Putter Noob
Putter Ammy
Putter Pro
That Darn Squid
Half way to the Championship
Palms Champion
A special guest from the past
Shot Noob
Shot Ammy
Shot Pro
Putters Dream
Approach Sands
Don't poke me
Just one more Tourney
Dunes Champion
Link could do better?
Link's Broken Arrow
Approach Noob
Approach Ammy
Approach Master
You Mole!
World Champion!
Links Champion
Secret Invitation
Beaten the best
Mushroom Champion
For the Kids
Putting Man
Taste of success Doubles
Marion Champion Doubles
Half way Double
Palms Champion Doubles
Amazing Grace
Doubles Triple
Dunes Champion Doubles
The Big Man
World Champion Doubles
Links Champion Doubles
Oh Gene
Beaten the best Doubles
Mushroom Champion Doubles
Golden Mario
Golden Peach
Golden Yoshi
Golden DK
Hole in One Mario

19% complete
R-Type (Master System)
Last played 2020-03-05 04:35:42
Earned 3 of 31 achievements, 4/475 points.
The Front Lines
Dual Fire
Caves of Bydo
Mega Battle Ship
Mechanical Farm
Underwater Caverns
Labyrinth of Bydo Deposit
Lost City
Invasion and Conquer of the Bydo Empire
Perimeter Blast
Back Defense
This is R-Type
Injecting the Cure
It's Alive!
Eat This!
Timed Attack
Timed Attack II
Timed Attack III
Timed Attack (Super)
Nimble and Numb
Fifty Cent Victory
The Demiurge
Bydo - Rebirth
Bare Essentials
Jigsaw Battle
Cluster Bust

0% complete
Inindo: Way of the Ninja (SNES)
Last played 2020-02-23 02:31:05
Earned 0 of 30 achievements, 0/400 points.
Flame On!
Well Grounded
Like the Wind
Light the Torch
Blaze It
Feel the Burn
The Long Climb
Super Powered
Enter the Dragon
Say "Uncle"
Traveling Companion
Three's Company
Heart Breaker
Globe Trotter
OG Ninja
Taming the Tengu
Reaping the Reaper
Dragon Slayer
Overcoming the West
Half Strength Showdown
Azuchi at Last
Final Boss Chain 1
Final Boss Chain 2
Final Boss Chain 3
Ending Nobunaga's Ambition
Crushing Nobunaga's Ambition
Stabbing Westward

20% complete
Missile Command (Atari 2600)
Last played 2020-02-18 23:56:01
Earned 2 of 20 achievements, 10/340 points.
Is This All You Got?
City Builder I
Fighting the Good Fight
Go Back to Krytol!
Zardon For Life!
City Builder II
Is This Really All You Got?
Fighting the Great Fight
Should've Stayed on Krytol!
Zardon Forever!
Missile Miser
Targeting System Malfunction
That Was Close
I See Your IPBM and I Raise You An ABM
Long Live Zardon
ABMs a Plenty
The Krytolian's Secret Weapon
Four Star Missile Commander
Five Star Missile Commander
Props to Rob Fulop

0% complete
Super Adventure Island II (SNES)
Last played 2020-02-18 23:52:35
Earned 0 of 49 achievements, 0/400 points.
Silver Sword
Health Up!
Light Stone in the Trees
Light Gate
Muscle Your Way Through
Sun Gate
Rock Shoving
Ice Bell
Fire Sword
Fire Armor
Fire Shield
Star Stone
Star Gate
Sun Ring
Magic Wand
Ice Armor
Ice Sword
Ice Shield
Rocket Turtle
Aqua Gate
Power Fan
Downward Thrust
Magic Bottle
Light Shield
Light Armor
Light Sword
Aqua Armor
Thunder Sword
Bad Tentacle Day
Moon Gate
Upward Thrust
Crystal Sword
Not the Main Weapon Here
A Run for my Mummy
Light Spell
Star Spell
Sun Spell
Aqua Stone
Moon Spell
Aqua Shield
Power Sword
Maximum Life
Maximum Magic
An Egg-citing Fight
Save the Girl!

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Recent comment(s):
26 Apr 3:46 2017
Dream Theater, Pugs, 3DO, Sega Saturn, PS4 Pro, all Gameboys, 3DS, Vitas, you name it, I play it! SimAnt, City, Life, World, etc. plus 5000 other things I can't think of now.
22 Feb 21:57 2018
Sharp Twin Famicom, JVC X'Eye, 32X, Xbox One, all SHMUPS n CuteEmUps, JRPGS, and any RPG in general, PSP puzzles and 3DS, Metroid, too much to list.
1 Feb 2:05 2020
Unfort most my achievements cant be seen because I do most gaming on real hardware, and most my emulation on my OG Xbox CoinOPs monster systems w 12k games...but all my computer RetroArch emulated games are linked to at least

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~Prototype~ Xevious (Atari 2600)~Prototype~ Xevious
8/11 won
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES)Double Dragon II: The Revenge
11/20 won
GunForce: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island (SNES)GunForce: Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island
9/18 won
Aerial Assault (Master System)Aerial Assault
9/20 won
Alien Hominid (Game Boy Advance)Alien Hominid
11/25 won
Bank Heist (Atari 2600)Bank Heist
7/17 won
Chopper Command (Atari 2600)Chopper Command
8/20 won
Strike Gunner S.T.G (SNES)Strike Gunner S.T.G
8/21 won
Trip World (Game Boy)Trip World
10/27 won
Super Smash TV (Mega Drive)Super Smash TV
5/14 won
Fantasy Zone (Master System)Fantasy Zone
11/31 won
Switchblade II (Atari Lynx)Switchblade II
10/30 won
Bowling (Atari 2600)Bowling
4/16 won
Snail Maze: Sega Master System BIOS (Master System)Snail Maze: Sega Master System BIOS
3/13 won
Mitsume ga Tooru (NES)Mitsume ga Tooru
8/36 won
Asteroids (Atari 2600)Asteroids
4/18 won
Super Star Soldier (PC Engine)Super Star Soldier
5/24 won
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (NES)Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa
8/40 won
Dragon Spirit (PC Engine)Dragon Spirit
3/15 won
Shantae (Game Boy Color)Shantae
9/48 won
Robotron 2084 (Atari 7800)Robotron 2084
8/43 won
Star Fox (SNES)Star Fox
7/39 won
Kwirk (Game Boy)Kwirk
7/40 won
Contra (NES)Contra
7/40 won
Gulkave (SG-1000)Gulkave
5/29 won
3-D World Runner (NES)3-D World Runner
5/30 won
Detective Conan: The Mechanical Temple Murder Case (Game Boy Color)Detective Conan: The Mechanical Temple Murder Case
2/12 won
Wings of Wor | Gynoug (Mega Drive)Wings of Wor | Gynoug
1/6 won
Druaga no Tou | Tower of Druaga, The (PC Engine)Druaga no Tou | Tower of Druaga, The
6/38 won
Burning Force (Mega Drive)Burning Force
6/40 won
Daedalian Opus (Game Boy)Daedalian Opus
3/21 won
Kuru Kuru Kururin (Game Boy Advance)Kuru Kuru Kururin
9/64 won
Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive)Thunder Force IV
5/36 won
Space Invaders: Virtual Collection (Virtual Boy)Space Invaders: Virtual Collection
7/52 won
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (NES)Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
2/15 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
5/38 won
Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy)Donkey Kong Land
6/48 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)Sonic the Hedgehog
3/24 won
Legendary Axe, The (PC Engine)Legendary Axe, The
5/42 won
Firepower 2000 (SNES)Firepower 2000
4/34 won
Excitebike (NES)Excitebike
2/17 won
Toilet Kids (PC Engine)Toilet Kids
2/18 won
Adventures of Star Saver, The (Game Boy)Adventures of Star Saver, The
1/9 won
Joe and Mac (SNES)Joe and Mac
4/37 won
Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES)Contra III: The Alien Wars
3/30 won
Missile Command (Atari 2600)Missile Command
2/20 won
Kiwi Kraze: A Bird-Brained Adventure! (NES)Kiwi Kraze: A Bird-Brained Adventure!
1/10 won
R-Type (Master System)R-Type
3/31 won
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)Donkey Kong Country
3/32 won
Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! (Game Boy Color)Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!
4/44 won
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion (Game Boy Color)Bomberman Max: Blue Champion
3/40 won
Go Go Ackman (SNES)Go Go Ackman
3/42 won
Adventure Island (Game Boy)Adventure Island
2/28 won
F-Zero (SNES)F-Zero
1/14 won
Jack Bros. (Virtual Boy)Jack Bros.
4/57 won
Ardy Lightfoot (SNES)Ardy Lightfoot
3/45 won
Dragon Wang (SG-1000)Dragon Wang
1/15 won
Megalit (Game Boy)Megalit
1/15 won
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (SNES)Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
6/94 won
Magical Chase (PC Engine)Magical Chase
3/50 won
16 Tales [Vol. 1-4] (PlayStation)16 Tales [Vol. 1-4]
1/17 won
Ms. Pac-Man (Atari Lynx)Ms. Pac-Man
2/36 won
Mario Clash (Virtual Boy)Mario Clash
1/18 won
Blazing Lazers | Gunhed (PC Engine)Blazing Lazers | Gunhed
4/74 won
Bomberman Max: Red Challenger  (Game Boy Color)Bomberman Max: Red Challenger
2/40 won
Commander Keen (Game Boy Color)Commander Keen
1/20 won
Banana Prince (NES)Banana Prince
4/82 won
Street Smart (Mega Drive)Street Smart
1/21 won
Wild Guns (SNES)Wild Guns
4/87 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System)Sonic the Hedgehog
1/23 won
Super Mario Kart (SNES)Super Mario Kart
2/47 won
Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy)Metroid II: Return of Samus
1/25 won
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
1/26 won
Daze Before Christmas (Mega Drive)Daze Before Christmas
1/27 won
Kid Dracula (Game Boy)Kid Dracula
1/27 won
Sutte Hakkun (SNES)Sutte Hakkun
1/28 won
U.N. Squadron (SNES)U.N. Squadron
1/28 won
Super E.D.F. - Earth Defense Force (SNES)Super E.D.F. - Earth Defense Force
1/29 won
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken (SNES)Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken
1/33 won
Umihara Kawase (SNES)Umihara Kawase
2/67 won
Mario vs. Donkey Kong (Game Boy Advance)Mario vs. Donkey Kong
1/34 won
Ninja Hattori Kun (NES)Ninja Hattori Kun
1/35 won
Sonic Pocket Adventure (Neo Geo Pocket)Sonic Pocket Adventure
1/37 won
Desert Falcon (Atari 2600)Desert Falcon
1/38 won
Prince of Persia (Mega Drive)Prince of Persia
1/46 won
Splatterhouse (PC Engine)Splatterhouse
1/46 won
River City Ransom (NES)River City Ransom
1/48 won
Final Fantasy Adventure (Game Boy)Final Fantasy Adventure
1/50 won
Time Pilot (ColecoVision)Time Pilot
1/50 won
Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)Donkey Kong 64
1/59 won
Astro Boy: Omega Factor (Game Boy Advance)Astro Boy: Omega Factor
1/66 won
Hexen (Nintendo 64)Hexen
1/66 won
Contra: Hard Corps (Mega Drive)Contra: Hard Corps
1/81 won
Monster World IV (Mega Drive)Monster World IV
1/85 won

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