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Member Since: 06 Dec 2016, 21:10
Last Activity: 27 Jan 2020, 23:32
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 3.44
Average Completion: 86.53%
Site Rank: 1092 / 63944 ranked users (Top 3%)

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Crono has been playing for 02h57 min | Team: Crono, Lucca, Robo

Last 5 games played:

171% complete
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Last played 2020-01-27 23:27:44
Earned 66 of 77 achievements, 420/600 points.
What Could Have Been
Tata the Hero
Toxic Avenger
Good Night
The Green Wedding
Meet the Dream Team!
No Need for Friends
Seeing Stars
Best Invention EVER
To Far Away Times
Systematic Destruction
Death to the Queen
Crazy Cat Lady
Taste the Rainbow
Marle and her Father (II)
Marle and her Father (I)
Omega Flare
Grand Dream
Spin Strike
Dark Eternal
Solar Eclipse
Poyozo Dance
Mother Brain is in this?!?
Calm Under Pressure
A Forest Springs to Life
The Chrono Trigger
...Do I even WANT to know?
Secret of the Forest Ruins (I)
Secret of the Forest Ruins (II)
The Hero
Clono Trigger
Doll Collector
The Shadow Mage
The Shadow Fades to Dust
Dalton Minus
Before Escape
The Battle atop Mt. Woe
The Wings of Time
Discovered Nu
Seek the Hidden Path
Countdown to Extinction
The Battle atop Fiendlord
I am the wind
The Battle for Zenan Bridge
Ticket Hoarder
Frog of War
Outta Time
The Bitter Truth
Wait 3 Days
Now You
Metal Joints
A Glimmer of Hope
Through the Ages
Hero of Time
Bow Down to your Lizard Masters!
What the Prophet Seeks
Breaking the Fourth Wall
But the future refused to change...
A Black Wind Howls
True Power
Before Tragedy
Master of War

63% complete
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-01-15 21:11:48
Earned 12 of 38 achievements, 80/450 points.
Aqua Star Completed!!
Fireworks Against Polygons
Rock Star Completed!!
The Tree That Never Gives Up
Ice Skates Against Tree
Selfish Penguin
Pop Star Completed!!
*Kirby Dream Land 3
Magic Painter of Evil!!
Waddle Doo Origin?
The Floor Is Lava! Literally!!
The "Final" Boss
That Burns!!!
Better than Stone Man!
Boot Jacket!!
Kirby The Hedgehog
Bomber Man
Be Careful Not To Cut Yourself!
Neo Star Completed!!
Shiver Star Completed!!
Ripple Star Completed!!
Ripple Star Restored
Gotta Catch em All
Melting Ice Cube Against Shark
Dynamite Against Lava
Spark Against Mecha
Default Kirby Against Miracle Matter
Remember! For Kids!
Gotta Go Fast!!
The Most Greedy Wins!
King of the Hill
The Arena Champion
The TRUE Arena Champion

200% complete
~Bonus~ Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-01-11 18:39:42
Earned 82 of 82 achievements, 981/981 points.
Unstoppable [m]
No Coin, No 1-UP, No Damage Round 3
Undying I [m]
Lifesaver Sky
Treasure Bowser
Lifesaver XV
Lifesaver XIV
Lifesaver XIII
Lifesaver XII
Lifesaver XI
Koopa, you are too slow!
Red Coins in the Dust
Lifesaver IV
Lifesaver VIII
Lifesaver VII
Lifesaver VI
Lifesaver V
Beware of the Dog
Lifesaver Fire
Treasure Bowser
Lifesaver Rainbow
Nothing can trick me!
Treasure XV
Not only Board the Cruiser in the Sky
Climb the Clock
Treasure XIV
Red Challenge
Ice Pond Challenge
Another Bath
Bath on Mountain
Treasure XIII
Treasure XII
This Set is too hot to wear a Cap
Dry the Pipe
Climb the World
Seems like that Snowman can
Lifesaver IX
Treasure X
Lifesaver X
Treasure Bowser
Lifesaver Dark
No Coin, No 1-UP, No Damage Round 2
I weigh without enough!
Treasure IX
Treasure VIII
Jump isn
Treasure VII
Royal Bath
No Coin, No 1-UP, No Damage Round 1
Climb the Fortress
Jump isn
Lifesaver Metal
Lifesaver III
Treasure VI
Lifesaver I
Lifesaver II
Treasure IV
Too tired
Starless [m]
Yump under the Moat [m]
Lifesaver Vanish
Lifesaver Inside
Lifesaver Outside
Is that all you got?!
Undying II [m]
I can
Treasure XI
Yump in the Cavern [m]
Best Wallkicks
Spinjump isn
Lifesaver Aquarium
Treasure V
Treasure I
Yump on the Tower [m]
Gem in the Wall
Sorry, I have no time... [m]
Damageless II [m]
Treasure III
Treasure II
Lifesaver Slide
Damageless I [m]

181% complete
~Hack~ Paper Mario Pro Mode (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-01-08 17:57:06
Earned 68 of 75 achievements, 360/405 points.
There"s no like mom"s love
And my cane?
The challenge of the green Mario [m]
The pig is the best animal
The End of the King Koopa
My Last Demise
The Judgment Day Horde
The horde of the King Koopa
Do not hit me
The Revenge of Bowser
Karate MARIO
Black belt
This is my true final form
The Return of the Dark Lord [m]
The Revenge of the Crystal King
The horde of the Tundra
My kingdom for a Star Spirit
I swear that now is the good
The Revenge of the Clouds
The Revenge of Lava Andrew
The Revenge of the General
The Revenge of the Glutton
The Revenge of Pharaoh
The horde of the garden
Green belt
Rock n Puff
A complete miser
The baddest boy in the flower field
Hey hey hey
The Revenge of the TMNT
The horde of the Jungle
The Revenge of the Goomba King
Radio Toad
Feed me
Super Kalamari
The fourth is the real battle
Yellow belt
The horde of the toy box
Tropic Delfino Thunder
Lemon lover [m]
The Dark Lord
The Horde of the Scary Forest
Who eats ghosts at 3 in the morning?
Mr Musculo
I always hit first
In my secret room Marios do not enter [m]
The third time the charm
The horde of the desert
White belt
Electro Calamari
Calamari Damacy
The Curse of Tutankoopa
Bird of Prey
Kid Musculo
The horde of the meadows
Cooking mama
You Again!
Lucky one [m]
A stellar gift
The king is dead, long live the king
Up and go!
I hit first
Knowledge is power
We will never see him again
8-bit memories [m]
Sea Shanties
The Nerds Club
The stars have a mustache?
You are the ultimate Green Mario
Do you know what I mean? 64

200% complete
~Hack~ Super Mario 64 Land (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2019-12-20 14:51:51
Earned 97 of 97 achievements, 840/840 points.
Behind the Scenes
Yeah, I did that!
The Outcast
Westbert the Strongest
Eastbert the Tallest
World 8 Cleared
S-Rank in Bowser
World 7 Cleared
S-Rank in Haunted Clock
S-Rank in Nuclear Plant
S-Rank in Zap Factory
World 6 Cleared
S-Rank in Cloud Rush
S-Rank in Sandbird
S-Rank in Pendulums and Beetles
S-Rank in Flipping Blocks
World 5 Cleared
S-Rank in Synthmetro
S-Rank in Synthcity
World 4 Cleared
S-Rank in Mario Bros 3 Supershow
S-Rank in Super Mario World
I should go now
World 3 Cleared
S-Rank in Fridge
Unimportant Cameo
S-Rank in Toy Room
S-Rank in Bathroom
World 2 Cleared
World 1 Cleared
S-Rank in Champion
I am the Champion
Final Showdown
Turtle Soup
The Last Impact
S-Rank in Volcano Cluster
Hot Foot to the Volcano
S-Rank in Sun-Moon Casino
What does Luigi do right now?
S-Rank in Space Garden
Space Garden Galaxy
Old Rivals
Too Late to be Scary
Nuclear Shelter
Give me the Beat
S-Rank in Rhythm Factory
Bzzzzzt Bzzzzt
Rest after the Storm
Fried Kalamari
Cloud Racer
The Sandbird Returns
Ride in the Sky
Above the Clouds
Subway Randal
Subway Surfer
Super Star Subway
New Bros City
S-Rank in Synthspace Concert
Play my Song
S-Rank in Synthspace Land
Space Jumps
S-Rank in Kitchen
S-Rank in Angry Sun
Nothing for You
I knew what to do
Super Mario 3D World
Super Paper Mario 64
S-Rank in Paper Jungle Adventure
S-Rank in Bowser
Mario Kart 128
New Super Mario Bros. 3
Master of the Hand
Applause Applause
Something familiar
Cooking Mario
Total Solar Eclipse
The End of the Day
S-Rank in Tornados
Tweester Valley
Hot Pursuit
S-Rank in Thwomps and Rotation
S-Rank in Mushroom Trampolines
Jump Up, Super Cat!
Dishonour of the Goomba King
S-Rank in Rolling Chomps
Rolling with the Chomps
S-Rank in Switchboards
Space Adventure
Lift and
S-Rank in Mushrooms
S-Rank in Tilting Bridges
Tilt the Bridges

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