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Member Since: 06 Dec 2016, 21:10
Last Activity: 11 Aug 2020, 00:28
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 3.26
Average Completion: 84.02%
Site Rank: 1176 / 77389 ranked users (Top 3%)
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[🇱] Travelling , Level: 1, 2 Star Spirits Rescued, 108 Total Battles and 42 Star Pieces

Last 5 games played:

181% complete
~Hack~ Paper Mario: Pro Mode (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-06-08 22:43:36
Earned 68 of 75 achievements, 360/405 points.
There"s no like mom"s love
And my cane?
The challenge of the green Mario [m]
The pig is the best animal
The End of the King Koopa
My Last Demise
The Judgment Day Horde
The horde of the King Koopa
Do not hit me
The Revenge of Bowser
Karate MARIO
Black belt
This is my true final form
The Return of the Dark Lord [m]
The Revenge of the Crystal King
The horde of the Tundra
My kingdom for a Star Spirit
I swear that now is the good
The Revenge of the Clouds
The Revenge of Lava Andrew
The Revenge of the General
The Revenge of the Glutton
The Revenge of Pharaoh
The horde of the garden
Green belt
Rock n Puff
A complete miser
The baddest boy in the flower field
Hey hey hey
The Revenge of the TMNT
The horde of the Jungle
The Revenge of the Goomba King
Radio Toad
Feed me
Super Kalamari
The fourth is the real battle
Yellow belt
The horde of the toy box
Tropic Delfino Thunder
Lemon lover [m]
The Dark Lord
The Horde of the Scary Forest
Who eats ghosts at 3 in the morning?
Mr Musculo
I always hit first
In my secret room Marios do not enter [m]
The third time the charm
The horde of the desert
White belt
Electro Calamari
Calamari Damacy
Tutankoopas Curse
Bird of Prey
Kid Musculo
The horde of the meadows
Cooking mama
You Again!
Lucky one [m]
A stellar gift
The king is dead, long live the king
Up and go!
I hit first
Knowledge is power
We will never see him again
8-bit memories [m]
Sea Shanties
The Nerds Club
The stars have a mustache?
You are the ultimate Green Mario
Do you know what I mean? 64

119% complete
~Hack~ Super Mario 64: The Green Stars (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-02-19 13:37:32
Earned 32 of 54 achievements, 228/467 points.
Cannon of Molten Magma Galaxy
Master of Sandy Seaside Bay
Bested Wiggler
Master of Giant Overgrown Garden
Cannon of Giant Overgrown Garden
Secret of Second Overworld
Secret of The Secret Ancient Temple
Master of Scorching Desert
Master of Boo's Trembling Tower
Bested Big Boo
Cannon of Boo's Trembling Tower
Reach next new Overworld!
Secret of Fearful Fortress
Master of Fiery Factory
Ready for second Bowser's round?
Master of Calignous Cove
Secret of Frost-Inferno Metal Cap
Metal Mario
Master of Snow Storm Peaks
Master of Whomp's Forest
Secret of The Wing Cap Palace
Wing Mario
Secret of First Overworld
Ready for first Bowser's round?
Bested Whomp
Master of Bob-Omb Plains
Red Coins Damageless Round 2
Coins Damageless Round 2
Coins Damageless Round 1
Red Coins Damageless Round 1
Journey has started!
Bested King Bob-Omb
Ready for final Bowser's round?
Ready for nothing?
Reach next new Overworld again!
The end of the Overworld!
Secret of Third Overworld
Secret of Blazing Thwomp Tower
Secret of Bowser's Battle Base
Secret of Nostalgia Slide
Cannon of Dark Dank Abyss
Cannon of Rainbow Star Haven
Cannon of Bowser's Battle Base
Master of Molten Magma Galaxy
Master of Dark Dank Abyss
Master of Perilous Cliffs
Master of Misty Mine
Master of Cloudy Quadrangle
Master of Rainbow Star Haven
Koopa's Race Speedrun
Nostalgia's Slide Speedrun
Bested Final Bowser
Secret Treasure

53% complete
LEGO Star Wars (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-02-10 22:13:06
Earned 12 of 45 achievements, 45/340 points.
Naboo City
The Force of No Force
Naboo Forest
The Force of Invisibility
I Could Build A Starship
Federation Ship
Droid Slaughter!
Is This Even Money?
I Could Build A House
I Dont Want This!
Get Out Of My Way!
Back To You!
Return to Naboo
Return to Tatooine
Geonosian Droid Factory
Genosian Factory Rescue
Separatist Ship
Kashyyyk Clone Attack
Utapau Clone Attack
All Part of the Plan
Cloned Plans
The Plan 66
Behold The Master Plan
The Force of Naboo
The Force of Technology
The Force of Either Side
The Force of Blue
The Force of Green
The Force of Hair
The Force of the Survivor
The Force of a Bounty Hunter
The Force of Red
The Force of a Thousand Warriors
The Force of a Worthy Companion
The Force of the Other Side
The Force of the Sand
Stop Shooting Yourself
Stop Killing Yourself!
For the Republic!
I Could Build A Death Star
I Can Be Rebuilt?

200% complete
~Hack~ Super Mario Star Road (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-01-31 18:21:58
Earned 32 of 32 achievements, 435/435 points.
Other Green Stars
I can see everything!
The 121th Star
The Real Star Road
Saved Star Road
Completed Castle Grounds
Completed Starlight
Completed Factory
Completed Flame Falls
Completed Station
Completed Musical
Completed Candy Clutter
The Special World
Cleaning the Lava Drain
Blueberry Juice
Ready for the Final Fight
Completed Snow Peaks
Completed Leaf Forest
Beam me up!
Completed Canyon
Completed Coral Caverns
No, your name is Toad!
Piranha Salat
Ready for a Retro Fight
Completed Garden
Completed Plant Pond
Completed Sky Land
Completed Islands
Completed Harbor
Ready for an Uncommon Fight
Am I dead?
The Start of the Star Road

200% complete
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Last played 2020-01-30 21:01:23
Earned 77 of 77 achievements, 600/600 points.
A Glimmer of Hope
But the future refused to change...
Before Tragedy
Breaking the Fourth Wall
What the Prophet Seeks
Bow Down to your Lizard Masters!
A Black Wind Howls
Hero of Time
Master of War
Through the Ages
True Power
What Could Have Been
Tata the Hero
Toxic Avenger
Good Night
The Green Wedding
Meet the Dream Team!
No Need for Friends
Seeing Stars
Best Invention EVER
To Far Away Times
Systematic Destruction
Death to the Queen
Crazy Cat Lady
Taste the Rainbow
Marle and her Father (II)
Marle and her Father (I)
Omega Flare
Grand Dream
Spin Strike
Dark Eternal
Solar Eclipse
Poyozo Dance
Mother Brain is in this?!?
Calm Under Pressure
A Forest Springs to Life
The Chrono Trigger
...Do I even WANT to know?
Secret of the Forest Ruins (I)
Secret of the Forest Ruins (II)
The Hero's Grave
Clono Trigger
Doll Collector
It's a Trap!
The Shadow Mage
The Shadow Fades to Dust
Dalton Minus
Before Escape
The Battle atop Mt. Woe
The Wings of Time
Discovered Nu's Scratch Point!
Seek the Hidden Path
Countdown to Extinction
The Battle atop Fiendlord's Keep
I am the wind
The Battle for Zenan Bridge
Ticket Hoarder
Frog of War
Outta Time
The Bitter Truth
Wait 3 Days
Now You're Playing with Power!
Metal Joints
Don't spend it all in one place

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Awarded on 15 Apr 2019, 01:13
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Awarded on 30 Jan 2020, 20:50

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