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DireWareWolf (20604 points) (43367)

Member Since: 16 Dec 2019, 20:37
Last Activity: 26 Oct 2020, 02:59
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.10
Average Completion: 68.82%
Site Rank: 1377 / 81926 ranked users (Top 3%)
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Difficulty: Scavenger - HP:115/165💓 - MP:37/37⚗️

Last 5 games played:

171% complete
Parasite Eve II (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-10-26 02:04:44
Earned 66 of 77 achievements, 458/715 points.
I don't like Coke [m]
Too easy...
You again?
Just like a Spider
Bounty Mode
Parasite Energy 5
Sorry for killing your toy, Eve.
Sea Diver perfectionist
Parasite Energy 4
Recycling garbage
Are you serious?
A bomb!? [m]
The GOOD end [m]
Normal-Replay Mode
A friend in need 2 [m]
K9 [m]
Underground Parking Puzzle
Knight GOLEM
Pierce's Memo [m]
Puppet Stinger
GOLEMs awakening
Parasite Energy 3
Sea Diver
What is this for?
Pyramid Puzzle
Parasite Energy 2
Solution: Yellow [m]
Solution: Blue [m]
Solution: Red
Yoshida's PC
Damn you! [m]
A friend in need [m]
My car was better
Full Moon Gate
Glutton (again)
Damn it! It hurts.
A good use of that [m]
Zombie Blizzard Chaser
Blizzard Chaser
Disc 2
For me?
Enemy without face
Full tank
It's really safe?
My beautiful car!
Gray Stalker
At rock bottom
Man's best friend
My name is Madigan. Kyle Madigan.
Desert Hospitality
Welcome to Dryfield!
Raise the bridge [m]
Black Card [m]
You owe me one
Parasite Energy 1
A new species?
I'm not afraid of you
He saved us...
Chaser became chased
Thanks Rupert! I certainly will need this. [m]
The fall of the Ultimate ANMC
Eve's end in great style
Scavenger Mode
Nightmare Mode
Rank A
Rank S
Rank L

100% complete
Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku (Saturn)
Last played 2020-10-22 05:43:56
Earned 45 of 90 achievements, 176/675 points.
All Lumberjacks Dream
What's New on the Menu?
Gift for Future Vampire Hanters
Seasoned Dhampir
Lord of the Flies
Rib of Vlad
Heart of Vlad
Ring of Vlad
Not All Yet lost
Sword of Riches
Beyond Evil Illusions
Silver Key
Iron Maiden Destroyer
Talented Assistant
Fall of a Nosferatu
The End: Solitude
Guardian of the Keep
Saturn Fashion
Gears go Awry
For I am Many
How do I Eat This?
Hmmm, the Switch...
Gatekeeper of Hell
Golden Key
Nightmare Beauty
Cavern Maiden
Why all That Complicated
Ancient Predator
This is Art!
Master Shapeshifter
Keep the Library Quiet
A Thread and a Bullet
Black Wings
Royal Half-breed
Quite an Eye
Vampiric Knight
It's Been a Long Time, Old One....
Nice to Meet You
Shadow in the Mirror
Top Secret
Demonic Duo
What is a Man?
Tooth of Vlad
Eye of Vlad
Echoes of the Past
Beyond the Mirror
Lord of Space and Time
The End: Heroes Reunited
The End: Rendemption
Sword of Many Slashes
Gift from the Other Side
Breaking Thermodynamics
All Powerful Being
Family Heirloom
Miserable Pile of Secrets
Sacred Body
Unexpected Encounter
Holy Heart
Private Performance
Don`t Stick Your Nose in Other People's Business! [m]
Legendary Explorer
Shake, Old One!
Transylvanian Hitman [m]
Warp Wide Web
Noble Mentor
Prince of the Night
Wealthy Vampire
Lucky 3`s V.2
What ?
Nice Flight V2
Prove of Worthy
Hunter's Stamina
Belmont Revenge
Rondo of Blood Gaiden V.2
Belmonts Also Know a Lot About Fashion
Promising Beginning
Galamoth is Not a Boss
Four Sacred Beasts
Life force
Charming But Deadly
Just Like the Wind
Vampire Lord
Kicking Some Bones
Cerberus Floor is Lava

200% complete
Jersey Devil (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-10-16 03:24:50
Earned 73 of 73 achievements, 822/822 points.
Museum Madness - Deathless
Fast Devil
The Crypt - Boss [m]
Monkey's Trail - Boss [m]
Monkey's Trail - Deathless
Amazing Boxes - Deathless
The Crypt - Deathless
Toxic Factory - Deathless
Bat Caves - Deathless
Haunted Mansion - Deathless
Dome Sweet Dome - Deathless
Sludge Slides - Deathless
Through the Trees - Deathless
Haunted Mansion - Boss [m]
Jersey Devil
Through the Trees - Purple Token
Knarf's Lair
Green Park - Secret Level
Root Canal - Deathless
Sewer Port - Secret Level
Through the Trees
Monkey's Trail
Monkey's Trail - Aqua Token
Monkey's Trail - Gold Token
Monkey's Trail - Purple Token
Amazing Boxes - Boss [m]
Amazing Boxes - Gold Token
Amazing Boxes
Amazing Boxes - Aqua Token
Amazing Boxes - Purple Token
Sludge Slides - Boss [m]
Sludge Slides
Sludge Slides - Aqua Token
Sludge Slides - Gold Token
Sludge Slides - Purple Token
Cemetery - Secret Level
Chemical Wasteland - Secret Level
Max Lives
Toxic Factory - Boss [m]
Toxic Factory
Toxic Factory - Aqua Token
Toxic Factory - Gold Token
Toxic Factory - Purple Token
Museum - Secret Level
Root Canal - Boss [m]
Root Canal - Aqua Token
Root Canal - Gold Token
Root Canal
Root Canal - Purple Token
Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion - Aqua Token
Haunted Mansion - Gold Token
Haunted Mansion - Purple Token
The Crypt - Aqua Token
The Crypt - Gold Token
The Crypt
The Crypt - Purple Token
Bat Caves - Boss [m]
Bat Caves - Aqua Token
Bat Caves - Gold Token
Bat Caves
Bat Caves - Purple Token
Dome Sweet Dome - Boss [m]
Dome Sweet Dome - Gold Token
Dome Sweet Dome
Dome Sweet Dome - Aqua Token
Dome Sweet Dome - Purple Token
Museum Madness - Boss [m]
Museum Madness - Gold Token
Museum Madness
Museum Madness - Aqua Token
Museum Madness - Purple Token
Frank Token

200% complete
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-10-01 11:05:12
Earned 75 of 75 achievements, 830/830 points.
The Craziest Diamond
Perfect Enemy
Most Miserable Life
Jet Pack Kicks
Rocket Man
Enter the Darkness
Space Rock
Your Precious Moon
The Piston Cup
Robot Bird
Short Bursts
A Dream into Outer Space
Mechanical Dance
Darkness of the Unknown
Master Exploder
Super Sharp Shooter
Nas Ne Dogonyat
Straight out the Sewer
My City of Ruins
Rocky Top
Dig It Up
Dancin' In the Ruins
Little Secret
Coming Out of the Dark
Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Just Hanging Out
In the Time of My Ruin
Dig! Dig! Dig!
Bumble Bee (Sting Me)
Hang You From the Heavens
Purple Heart
Bee in Your Bonnet
Cold As Ice
The Snow Howling
Tiger in a Spotlight
Rise and Shine, Ursine!
Dark Horse
Dangerous and Moving
Surfin' USA
Paddington Bear
Bear the Burden
Creeping Through the Sewers
The Sewers of the Strand
Race Among the Ruins
Golden Sneer
Bridge over Troubled Water
Green River
Blood Brothers
Jungle Boogie
Going on a Bear Hunt
Rolling Rock
Ready Set Roll
Electric Shock
Emerald Labyrinth
Electric Feel
Angel in the Snow
Running Bear
Country Air
Insane in the Brain
Catch a Wave
Down in the Hole
Mad Dash Melody
Buried in the Snow
Aka to Kuro
Hole to Feed
Surfer's Stomp
Turtle Power
Baby Blue
Shell Shocked

163% complete
Mega Man X6 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-09-25 05:24:33
Earned 53 of 65 achievements, 675/1000 points.
Our Journey has just begun!
Black Z Cheater
Ultimate Cheater
The True Ending
Xtreme Player
For the 6th time and counting...
Hell Sigma Mastered
Rainy Turtloid Mastered
Wasted and wounded
Sigma Mastered
All over again
Shield Sheldon Mastered
Infinity Mijinion Mastered
Metal Shark Player Mastered
Blizzard Wolfang Mastered
Commander Yammark Mastered
Xang Xsung
The Mad Scientist
Desu Boru!
High Max Mastered Encore
Nightmare Phenomenon
Maverick Hunter's Reward [m]
Weapon Center Mastered [m]
Northpole Area Mastered [m]
Normal Parts [m]
Heart collector [m]
Weapon collector [m]
The Hammerhead Shark from Junk
Zero's Parts [m]
Recycle Lab Mastered [m]
Stealth Explorer
Limited Parts [m]
Arctic Wolf
Tank collector
Magma Bird
Blaze Heatnix Mastered
Magma Area Mastered [m]
Amazon Area Mastered [m]
The Final Countdown Daphnia
X's Parts [m]
Airborne Dasher
You again?
Laser Institute Mastered [m]
Gigantic Turtle
Muda da!
Inami Temple Mastered [m]
Giant-clam Reploid
The Burglar of Ruins
Ground Scaravich Mastered
Central Museum Mastered [m]
I hid myself while I tried to repair myself
Amazon Dragonfly
Was it Zero?
O Zero, Where Art Thou?
X Minimalist [m]
Z Minimalist [m]
Soul Hunter
D-1000 Mastered
Zero Nightmare Mastered
High Max Mastered
Dynamo Mastered
Nightmare Mother Mastered
Gate Mastered
Trapeze Master

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