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DryIce53 (11998 points) (54083)
sup frog,and let chill out to catch trophy

Member Since: 19 Nov 2018, 00:53
Last Activity: 28 May 2020, 17:34
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 4.51
Average Completion: 85.78%
Site Rank: 2220 / 71748 ranked users (Top 4%)

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πŸ—ΊοΈ:Sunset Vista, Lives:73,πŸ’Žx6, πŸ”‘x0

Last 5 games played:

30% complete
Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-05-28 02:16:22
Earned 13 of 44 achievements, 90/450 points.
The Lost Ruins
Escape from the Temple
Ripper Ruined
Gulp, Hulp
I don't like how this is going...
What are you doing in my secret mine?
Putting Papu Papu to sleep
Papu Popped
Indiana Bandicoot
Wait... but weren't you kidnapped?
An Easy Start for a not so Friendly Adventure
Iron Boots
Koala Konked
Pinstripe Patooey
Nitrus Broken
Cortex N. Capacitated
Jungle Japes
Shield Attacker
I'm not Blue, but I can't swim either
Paper Crash
I'm out of here
That sign won't stop me, because I can't read
AHHHHHH I thought I got rid of you!
The Gem of the Middle
Meavy Hachinery
Cortex Got The Power!
I am watching everything that you are doing
Donkey Kong 3D
Javali's Revenge
Rainy Towers
I Can't See Anything!
So Close... but yet so far...
Tawna! Wait for me!
Here We Go Again...
Aku Aku Light's Battery is not that high
Cortex's Crazed Contest
Cortex's Terrifying Trial
A Shining Ending
No guns in my E Rated game
Crashed and Smashed
Darn you, Crash Bandicoot!
Bandicoot Abuse [m]

100% complete
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
Last played 2020-05-27 22:32:20
Earned 61 of 61 achievements, 502/502 points.
DJ Kirby
Star Warrior
Button Masher
Free Plushie
Western Sniper
Big Omelette
Boss Endurance
End of the Nightmare
Sleep Well
Dreamland's emperor
Hammer Duel
The Royal Family
Pixel-Perfect Precision
Living room
Soar to the top
Familiar Face
Chivalrous duel
Burn Baby, Burn
Dig site
Robo Mole
I Prefer To Eat
Cushy Clouds
Cloudy Cyclops
Cloud Climber
Wheeling Grand Prix
Dawn at Night
Star Duo
Let There Be Light
Hammer Time
Let it Go
Backing Up
Make a Wheelie!
Pressing time!
Crazy Painter
Li Jinzhe
Great Balls of Fire!
Rock Out
Shoop Da Whoop
You Spin Me 'Round
Wood Cutter
Mightiest Oak
Hungry Monster
Ice Ice Baby!
Hide in a Haystack
New World Record!
The Legend of Kirby
Electric Slide
Beam Me Up Scotty
HAL of Fame
The Cutting Room Floor
Unidentified Cute Object
Escape To The Space
Z Button
One Martini, please
Singing in the Rain

27% complete
Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-04-19 00:58:13
Earned 17 of 64 achievements, 93/400 points.
Campamocha brothers
Tri-Rocket Launcher
Homing Launcher
Full Gemini Juno
True Hero
Missing the true protagonist*
Advanced quadruped
Full Gemini Vela
Plasma Shotgun
Utility Pistol
Twin sister
Machine gun
Returning the favor
In a galaxy far, far away...
S.S. Dolphin
Armed to the teeth
Full Gemini Lupus
Fully Armed Juno
Fully Armed Vela
Fully Armed Lupus
Cluster Bombs
Remote Mines
Timed Mines
Rainbow Blood
Jet Force Kids
Killer Bear
Time Challenge - Water Ruins
Time Challenge - Depository
Tribals - Goldwood
Tribals - S.S. Anubis
Tribals - Tawfret
Tribals - Sekhmet
Tribals - Cerulean
Tribals - Ichor
Tribals - Spawnship
Tribals - Rith Essa
Tribals - Eschebone
Tribals - Mizar's Palace
Tribals - Gem Quarry
Tribals - Spacestation
Tribals - Water Ruin
Tribals - Walkway
Ready to blast some asteroids
Expert Medal - Goldwood
Expert Medal -  S.S. Anubis
Expert Medal -  Ichor
Expert Medal -  Eschebone
Time Challenge - Jeff and Barry
Time Challenge - Jeff and Barry II
Custom Challenge - Mine
Custom Challenge - Bog
Ready to be a hokage
Custom Challenge - Base
The handy bears
Got any funky disco?
I wanna dance in the dark

98% complete
Metal Slug 3 (Arcade)
Last played 2020-04-16 19:47:48
Earned 80 of 82 achievements, 377/391 points.
Metal Slugger
MS3 Quartermaster XII
Carry Out V
Metal Slug 3 1CC
The Great Rescue XIII
MS3 Commando
MS3 Quartermaster IX
The Great Rescue V
The Great Rescue IV
Mulligan Slug
First Contact
Metal Chug XI (Rootmars)
Super Vehicle XII
Metal Chug X (Cloning Machine)
Munition Slug
Metal Chug IX (Fake Rootmars)
MS3 Special Ops
Super Vehicle XI
Metal Jug
MS3 Quartermaster XIII
Metal Chug VIII (Rugname)
Metal Chug VII (Hi-Do)
Super Vehicle X
Super Vehicle IX
Metal Chug VI (Hairbuster Riberts)
The Great Rescue X
The Japanese Army
MS3 Quartermaster X
The Cenotaph
The Great Rescue XI
MS3 Quartermaster XI
MS3 Response Force
Carry Out IV
Metal Chug V (Sol Dae Rokkerr)
The Great Rescue XII
The Shallow Sea
Super Vehicle V
The Great Rescue VI
MS3 Quartermaster VI
MS3 Modern Infantry
MS3 Anti-Tank Artillery
Assault Theme
MS3 Rocket Artillery
MS3 Quartermaster VIII
The Great Rescue VIII
Hard Water
Super Vehicle VII
Carry Out III
Metal Chug IV (Jupiter King)
The Great Rescue VII
Super Vehicle VI
MS3 Quartermaster VII
Metal Haunt
The Midnight Wandering
MS3 Quartermaster IV
Devil's Snow Cave
Carry Out II
Metal Chug III (Monoeye UFO)
Metal Chug II (Monoeyes)
MS3 Infantry
MS3 Quartermaster V
MS3 Mystic Ops
The Unknown World
Super Vehicle IV
The Great Rescue III
MS3 Quartermaster III
Marine Diver
Super Vehicle II
The Great Rescue II
Super Vehicle III
MS3 Quartermaster II
Blue Water Fangs -The Island of Dr.Moreau-
Super Vehicle I
Metal Squab
Carry Out I
Metal Chug I (Huge Hermit)
The Great Rescue I
MS3 Quartermaster I
Super Vehicle VIII
Combatant Foundation

25% complete
Adventures of Lolo (NES)
Last played 2020-04-14 02:54:42
Earned 6 of 24 achievements, 40/340 points.
Floor III
Spare Magic
Ace Floor II
Floor II
Floor I
Ace Floor I
Ace Floor III
Floor IV
Ace Floor IV
Floor V
Ace Floor V
Floor VI
Ace Floor VI
Floor VII
Ace Floor VII
Floor VIII
Ace Floor VIII
Floor IX
Ace Floor IX
Ace Floor X
More Magic ?
Save Lala
Mission - Eggerland
Don't Give Up !

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Recent comment(s):
18 Nov 23:34 2018
let crash them all xdd
26 Jan 15:45 2020
Hello! Xevious achievements to supposed to work in softcore properly. If you failed in finding Sol Tower you should die and start the level from spawning point. If you want to load, make a save just before you're going to reach a spawing point.
26 Jan 15:46 2020
Or the best way: save just before you die. Then you'll get infinite attempts to find all Sol Towers because you can load infinite times.
26 Jan 19:09 2020

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