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Member Since: 29 Jul 2017, 20:52
Last Activity: 24 Jun 2020, 20:41
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.66
Average Completion: 53.11%
Site Rank: 1688 / 74718 ranked users (Top 3%)
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Young Link is at the Castle Courtyard [❤️15] [⚜️🕷️50/100]

Last 5 games played:

97% complete
Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2020-06-22 21:26:08
Earned 47 of 97 achievements, 220/564 points.
Home Sweet Home
Cartographer [m]
King of Thieves
The Rock
The Flaming Arrow
My Broken Heart
To the Rescue
Infamous Silver Gauntlets
Graduate of Gerudos Training Grounds
Mouse Ka-Boom
Gerudo's Fan Club
The Shadow of the Hylians
Seeing is Believing
Take Me Away
Jump Over
The Great Escape
Fishing Lessons
Bride to Be
A Woman's Best Friend
A Breath of Fresh Air
Bring Me to the Bottom of the Oceans
Sniper Elite
Eternal Brothers
Super Cucco Catching
You Makes Me Feel So Good
Heat Resistant Tunic
Secrets Detector
Stocking Nuts
Hook Me Away
Hero of Time
A Man's Best Friend
Damsel in Distress
Wedding Band
The Way the World Learns to Dive
Magic Beans
On Fire
You Spin Me Round
Soul Brothers
Dance Into the Fire
A Royal Autograph
Rise and Shine!!
Who Let the Dogs Out
Entrusted Mission
Catch Me If You Can
Spider Net [m]
Bombalicious [m]
Rolling Thunder [m]
Drunkey Master [m]
Hot Hot Hot [m]
Day of the Tentacles [m]
Invisible One [m]
Twins of Evil [m]
My Last Breath
President Link-Oln [m]
Sniper Fury
Money Solves Everything [m]
Bulls Eye!!
You Can Be A Star
Bunches of Twigs
Shield Raider
Cuccos Revenge
Roll Roll and Away
Walking On a Tightrope [m]
Bombchu Bowling Star
A Pretty Face
Last Breath [m]
Happy Mask Salesman
Lifestyle and Stones
Ghost Chaser
Pierre the Wanderer
Poe Collector
Kiss that Frog [m]
The Fabulous Froggish Tenors
Biggorons Sword
Ultimate Horse Master
Nayru's Love
Plenty of Hearts
Wind Runner
Family Reunion
Expert Angler
Mischievous Hero
Accomplished Angler
Dangerously Delicious [m]
Race Against the Clock [m]
Dodgeball [m]
Whac-A-Mole [m]
Tentacles of the Deep [m]
Invisible Stalker [m]
Double Trouble [m]
Dark Lord [m]
Blind Explorer [m]

142% complete
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)
Last played 2020-06-20 21:40:24
Earned 47 of 66 achievements, 310/578 points.
Sleepy Hero I
Closing Time
Supervisor Clobberer
Jesters and Snakes
Time to Win
Sucked Up
Magikoopa Ally
Culex's Challenge
Red Star Piece
Mighty Morphin
Whomp Czar Dragon
Correct Nimbus Land
Play with Birdo
Legend of the Seven Stars
Whomp Megasmilax
Box Fight
Time for Dinner
Caught Mokura
Indigo Star Piece Take Back
Call Me Captain Mario
Whomp Johnny
Hidden Piranha Plant
Whomp King Calamari
First-Class Pirate
Wish Fulfilled
Invasion of Privacy!
Wedding Crasher
Do I amuse you?
Curtain Sneak (m)
The Mario Behind the Curtain
Art of Balance
Liberate the Mines
Punch Out
Whomp Croco, again
Learn the Rhythm
Goomba Thumper
Solve the Forest Maze
Snap the Bow
Forest Secret
Alto Member
Amphibious Wisdom I
Beware the Flood
Pandorite's Box
What's This Pointy Thing?
Meet Croco
Them and Their Hammers
Save the Princess?
Whomp Booster (m)
Gooey Monster Chest
Please Gamble Responsibly
Raising Sheeps
The Unmentionables
Win her Heart (m)
Sunken Treasure
Sleepy Hero II
Shortcut in the End
Amphibious Wisdom II
Midas Gold
Super Jump Skills
Booster Flowers (m)
Minecart Top Dog
Hidden Treasure Hunter (m)
Frog Coin Collector
Flower Power Wizard
The Ultimate Weapons!
Level 30

37% complete
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
Last played 2020-06-15 20:05:29
Earned 7 of 38 achievements, 31/426 points.
Krem Quay
Crocodile Cauldron
DK Coin
Specific Kongditions
Krazy Kremland
King Zing
Gloomy Gulch
Kreepy Krow
K. Rool's Keep
The Flying Krock
Donkey Kong Is Back
Kaptain K. Rool
The Lost World
Something's Fishy
Kore Kaptain K. Rool
Kwik Kong
Gangplank Galleon Kollector
Crocodile Cauldron Kollector
Krem Quay Kollector
Krazy Kremland Kollector
Gloomy Gulch Kollector
K. Rool's Keep Kollector
The Flying Krock Kollector
The Lost World Kollector
On Kourse
Banana Coin Kollector

181% complete
Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-05-23 19:57:54
Earned 102 of 113 achievements, 694/1000 points.
The Name's Snake. SOLID Snake
Age Hasn't Slowed You Down One Bit
Not THAT Hungry
Hal and Dave
Rat Trap
Down the Hatch!
Knock Knock Knockin' On Heaven's Door
I Give Up. Why?
You're Pretty Good!
Dropping Some Eaves
Yeah, Work It, Baby... Huh? What Mission?
Missing Something
This Job Stinks
I'm Nuclear
He's the Bomb!
Boom Box
Special Delivery
Wise-Ass Say...
On the Road Again
She's Dead By Now
So Feminine
Hey Dum-Dum. You Give Me Gum-Gum
Camera Shy
You'll Always Be Mine
Don't Think! Shoot!
You Red My Mind
I'm Not Being Stealthy At All!
You Look Stunning
Peace Walker
That Ninja
Enjoy Life
Yeah, It's Over
Bleed the Lizard
Third Time's the Charm
The Only Thing I Was Ever Good At
Take a Shot
They Played Us Like a DAMN FIDDLE!!!
What a Tangled Web We Weave
Oh Rats
Eating Crow
My Spirit Will Be Watching You
Crane Kick
I Know Now Why You Cry
Have a Nice Trip
Video Game Player, Huh?
You Should Come Inside the Box. Then You'll Know
Born On a Battlefield
I Missile You
But I'm Better
There Are No Strings On Me
Moving Target
Before We Get Started, Does Anybody Wanna Get Out?
This May Sting a Little
Open Sez Me
You Rappel Me
It's a Long Shot, But...
Out of Shape
I'm the Stair Master!
Wraith Stranding
Not a Real Man
Mine Forever
Suppressing My Feelings
Your Biggest Fan
Just Photographs, Do Not Engage the Enemy
See? Four!
I've Been Through a Lot Worse
Party Pooper
Kept You Waiting, Huh?
Just Say No
You Pissed Me Off
Yes, Only a Little
Puppy Love
Poppin Pills
I Make My Own Future
I Can't Read You!
Lady in Red
It's Wireless!
"Fisher Wuz Here"...?
I Remember That Punch...
Hurt Me More!
This Stinks
Deja Vu
Maggie Q
Tank You!
Uno Mas
Rookie Eyes
Can You Shoot Me, Rookie?
Wasn't There Just Something There?
True Power
Eat Nails and Ask For Seconds
Plop Plop Fizz Fizz, Oh What a Relief It Is
Raison D'etre
I Can't Just Knock On the Door and Ask Them To Let Me In
I've Got Your Stealth Right Here!
Green Beret
Never Be Game Over
Little Boss
Big Boss

126% complete
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
Last played 2020-05-21 01:41:29
Earned 24 of 38 achievements, 251/446 points.
Minced Mauler
King K. Rool Overthrown
Monkeys Aren't Donkeys
No More Monkey Business
Master Necky Sr. Retired
Trek on the Final World
Dumb Drum Dunce
I Can See the End
Blazing Saddles
Really Gnawty No More
Donkey Croc Country
Winky at Me, Winky at You
Monkeys on Ice!
Queen Bee Dethroned
Camping With the Kongs
Master Necky Demoted
Stayin' Alive
Enguarde, You Filthy Monkey!
Expresso Triple Shot
You Can Spell!
Very Gnawty Timeout
Tally Ho, Kongs!
Rambi Rampage
Tally Me Bananas
King of the Jungle
The Pleasure's All Mine
Ain't No Valley Low Enough
Glacial Grab-Bag
Run of the Mill
Chimp Champ
Completed but Not Perfected
You Are a Super Player!
K O N Gs in Jungle
K O N Gs in Mines
K O N Gs in Valley
K O N Gs in Glacier
K O N Gs in Industries
K O N Gs in Caverns

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