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Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-05-14 05:21:23
Earned 22 of 229 achievements, 91/1150 points.
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM IV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM III]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM II]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM I]
[Sneaking - Socom - Practice]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XV]
[Sneaking - No Weapon - Time Attack]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XIV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XIII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XI]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon X]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon IX]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon VIII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon VII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon VI]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon V]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon IV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon III]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon II]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon I]
Snake, Try to Remember the Basic of CQC
[Sneaking - Socom - Time Attack]
So I Got a Leftover, Huh?
[Weapon Mode - Socom - Time Attack]
Gotcha This Time!
Alas, FA-MAS
[Weapon Mode - FA-MAS - Time Attack]
I Love Pineapples
[Weapon Mode - Grenades - Time Attack]
Hey, That's Mine!
Mine Your Own Business
[Weapon Mode - Nikita - Practice]
[Weapon Mode - Nikita - Time Attack]
Everyone's Here Now
It's Time to Play Sniper
[Weapon Mode - Stinger - Practice]
[Advanced Socom - Practice]
[Advanced Socom - Time Attack]
I C5
I C4...3...2...OH SHIT!
[Advanced FA-MAS - Practice]
[Advanced FA-MAS - Time Attack]
[Advanced Grenades - Practice]
[Advanced Grenades - Time Attack]
Be Mine, Valentine
What's Mine... Is Yours
La Femme Nikita, Bitch!
[Advanced Nikita - Time Attack]
Woo Loo Loo, Woo Loo Loo
[Advanced PSG1 - Time Attack]
[Advanced Stinger - Practice]
[Advanced Stinger - Time Attack]
Very Impressive CQC, Snake
Have At You, Snake!
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Socom]
Ready or Not, Here I Socom!
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - C4]
[1 Min Battle vs. Enemy - C4]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - FA-MAS]
[1 Min Battle vs. Enemy - FA-MAS]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Grenade]
You're... The Shit!
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Claymore]
[1 Min Battle vs. Enemy - Claymore]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Nikita]
[1 Min Battle vs. Enemy - Nikita]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - PSG1
Son of Modern Sniping
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Stinger]
A Final Present from Deepthroat
[Special Mode - Vs. 12 Battle]
Adventures of Inspector Snake
Tactical Problem Solver
Swiss Army Snake
Some Kind of Legendary Mercenary
Make Me Feel Alive Again!
NG Selection
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM V]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM VI]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM VII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM VIII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM IX]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM X]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XI]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XIII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XIV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger V]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM I]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM II]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM III]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM IV]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM V]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 I]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 II]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 III]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 IV]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 V]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS I]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS II]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS III]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS IV]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS V]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade I]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade II]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade III]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade IV]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade V]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore I]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore II]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore III]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore IV]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore V]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita I]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita II]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita III]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita IV]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita V]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 I]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 II]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 III]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 IV]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 V]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger I]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger II]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger III]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger IV]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger V]
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target I
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target II
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target III
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target IV
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target V
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target VI
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target VII
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target VIII
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target IX
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy I
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy II
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy III
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy IV
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy V
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy VI
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy VII
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy VIII
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy IX
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle I
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle II
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle III
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle IV
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle V
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle VI
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle VII
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle VIII
Best Time - Puzzle I
Best Time - Puzzle II
Best Time - Puzzle III
Best Time - Puzzle IV
Best Time - Puzzle V
Best Time - Puzzle VI
Best Time - Puzzle VII
Best Time - Puzzle VIII
Best Time - Puzzle IX
Best Time - Puzzle X
Best Time - Variety I
Best Time - Variety II
Best Time - Variety III
Best Time - Variety IV
Best Time - Variety V
Best Time - Variety VI
Best Time - Variety VII
Best Time - Variety VIII
Best Time - Variety IX
Best Time - Variety X
Best Time - Variety XI
Some Kind of Really Fast Mercenary
Best Time - Ninja Mode I
Best Time - Ninja Mode II
Best Time - Ninja Mode III
Best Time NG Selection I
Best Time NG Selection II
Best Time NG Selection III
Best Time NG Selection IV
Best Time NG Selection V
Best Time NG Selection VI
Best Time NG Selection VII

192% complete
Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-05-13 19:35:50
Earned 48 of 50 achievements, 365/400 points.
The other Tournament
The Tournament
Strongest warrior alive
Beyond the fusion
Even without fighting, I know you can't beat me
You will never beat me !
Super Saiyan isn't enough for you
A weak president
Getting stronger
This ain't hard
It's a start
A true Saiyan power
Isn't there a higher difficulty ?
Don't bother me anymore
The super president !
I want more !
Little but strong !
And I am not even on SSGSS
The fusion remains the best
The future is now safe !
Even a fake Goku couldn't beat me now
A super classic
That's the best you can do ?
The namekian
I won't die in Hell this time
The frost demon
Even a God of Destruction couldn't beat me
The true form
Super Perfect
Give me your energy
You're not the strongest anymore !
Still fighting
My mystic form can't be beaten
Semi Perfect run
Wait a minute...
A Super Saiyan classic
I can go even further beyond
Prince of Planet Vegeta
Don't use my name, Baby Vegeta !
President of Capsule Corporation
A president has to be strong
It's me, Goku !
Being young doesn't mean I'm weak !
A strong granddaughter
You'll need a hundred years to beat me !
Oh yeah !
Come back with the Super Saiyan 5 level.
A true master

0% complete
Ape Escape (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-05-13 00:21:43
Earned 0 of 68 achievements, 0/600 points.
The Prehistoric Era
The Cenozoic Era
Dimension X
The Primitive Age
The Ice Age
Dimension X Revisited
The Recent Past
The Present Day
Specter Land
Peak Point Matrix
Fossil Field Complete
Primordial Ooze Complete
Molten Lava Complete
Thick Jungle Complete
Dark Ruins Complete
Cryptic Relics Complete
Crabby Beach Complete
Coral Cave Complete
Dexter's Island Complete
Snowy Mammoth Complete
Frosty Retreat Complete
Hot Springs Complete
Sushi Temple Complete
Wabi Sabi Wall Complete
Crumbling Castle Complete
City Park Complete
Specter's Factory Complete
TV Tower Complete
Monkey Madness Complete
Spellector 0
Spellector I
Spellector II
Spellector III
Spellector IV
Spellector V
Spellector VI
Extra Life
Fossil Field Time Attack
Primordial Ooze Time Attack
Molten Lava Time Attack
Thick Jungle Time Attack
Dark Ruins Time Attack
Cryptic Relics Time Attack
Crabby Beach Time Attack
Coral Cave Time Attack
Dexter's Island Time Attack
Snowy Mammoth Time Attack
Frosty Retreat Time Attack
Hot Springs Time Attack
Sushi Temple Time Attack
Wabi Sabi Wall Time Attack
Crumbling Castle Time Attack
City Park Time Attack
Specter's Factory Time Attack
TV Tower Time Attack
Monkey Madness Time Attack
Shanking the Monkey
Speedy Spike
Speedy Spike Revisted
Nobkey on Ice I
Nobkey on Ice II
Nobkey on Ice III
My Nobkey is Fight! I
My Nobkey is Fight! II
My Nobkey is Fight! III
Nobkey in Space I
Nobkey in Space II
Nobkey in Space III

0% complete
Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2 (SNES)
Last played 2020-05-12 18:23:29
Earned 0 of 39 achievements, 0/390 points.
Goku's Super Kamehameha
Gohan's Kamehameha
Final Flash
Finish Buster
Cell's Super Kamehameha
Throwing Blaster
Shoot Blaster
Cell Jr's Kamehameha
Galactic Buster
Goku's Kamehameha
Big Bang Attack
Cell's Kamehameha
Eraser Cannon
Spark Laser
Grand Smasher
Burning Attack
Energy Clash
Energy Shield
Defeat Goku
Defeat Gohan
Defeat Vegeta
Defeat Trunks
Defeat Piccolo
Defeat Cell
Defeat Broly
Defeat Bojack
Defeat Zangya
Defeat Cell Jr

0% complete
Advance Wars (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-03-17 02:43:11
Earned 0 of 92 achievements, 0/800 points.
Welcome, Commander!
Master Rank
Destroy them all
I'm impressed
It's War
Air Ace!
Max Strikes! (Andy)
Max Strikes! (Max)
Max's Folly?
Sniper! (Andy)
Sniper! (Max)
Olaf's Navy! (Andy)
Olaf's Navy! (Max)
Blizzard Battle! (Andy)
Blizzard Battle! (Max)
Olaf's Sea Strike
History Lesson!
Sami's Debut! (Andy)
Sami's Debut! (Max)
Sami's Debut! (Sami)
Kanbei Arrives! (Andy)
Kanbei Arrives! (Max)
Kanbei Arrives! (Sami)
Mighty Kanbei!
Kanbei's Error?
Divide and Conquer!
Sami Marches On!
Sonja's Goal!
Captain Drake! (Andy)
Captain Drake! (Max)
Captain Drake! (Sami)
Naval Clash! (Andy)
Naval Clash! (Max)
Naval Clash! (Sami)
Wings of Victory! (Andy)
Wings of Victory! (Max)
Wings of Victory! (Sami)
Battle Mystery! (Andy)
Battle Mystery! (Max)
Battle Mystery! (Sami)
Andy Times Two!
The Final Battle!
It's War! (Advance Campaign)
Gunfighter! (Advance Campaign)
Air Ace! (Advance Campaign)
Max Strikes! (Advance Campaign)
Max's Folly? (Advance Campaign)
Sniper! (Advance Campaign)
Olaf's Navy! (Advance Campaign)
Blizzard Battle! (Advance Campaign)
Olaf's Sea Strike! (Advance Campaign)
History Lesson! (Advance Campaign)
Sami's Debut! (Advance Campaign)
Kanbei Arrives! (Advance Campaign)
Mighty Kanbei! (Advance Campaign)
Kanbei's Error? (Advance Campaign)
Divide and Conquer! (Advance Campaign)
Sami Marches On! (Advance Campaign)
Sonja's Goal! (Advance Campaign)
Captain Drake! (Advance Campaign)
Naval Clash! (Advance Campaign)
Wings of Victory! (Advance Campaign)
Battle Mystery! (Advance Campaign)
Andy Times Two! (Advance Campaign)
Enigma! (Advance Campaign)
The Final Battle! (Advance Campaign)
Rivals! (Advance Campaign)
Legendary Normal Campaign
Legendary Advance Campaign
Hyper Repair
Max Power
Double Time
Sniper Attack
Lightning Strike
Morale Boost
Enhanced Vision
Meteor Strike
Lucky Star
Nice Coins
Good Coins
Awesome Coins
Legendary Coins
Very addicted buyer
You are a General!
Legendary General
Gold Dragon

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