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Member Since: 28 Jan 2017, 18:20
Last Activity: 07 May 2020, 10:46
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Retro Ratio: 3.79
Average Completion: 93.50%
Site Rank: 683 / 72155 ranked users (Top 2%)

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Dr. Mario (NES)
Last played 2020-05-07 10:46:48
Earned 45 of 70 achievements, 117/500 points.
Virus Level 18 Medium
Virus Level 17 Medium
Virus Level 16 Medium
Great Combo
Virus Level 15 Medium
Virus Level 14 Medium
Virus Level 13 Medium
Virus Level 12 Medium
Virus Level 11 Medium
Virus Level 10 Medium
Virus Level 9 Medium
Virus Level 8 Medium
Virus Level 20 Low
Virus Level 19 Low
Virus Level 18 Low
Virus Level 17 Low
Virus Level 7 Medium
Virus Level 6 Medium
Virus Level 5 Medium
Virus Level 4 Medium
Virus Level 3 Medium
Virus Level 16 Low
Virus Level 15 Low
Virus Level 14 Low
Virus Level 13 Low
Virus Level 12 Low
Virus Level 2 Medium
Virus Level 2 High
Virus Level 1 Low
Virus Level 1 Medium
Virus Level 1 High
Virus Level 0 Low
Virus Level 0 Medium
Virus Level 0 High
Virus Level 11 Low
Virus Level 10 Low
Virus Level 9 Low
Virus Level 8 Low
Virus Level 7 Low
Virus Level 6 Low
Virus Level 5 Low
Virus Level 4 Low
Virus Level 3 Low
Virus Level 2 Low
Good Combo
Full Surgery Low
Full Surgery Medium
Full Surgery High
Virus Level 3 High
Virus Level 4 High
Virus Level 5 High
Virus Level 6 High
Virus Level 7 High
Virus Level 8 High
Virus Level 9 High
Virus Level 10 High
Virus Level 11 High
Virus Level 12 High
Virus Level 13 High
Virus Level 14 High
Virus Level 15 High
Virus Level 16 High
Virus Level 17 High
Virus Level 18 High
Virus Level 19 Medium
Virus Level 19 High
Virus Level 20 Medium
Virus Level 20 High
Fabulous Combo

0% complete
Parasite Eve II (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-05-03 19:28:04
Earned 0 of 77 achievements, 0/715 points.
A new species?
I'm not afraid of you
You owe me one
A bomb!? [m]
Black Card [m]
Up the bridge [m]
N. 9
Are you serious?
Welcome to Mojave!
Desert Hospitality
My name is Madigan. Kyle Madigan.
Man's best friend
At rock bottom
Gray Stalker
Just like a Spider
You again?
Too easy...
Parasite Energy 1
Parasite Energy 2
Parasite Energy 3
Parasite Energy 4
Parasite Energy 5
Full tank
It's really safe?
I don't like Coke [m]
Enemy without face
He saved us...
For me?
My beautiful car!
Disc 2
Blizzard Chaser
Zombie Blizzard Chaser
Chaser became chased
Glutton (again)
Recycling garbage
Full Moon Gate
A good use of that [m]
A friend in need [m]
Damn it! Its hurts.
My car was better [m]
Damn you!
Yoshida's PC
Solution: Yellow [m]
Solution: Blue [m]
Solution: Red
Pyramid Puzzle
What is this for?
Sea Diver
Sea Diver perfectionist
GOLEMs awakening
Puppet Stinger
Sorry for killing your toy, EVE.
Knight GOLEM
Pierce's Memo [m]
Parking Lot Puzzle
Thanks Rupert! I certainly will need this. [m]
A friend in need 2 [m]
The fall of the ultimate ANMC
EVE's end in great style
Normal-Replay Mode
Bounty Mode
Scavenger Mode
Nightmare Mode
Rank A
Rank S
Rank L
The GOOD end

0% complete
Parasite Eve (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-05-03 14:02:58
Earned 0 of 69 achievements, 0/700 points.
Somnia Memorias
You Were on a Trip
You Came from Afar
Wait for this Moment
Drifting Between Waves
Beyond Dreams
Beyond Memories
The Earth will Suffer
Someone Calls Me, Someone Looks For Me...
Getting Warmer
There's Alligators in the Sewers
Okay, Hot Stuff
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
Rooftop Showdown
Not Blind as a Bat
Centipede Express
Dead Crab Storage
Fight at the Museum
Liberty or Death
Ultimate Fiend
Parasite Energy - Scan
Parasite Energy - Slow
Parasite Energy - Detox
Parasite Energy - Heal 2
Parasite Energy - Barrier
Parasite Energy - Energy Shot
Parasite Energy - Confuse
Parasite Energy - Haste
Parasite Energy - Heal 3
Parasite Energy - Gene Heal
Parasite Energy - Medic
Parasite Energy - Preraise
Parasite Energy - Full Recover
Parasite Energy - Liberate
Survivor's Bonus
Trading Cards I
Trading Cards II
Trading Cards III
Trading Cards IV
Trading Cards V
Trading Cards VI
Trading Cards VII
Trading Cards VIII
Trading Cards IX
Trading Cards X
Trading Cards XI
Trading Cards XII
Trading Cards XIII
Trading Cards XIV
Junk Weapon I
Junk Weapon II
Junk Weapon III
Junk Weapon IV
Junk Weapon V
Junk Weapon VI

200% complete
Contra: Hard Corps (Mega Drive)
Last played 2020-03-03 00:57:42
Earned 81 of 81 achievements, 930/930 points.
Hardcore Score
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
A Robot Named Browny
You Can Call Me Ray
The Big Bad Wolf
One After the Luck, One Before the Cat
The Hard Corps Blues (Browny)
Jurassic Dope
The Overlord
Simon 1994RD
Mutant Miner
What a Painfull World
Moonlit Army (Browny)
Steel Blue Runner
Moonlit Army (Fang)
Neo Bahamut
Moonlit Army (Sheena)
Spider Brain
Moonlit Army (Ray)
Last Springsteen
The Runaway Train
The Hard Corps Blues (Fang)
The Hard Corps Blues (Sheena)
Magnum Force
The Hard Corps Blues (Ray)
Space Showdown
Big Magnum
Contra the Blue Gale (Browny)
Contra the Blue Gale (Fang)
Contra the Blue Gale (Sheena)
The Alien Warhead
Contra the Blue Gale (Ray)
Countdown to Armageddon
Megapede and Grotesque
Deadeye Joe
Elite Guards
GTR Attack
Aqua Drill
Saw Fins
Falcon Jet
Master Builder
The Dawn (Browny)
Contra Arsenal (Browny)
The Dawn (Fang)
Four of an Explosive Kind
Noiman Cascade
Contra Arsenal (Fang)
Mother Alien
The Dawn (Sheena)
The Foggy Cave in the Darkness
Big Score
Contra Arsenal (Sheena)
The Dawn (Ray)
Alien's Den
Red Falcon Gamma
Wedge Head
Format X
The Dark Experiment
AC Violence
The Omnigear
Aphex Twins
Waterfall Climber
Contra Overdrive
The Wrecker
Night of the Hunters
Iron Beetle
Good Score
The Hard Corps
Contra Arsenal (Ray)
Heavy Explosives

0% complete
Splatterhouse (PC Engine)
Last played 2020-02-07 16:52:56
Earned 0 of 46 achievements, 0/600 points.
The Underground Dungeon
The Sewage Canal
Thanks, Water Hand
The Forest Ambush
The Corridor of Rotton Meat
The Room of Spinning Blades
Mirror Rick
The Forbidden Room
Room of the Captured
The Evil Kennel
Corridor of Pictures
The Dressing Room
The Rendezvous
The Womb
The Finale
The Underground Dungeon [HARD]
The Sewage Canal [HARD]
The Forest Ambush [HARD]
The Forbidden Room [HARD]
The Rendezvous [HARD]
The Womb [HARD]
The Finale [HARD]
Body Eaters
Evil Cross
What's Happening to Jennifer?
Hell Chaos
The Underground Dungeon [Weaponless]
The Sewage Canal [Weaponless]
The Forest Ambush [Weaponless]
The Forbidden Room [Weaponless]
The Rendezvous [Weaponless]
No Thanks, Waterhand
An Extra Rick!
Another Extra Rick!
Yet Another Extra Rick!
So Many Extra Ricks!
So Far, So Good
Splattering Splatterhouse I
Splattering Splatterhouse II
Splattering Splatterhouse III
Splattering Splatterhouse IV
It's the Only Super Move I Have...

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Awarded on 19 Mar 2017, 19:21
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Awarded on 21 Mar 2017, 19:44
Awarded on 28 May 2017, 10:11
Awarded on 01 Jun 2017, 22:45
MASTERED Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES)
Awarded on 02 Jun 2017, 14:50
MASTERED Battletoads and Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (NES)
Awarded on 03 Jun 2017, 19:32
MASTERED Shadow of the Ninja | Blue Shadow (NES)
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Awarded on 10 Jun 2017, 11:54
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Awarded on 29 Dec 2019, 23:40
MASTERED Mighty Final Fight (NES)
Awarded on 06 Jan 2020, 22:03

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