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60% complete
Resident Evil 2: DualShock Ver. (PlayStation)
Last played 2019-11-01 01:33:59
Earned 39 of 130 achievements, 174/1250 points.
It's Over
So This Is What Everyone's Been Dying For
MOTHer [m]
Somethin' That Might Interest Ya!
We're Leaving Together
Lending a Hand
I Am Into Bandage
Girl Talk
A Light Unto My Path [m]
Split Up
Catch Up Later [m]
The Bitch in the Red Dress
I'm Sorry... [m]
Annoying Bird. I Am the Great LEON! [m]
Night of the Living Claire
Party's Over
Tough Break, Pal [m]
I Can't Do It! [m]
My God Has Protected You
Far From Finished
Your Star Pupil
Loose Ends
Someone to Rely Upon
That's Just How Eye Roll
My Stomach...
The Truth
Apprentice of Unlocking [m]
Daddy's Little Girl
Gateway of Doom? Awesome! Let's Go!
Packing [m]
I Can Take Care of Myself! [m]
It's Coming After Me!
I Just Wanted Some Water...
Can You Come out Tonight?
Just the Fax, Ma'am. Just the Fax
Prom Flashbacks [m]
Don't You Worry, Girlie!
Survival Hentai [m]
You Didn't Invite Me, So I Crashed
SYLVIA!!! [m]
Zombies Aren't the Only Things Out There
Sherring the Love
An Xtra Meeting [m]
I Am So Smrt! [m]
You Were Wong to Do It
I Need a Bandaida
I'm Fired! [m]
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
Smile! [m]
I Don't Want to Lose You
Bad Security [m]
Nothing More
Be Back Soon
Remember Your Training
No Time to Waste
This Place IS Safer [m]
X Gon' Give It to Ya!
Please Forgive Me, Claire
What a Nice Man
Don't Go Alone!
Xtreme Parkour [m]
Half the Man He Was
I'm Sensing a Pattern
So How's Your First Day Been?
Ew, This Place Smells Like a... Oh [m]
Put a Leash On Her
Flare Up [m]
... SON OF A BITCH!!! [m]
It's a Gas! [m]
I Still Love You
I've Been Workin' on the Railroad
I Have to Find You
The Xtra Mile
You Make Me Sick!
See Ya Later, Alligator!
After While, Crocodile!
Game Over, Big Guy!
Pipe Down!
An Eyedeal Relationship
Iris My Case
These Puns Couldn't Get Any Cornea
A Slice of Life
Knife to Meet You!
Knife to See You Again
You're Such a Cutup!
How Knife of You to Drop In
A Cut Above the Rest
Would You Cut It Out?!
Final Xam
Appreciate the Little Things
Traditionalist of Unlocking [m]
Sharing is Caring
No Papers, No Entry
"Leon! You Killed the Zombie Vickers!" "He Was a Zombie?"
Casual Friday
Now I'll Show You Why They Call Me 'Redfield'
Smokin' Weed [m]
My Fee is Way Too Good
Really. DAMN Good!
Mr. Death
Grim Reaper
Even the Zombies Won't Eat It
Good Second Day
She's the Bomb!
Butterfly Effect
Punchin' Boulders
Let's Blow This Joint
Special Training
The Hard Way
True End
Raccoon City's Finest
Good First Day
Made in Heaven
Let Me Live
Think Fast!
Hurry Back!
What's This Thing?
Some Sort of Prehistoric Computer?
Going Green
It's Not Easy Being Green
Zombies Are People Too
Dead People
Just a Box
Snake? Is that You?

160% complete
Driver (PlayStation)
Last played 2019-10-21 22:58:24
Earned 40 of 50 achievements, 280/380 points.
Trialblazer: New York 2
Trialblazer: Los Angeles 2
Survival: New York
Survival: Los Angeles
Trialblazer: New York 1
Trialblazer: Los Angeles 1
Trialblazer: San Fransisco 2
Checkpoints: New York
Checkpoints: Los Angeles
New York Getaway
Los Angeles Getaway
Pursuit: New York 2
Pursuit: New York 1
Pursuit: Los Angeles 2
Pursuit: Los Angeles 1
President Run
Dirt Track 4
Dirt Track 3
Dirt Track 2
Dirt Track 1
Survival: San Francisco
Survival: Miami
Trialblazer: San Fransisco 1
Trialblazer: Maimi 2
Trialblazer: Maimi 1
Checkpoints: San Fransisco 2
Checkpoints: San Fransisco 1
Checkpoints: Miami 2
Checkpoints: Miami 1
San Fransisco Getaway
Miami Getaway
Pursuit: San Fransisco 2
Pursuit: San Fransisco 1
Pursuit: Miami 2
Pursuit: Miami 1
Tanner and Slater
Cosy to the Choper
The Informant
Bust Out Jean Paul
Car Park Job
Test Drive
Grangers Wheels
Superfly Drive
Dianginos Car
Guns in the Trunk
The Chase
The Rescue
Take out Grangers Boys

87% complete
Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)
Last played 2019-10-15 03:21:09
Earned 49 of 113 achievements, 230/1000 points.
Enjoy Life
Yeah, It's Over
Bleed the Lizard
Third Time's the Charm
They Played Us Like a DAMN FIDDLE!!!
What a Tangled Web We Weave
This Job Stinks
My Spirit Will Be Watching You
Have a Nice Trip
I Know Now Why You Cry
Born On a Battlefield
I Missile You
Moving Target
This May Sting a Little
Open Sez Me
Missing Something
It's a Long Shot, But...
Out of Shape
I'm the Stair Master!
Not a Real Man
Just Photographs, Do Not Engage the Enemy
Your Biggest Fan
I've Been Through a Lot Worse
Just Say No
Kept You Waiting, Huh?
Poppin Pills
I Make My Own Future
It's Wireless!
So Feminine
"Fisher Wuz Here"...?
I Remember That Punch...
This Stinks
Tank You!
See? Four!
Mine Forever
Uno Mas
Suppressing My Feelings
Rookie Eyes
I'm Not Being Stealthy At All!
You Red My Mind
Wasn't There Just Something There?
You Look Stunning
Dropping Some Eaves
Can You Shoot Me, Rookie?
Don't Think! Shoot!
I Give Up. Why?
You're Pretty Good!
Down the Hatch!
Deja Vu
Camera Shy
Hurt Me More!
I Can't Read You!
True Power
On the Road Again
Eat Nails and Ask For Seconds
You Rappel Me
Before We Get Started, Does Anybody Wanna Get Out?
But I'm Better
Eating Crow
Oh Rats
Take a Shot
The Only Thing I Was Ever Good At
Hal and Dave
The Name's Snake. SOLID Snake
You'll Always Be Mine
Maggie Q
She's Dead By Now
You Should Come Inside the Box. Then You'll Know
Plop Plop Fizz Fizz, Oh What a Relief It Is
Wise-Ass Say...
I'm Nuclear
Raison D'etre
Rat Trap
I Can't Just Knock On the Door and Ask Them To Let Me In
You Pissed Me Off
He's the Bomb!
Knock Knock Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Special Delivery
Boom Box
Hey Dum-Dum. You Give Me Gum-Gum
Yeah, Work It, Baby... Huh? What Mission?
Lady in Red
Puppy Love
Yes, Only a Little
Party Pooper
There Are No Strings On Me
Crane Kick
I've Got Your Stealth Right Here!
Wraith Stranding
Video Game Player, Huh?
Green Beret
Age Hasn't Slowed You Down One Bit
Never Be Game Over
That Ninja
Peace Walker
Not THAT Hungry
Little Boss
Big Boss

171% complete
Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2019-10-13 20:59:34
Earned 54 of 63 achievements, 360/475 points.
Return Postage
Uh, Buzz, why not just take the elevator?
Fear of Heights
Let's see how much we're going on eBay
Thomas and Friends
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Always wear a helmet
The Crimson Haybaler
Grandmother's Armchair
I am proud of you Cowboy
How do you spell FBI?
To get to the chicken on the other side
Come back soon
I am more about jumping
There's a snake in my boot
Asphalt Solutions
Colonel, do you read me?
Nice flash, though
I Am your father
This is weirdin' me out
Top Cat
Why did the toys cross the road?
Maintenance Call
Millennium Falcon
Space Ranger
One giant leap for mankind
Saucer of Peril
Where did you get that cool belt, Buzz?
Kinder Egg
This boss is garbage!
Hi Georgie
Falling with Style
Treehouse Trouble
Quit your whining and pay up!
Safety First
Bob the Builder
PFM Layer
Bravo Zulu
To infinity and beyond!
Oh, picky, picky, picky.
Home Alone
Lightning Mcqueen*
Live Messenger
Clean house
Money Money Money!
Sir Francis Drake*
Chuckles the Clown
AWOL Space Ranger
Lucky Luke
Sworn Enemy of the Galactic Alliance
That Silly Buzz Lightweight...
You've got a friend in me

200% complete
Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)
Last played 2019-09-29 02:41:49
Earned 51 of 51 achievements, 468/468 points.
100% Gnasty's Loot
What A Joke
Secret of Ice Cavern
Is There A Secret Behind There?
I Blow Harder
Solid Spyro
Faster Than Light
100% Sunny Flight
100% Gnasty's World Gnorc Gnexus
Gnasty Gnorc? He's TOAST!
100% Gnasty Gnorc
100% Twilight Harbor
Secret of Twilight Harbor
100% Gnorc Cove
100% Haunted Towers
100% Jacques
100% Lofty Castle
The Frozen Flutter
100% Icy Flight
100% Dark Passage
100% Dream Weavers Home
100% Metalhead
100% Tree Tops
100% Misty Bog
Woah, You're Crazy Fast!
100% Wild Flight
100% Terrace Village
100% Beast Makers Home
100% Blowhard
100% Wizard Peak
Happy Easter
Zooming On Past
100% Crystal Flight
100% High Caves
100% Alpine Ridge
100% Magic Crafters Home
You're Basically Immortal Now!
100% Night Flight
Soaring Under The Moonlight
100% Dry Canyon
Get Shemp'd
100% Doctor Shemp
100% Cliff Town
100% Ice Cavern
100% Peace Keepers Home
100% Toasty
100% Town Square
100% Stone Hill
100% Dark Hollow
100% Artisans Home
New Thing

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