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zelda007 (17413 points) (54473)

Member Since: 30 Jan 2016, 16:55
Last Activity: 12 Feb 2019, 19:47
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 3.13
Average Completion: 71.75%
Site Rank: 1323 / 63673 ranked users (Top 3%)

Last seen in
Inspecting Memory in Hardcore mode

Last 15 games played:

176% complete
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2018-12-19 12:09:42
Earned 37 of 42 achievements, 284/384 points.
Banjo the Washer
Jigsaw Maker
Mystery Unsolved
Show me the honey!
The Quiz Master
Bright Skull
Pieces of a puzzle
Strange Banjo
Slim Banjo
Big Kazooie
Big Hands and Feets
Big Head Banjo
Click Clock Wood
Banjo wants honey
The Last Cheat
Rusty Bucket Bay
Fine Feathered Cheat
Mad Monster Mansion
Banjo the Pumpkin
Freezeezy Peak
Move Master
Banjo the Cute Walrus
Bubblegloop Swamp
Banjo the Crocodile
Steel Lungs
To infinity and beyond!
I just wanted to save...
Treasure Trove Cove
Lives Collector
Banjo the Termite
Spiral Mountain
God Tier
Witch Exterminator
Stoped and Swoped

170% complete
Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2018-12-19 12:09:23
Earned 51 of 60 achievements, 445/660 points.
Do The Mario
Color a Dinosaur
Do A Barrel Roll
Down B For The Win
Pikachu Evolved Into Raichu!
No Charge
Show Me Your Moves!!
I Am Your Master!
Heavy Metal
Hey! That Is Not My Stage! Ver. 2
Hey! That Is Not My Stage!
The Eternal Understudy
Collector of Space Race Trophies
Ha! Fakers!
Jigglypuff Use Sing! But Miss...
Pokemon Battle
Poyo Poyo!
SMW Payback
Fighting Type>>Electric?
Super Mario World
Versus Dark Link
All Stars
So Much Effort, For Something So Simple...
100% Clear!
The Baby!!
He is the Leader of the Bunch
Melee Battle, But with Items and No Final Destination
The Better Bro
CG! Coconut Gun!
Bigger Isn
Defeated Your Own Creator
DK Defender
The Child Genius
Pikachu Use Thunderbolt!
The Balloon Pokemon
No Miss Clear
Race to the Finish Speedrun!
Wait... You Are A Girl?
Board the Platforms!
Break The Targets!
First Stage Clear!
Cranky Kong is Proud
Is that all?
Much More Than Just A Player 2
Falcon Punch!!
PK Fire, PK Fire and PK Fire!
Defeat Any Opponent in 1P Game in Less Than 10 Seconds
I Fight For My Friends
Perfect Run

82% complete
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2018-12-19 12:04:27
Earned 36 of 88 achievements, 206/550 points.
Show me your Moves
Frawless Victory - Round 2
Out of Shape
Thanks for Playing
The Power of all 120 stars
Full Power
Full Course around the Castle
Full Course in the Tick Tock Clock
The Clock is ticking
Full Course in the Rainbow
Full Course in the Tall Mountain
Full Course in the Tiny-Huge Island
Full Course in the Snowman
Ready for the final Match
Full Course in the Wet-Dry World
Half empty or half full?
Full Course in the Dire Docks
Full Course in the Maze Cave
Full Course in the Desert Land
Full Course in the Lava Land
Lobby at the Top
Full Course in the Bay
Metal Head
Full Course Haunted House
Ready to rematch Bowser
Frawless Victory - Round 1
Full Course in the Cool Mountain
Full Course in the Battlefield
Fly baby fly
Full Course in the Fortress
Ready to fight Bowser
Long walk into the Mountain
A new Journey
Frawless Victory - Final Round
Jump to the Island in the Sky
Mario Shoots to the Sky
Cannonless into the Wild Blue
Jump onto the Caged Island
Jump onto the Stone Cliff
Swim through the Jet Stream
Wall Kick Will Work but Flying too
Secret Way around the Haunted Books
A-Maze-Ing Jumps to the Exit
Delivery for the Ancient Pharaoh
Secret Passage to the Temple Treasure
Submarine Jumps for Red Coins [m]
Pole-Jumping for a vanished Star
Swim through the Jet Stream II
Mystery of the Mysterious Mountainside
Friendly Visit to the Lonely Mushroom
Board the Cruiser in the Sky
Falling like an Ironbar
Hot Shell Ride for Golden Coins
Cool Shell Ride for Golden Coins
Is there a Secret?
Bob-omb Blaster
Whomp Crusher
Poltergust 25500
Hot Bully
Hand Breaker
Cool Bully
Beetle Squasher
Red Challenge on the Battlefield
Red Challenge in the Fortress
Red Challenge on the Snowy Mountain
Red Challenge in the Horror Mansion
Red Challenge of the Molten Area
Red Challenge in the Desert
Red Challenge around the Giant Snowman
Red Challenge on the Island
Red Challenge in the Clock
Secrets of the Battlefield
Secrets of the Fortress
Secrets of the Snowy Mountain
Secrets of the Molten Area
Secrets of the Desert
Secret of the Giant Snowman
Secret of the Water Town
Secret of the Rocky Mountain
Secret of the Island
Secret of the Rainbows

158% complete
Super Mario Advance (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2018-12-18 22:35:54
Earned 45 of 57 achievements, 255/400 points.
I Want My Eggs Soft Boiled
I Want My Eggs Curried
I Want My Eggs in a Quiche
I Want My Eggs in a Basket
I Want My Eggs Fried
I Want My Eggs in a Frittata
I Want My Eggs Over Hard
Over the Hill!
Thirty is the New Twenty
Twenty is Plenty
I Want My Eggs Sunny Side Up
I Want My Eggs Scrambled
I Want My Eggs Steamed
I Want My Eggs Shirred
I Want My Eggs Over Medium
I Want My Eggs Poached
I Want My Eggs Hard Boiled
I Want My Eggs Sunny Side Down
Salmon Coin Search
Float To Success
I Want My Eggs Over Easy
Hero of the Year
A Search is only Skin Deep
Sky High Search
Tri Under the Wall
Night Flight
Quickly Grab Them!
Crab Walk
In the Jungle
Topsy Turvy Search
Hot Search
A Whale of a Good Time
Slip Sliding Away
Tower Climb
Underground Search
Tri the Desert at Night
Sunny Skies, Shy Guys
The Sandy Search
A Squeaky Mouse
Magic Carpet Ride
Just Getting Warmed Up
Hero of the Day
Green Mario
Hang Ten!
Give Me Five
I Want My Eggs Baked
I Want My Eggs Deviled
I Want My Eggs in an Omelete
I Want My Eggs in an Egg Salad
A Fungus Amongus
Floated to New Heights
Fungus Victorious
Green Mario Saves the Day!
All Just a Dream
All Just a REALLY BAD Dream
Fifty is so Spiffy!
Are you a Wizard?!

200% complete
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2018-12-18 21:33:45
Earned 94 of 94 achievements, 414/414 points.
Beat Para Beetle Challenge
Beat Bowser
Para Beetle Challenge (A coins)
Caped Escape (A coins)
No Time to Dawdle (A coins)
A Musical Trek (A coins)
Beat Bowser
Beat Airship
Vexing Doors (A coins)
A Towering Tour (A coins)
Sea to Sky (A coins)
Beat It
Beat Treacherous Halls
Treacherous Halls (A coins)
Beat Bowser
Castle Dash (A coins)
Ice Dungeon (A coins)
Piped Full of Plants (A coins)
The ol
Bombarded by Bob-ombs (A coins)
Beat Caped Escape
Mario e-Coin
Koopaling Confusion (A coins)
Princess e-Coin
Beat Koopaling Confusion
Beat No Time to Dawdle
Beat An Aqueous Adventure
An Aqueous Adventure (A coins)
Beat Ground Work
Ground Work (A coins)
Beat Vexing Doors
Beat Rich with Ropes
Luigi e-Coin
Rich with Ropes (A coins)
Beat Castle Dash
Beat A Towering Tour
Beat Puzzling Pipe Maze
Super Flower e-Coin
Puzzling Pipe Maze (A coins)
Iced Cubed (A coins)
Beat Iced Cubed
Beat Slip Slidin
Slip Slidin
These Boots Aren
Beat Sea to Sky
Kero Kero Keroppi
Gonna Fly Now
A Sky-High Adventure (A coins)
Pom Poko
Beat A Sky-High Adventure
Beat Ice Dungeon
Toad e-Coin
Beat Armored Airship
Armored Airship (A coins)
Classic World 1-3 (A coins)
Classic World 1-2 (A coins)
Beat A Musical Trek
Beat Swinging Bars of Doom
Swinging Bars of Doom (A coins)
Beat Piped Full of Plants
Beat The ol
Super Star e-Coin
Beat Magical Note Blocks
Magical Note Blocks (A coins)
Beat Bombarded by Bob-ombs
Beat Doors o
Doors o
Super Leaf e-Coin
Beat Vegetable Volley
Vegetable Volley (A coins)
Super Mushroom e-Coin
Beat Slidin
What Goes Around Comes Around
Beat Wild Ride in the Sky
Wild Ride in the Sky (A coins)
Beat Classic World 2-2
Classic World 2-2 (A coins)
Beat Classic World 1-4
Classic World 1-4 (A coins)
Beat Classic World 1-3
Beat Classic World 1-2
Light My Fire
Beat Classic World 1-1
Classic World 1-1 (A coins)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
The Raccoons

200% complete
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2018-12-01 17:14:43
Earned 58 of 58 achievements, 370/370 points.
Quick Rescue
A New Form of Currency
Richer Than Wario
SMW Full Experience
You Are a Super Player!!
Flight Master
Yoshi Versus Ghosts
Mario, Go Fish!!
Defeated Larry Koopa
Wendy has Sung Her Swan Song
Put an End to Roy
Triumphed Over Lemmy
Morton is Now Just a Memory
The Crazed Iggy
Special Difficulty
Spit Fire
Flying Yoshi
Stomping Time!!
The Bowser Statues Attack
Luigi Time!!
Bowser Flys Away!
Bowser Fortress
The Final Battle
Water and Spikes
The Labyrinth Of Mecha Koopas
Fire and Things that Crush You
Spikes Madness
Koopas and Railngs
The Chucky Revenge
Lil Sparky Everhere
Larry Castle Destroyed
Chocolate Island Devoured
Chocolate Fortress
Forest Of Illusion Burned Down
Adventure in the Stars
Forest Fortress
The Forest Secret
The Half of Ninety-Six
Mario The Imortal
Bravo Mario
Cookie Mountain Crumbled
Vanilla Fortress
Vanilla Dome Shattered
Just What I Needed!
Donut Plains Glazed Over
Fat Mario
Like the Toad House, But without Toad
My Friend Dinosaur
In Search Of Dragon Coins
Presser of Buttons

47% complete
Yoshis Story (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2018-12-01 11:53:34
Earned 14 of 60 achievements, 155/885 points.
Lifting Yoshi To New Heights
A Pleasant Surprise
Raking In The Treasure
Under The Sea
Welcome To The Jungle
A Hut Full Of Melons
What A Breeze
Melons Cruising On By
Just kidding, now I have to change my pants.
Melon Bones
This is a baby game. For babies.
Hunting For Melons
Drowning In Coins
I <3 U
Practice Makes Perfect
Every Story Has An Ending
Surprise! Just Kidding, It
Lifting Melons
The Eternal Melon Climb
Boiling Melons
Squishy Melons
You Wouldn
A Tower Of Melons
Cantaloupe And Melon
Frustrating Melons
Moist Melons
Fishy Melons
Melon Synapses
Lots O
Lots O
How Low Can Your Melons Go?
A Melon x Shy Guy Ship
Get In The Melon, Shinji!
Yeah, I Lift Melons, So What?
Spooky Ghost Melons
Spicy Melons
Quite The Climb
Conquered Your Fears
Blargg Ain
Jelly Blobs Of Doom
Cruising To The Top Of The High Scores
The Yoshi That
Nipping At Yoshi
Mildly Infuriating
This Is Yoshi
Perfect Puddles
Powered Through The Piranhas
King Of The Jungle
Lots O
Lots O
A Leisurely Limbo
Yarr, Yoshis Ahoy!
Just Who The Hell Do You Think I Am?
Yoshi Never Misses Arm Day
I Ain
Not So Lethal Lava
The Bodacious Black
The Wonderful White

0% complete
Need for Speed: Underground (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2018-11-18 11:12:20
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

142% complete
F-Zero X (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2018-11-11 11:56:33
Earned 32 of 45 achievements, 290/400 points.
You Had Boost Power
Fall to the Leader
Perfect Paint Job
The Long Distance of Murder
Like a Snake
One Ahead System
Rendezvous Of Ghost
Rainbow Road
Crazy Call at Cry
Decide in the Eyes
Speedway to Hell
Paper Engine
Feel Our Pain
Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance!
Infinite Blue
Planet Colors
Ride and Die
What a Bunch of Jokers
Vehicular Homicide
Victory Road
Fall Down to the Scream
Endless Challenge
Dream Chaser
A Performance fit for a King
Jacked Up
Jack of No Trades
We Are the Champions
Hail to the King
No Joke
Shotgun Kiss
For the Glory
8 Guitars
Death Cup
Trophy Garage
Rearview Race

200% complete
~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: Goddess of Wisdom (SNES)
Last played 2017-08-27 12:40:01
Earned 41 of 41 achievements, 400/400 points.
Triforce of Wisdom
20 Hearts or Nothing
Never Too Many Arrows
Mirror Mirror....
Very Effective Against Ganon
7th Dungeon Finished
Magic Brick
6th Dungeon Finished
The Power of the Lightning
Cane of Invincibility
Pink Bunny Is Over
Flame and Explosion
Bottle Collector
Never Too Many Bombs
5th Dungeon Finished
Boomerang Is Magic? Hammer Also!
The Ultimate Sword
Shake the Ground
4th Dungeon Finished
3rd Dungeon Finished
The Hylian Book
Freezer Rod
Magical and Effective
Quick as Wind
Incendiary Rod
This Isn
It Always Comes Back
2nd Dungeon Finished
Grasp Everything You Want
Harry Potter
A Better Shield
1st Dungeon Finished
A Very Handy Net
Not Very Luscious
The Strength Comes From the Glove
Rescue Zelda, Again...
Link Is an Archer
We Will See Better in the Dark
Ready to Destroy Guard
A Very Noisy Weapon

200% complete
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (SNES)
Last played 2017-08-22 20:06:31
Earned 55 of 55 achievements, 435/435 points.
The Golden Age
Bested Ganon
True Culprit
Crystal In the Dark
Love the Past
Bested Helmasaur King
Crystal In the Rock
Bested Trinexx
Golden Wish
Crystal In the Mire
Bested Vitreous
I want to carry more Arrows!
Crystal In the Ice
Bested Kholdstare
Crystal In the Statue
Bested Blind
Crystal In the Woods
Bested Mothula
I want to carry more Bombs!
You Can
All Your Bottles Belong to Us
The Swordsmith
Cursed Magic
Bird is the Word
Ring of Fire
Crystal In the Swamp
Bested Arrghus
Fault Line
Bested Agahnim
The Sword of Masters
Bested Lanmolas
Powder Girl
Pendant of Wisdom
Bested Moldorm
Mirror World
Magical Shield
The Magic of the Boom
Overpriced Merchandise
Pendant of Power
Rupee Hoarder
Book of Prayer
Pendant of Courage
Bested Armos Knights
Rupee Collector
Bug Catcher
Rupee Hunter

0% complete
[Series - MechWarrior] (Hubs)
Last played 2017-08-21 20:14:18
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

0% complete
RPG Maker (PlayStation)
Last played 2017-08-21 20:12:50
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

159% complete
Super Mario World (SNES)
Last played 2017-08-07 12:06:04
Earned 50 of 63 achievements, 426/556 points.
A Mighty Quake
Who Needs Vines?
Bonus of the Chocolate
Bonus of the Donuts
Bonus on the Island
The Investigator
Sweet Greed
Burning Bowser
Special Sorta Person
The Dragon
Starman Challenge
Shortest Route
Shoo! Shoo! Big Boo
Economic Gaps
All Exits
That Oh-So-Familiar Tune
Like A Giant Bank
Illusions of Grandeur
Maximum Finish
A Hole In Your Wallet
Bowser Disposer
Change of Scenery
Bridge Over Moonlit Water
Lunar Vanilla
Super Moonio
Crescent Donut
Larry in the Airy
Another Kind of Flying
Under A Koopa Moon
Morton Enough
To the Stars!
Birth of Economy
I is for Icky Iggy
Wendy Chips Are Down
Chocolate Donut
Perfect Bonus Stage
Unleash The Dragon
Floating Through The Clouds
A False Moon
Filling All The Blocks In
Reznor - Flaming Wheel of Death
Lemmy Down Slowly
I Believe I Can Fly
Giddy Up!
Color by Yoshi - Yellow [m]
Color by Yoshi - Green [m]
Color by Yoshi - Red [m]
Color by Yoshi - Blue [m]
Bonus on the Butter
Fence Offense
Spooking Big Boo
Everything is Lava
I Starved Yoshi and All I Got Was...
Who Needs Helium?
A Groovy Flight
With More Than You Started

200% complete
Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2017-08-05 15:15:58
Earned 61 of 61 achievements, 575/575 points.
God of War
Lord of Gods
Praise The Sun!
Dance of Ashura
Mortal Danger
Demon Fire
RNG Goddess
Titan Blade
Jail Break
Worried Sick
To the Pirates
Battle God
Battle Master
Battle Seeker
Tornado DDT
Run Isaac Run!
Dark Blessing
My Name Is Maximus
Poison Tail
Do You Even Lift?
Water Breath
May The Force Not Be With You
Killer Kong
Angry Tret
Mercury Beacon Of Light
Out Of Order
The Origins of Alchemy

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