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Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories


Posted: 04 Sep, 2014 20:19
Last Edit: 07 Apr, 2018 01:33
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Created 04 Sep, 2014 21:19 by

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Duel Stories (USA).gbc
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories (U) [C][!].gbc
yu-gi-oh! - dark duel stories (usa).bin
RA Checksum: c30add585d87114288ff8e3726c5381b
CRC32 Checksum: 803A56AE


Posted: 04 Sep, 2014 21:03
Last Edit: 22 Aug, 2016 06:48
Alright, I worked on this all night last night, good thing I already had a hefty save file to save me HOURS of work. The majority of the achievements are based on game progressions, and the other faction is based on challenges and getting certain cards TWICE. I made it so you had to get 2 or more of a few specific cards because you have the ability to use "PASSWORDS" for practically any card in the entire game. So to save you all a lot of hassle of searching around the internet, I'll post the passwords here
for all of the monsters that you need to get 2 of (so you will only have to obtain 1 in the game) :

33396948 - Exodia the Forbidden One ------- Uncommon win from All battlers / Yami Yugi
07902349 - Exodia [Left Arm]
70903634 - Exodia [Right Arm] --------------- Chance to Win all parts from Tristan
44519536 - Exodia [Left Leg]
08124921 - Exodia [Right Leg]

89631139 - Blue Eyes White Dragon ---------- Uncommon win from All Battlers / Kaiba
46986414 - Dark Magician --------------------- Win from All Battlers
62337487 - Fortress Whale -------------------- Code Only
06368038 - Gaia The Fierce Knight ----------- Win from Yami Yugi
76812113 - Harpie Lady ----------------------- Win from Mai
29155212 - PumpKing The King of Ghosts ---- Win from DarkNite
74677422 - Red Eyes Black Dragon ----------- Win from Joey
70781052 - Summoned Skull ------------------ Win from Yugi or Yami Yugi

72302403 - Swords of Revealing Light
04031928 - Change of Heart ------------------- Chance to get all magic cards from Yugi's Grandpa
12580477 - Raigeki And all post-game bosses.

Leaderboards are a work in progress. Possibly for multiplayer online/link.
I wanted to make achievements in the GBC version over any GBA game since the battles are
a lot faster in this version.

Feel free to trade cards with each other if the linking option in the emulator is stable enough.
This will make getting 2 of everything a lot easier, and feel free to use this forum as a trading board.

Posted: 06 Sep, 2014 20:29
Last Edit: 03 Nov, 2014 08:06
I have read whole story from this game

you don't have put title like "Millenium Pendant (10)" you have put "Millenium Puzzle #1" and other items, then the discription should be "defeat Millenium Pendant 5 times" this could be more sense.

Posted: 22 Jul, 2015 23:57
Last Edit: 23 Jul, 2015 14:58
Do we have a drop rate for some of those cards?
Because i fought some of them like 200 times without looting any cards :S

Posted: 26 May, 2016 23:51
Last Edit: 27 May, 2016 01:56
Is there a limit to the number of copies you can get for any one card?

Posted: 22 Aug, 2016 06:25
Last Edit: 22 Aug, 2016 06:29
Answer to Lockerdown3:
- I've never had more than 9 of the same card. So i'm guessing 9 cards is the max.

Fortress Whale Achievement has been fixed,
Sorry to all of the users who have had a 99% completion on this game.
I manually gave the achievements to those who were at [790] in the leaderboards.
Simply boot up the ROM and if you have 1 Fortress whale card, the achievement will trigger.

Posted: 05 Sep, 2016 06:35
Unfortunately, 9 does not seem to be the max, I have seen 16 copies of a card in my card chest so...

Posted: 05 May, 2018 23:36
anyone willing to trade if possible? This loot system sucks.

Posted: 17 Jan, 2019 23:06
Last Edit: 17 Jan, 2019 23:17

Posted: 22 Dec, 2019 04:30
The old icon was outvoted and replaced, here's a backup of it:


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