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Competition Idea: New Achievements for Older Lists


Posted: 19 Sep, 2014 14:34
Last Edit: 19 Sep, 2014 14:38
the idea is to possibly breathe life into some older achievement lists (Super Mario World, Sonic 2) a lot like did for mario land. A brainstorming competition where only the best idea gets implemented.

No limit to the amount of ideas a person could submit and we'd have a rotating jury who'd determine if the achievement is possible and which is the winning idea (or no winning idea).

What this needs:
1.Someone who'd be willing to create that achievement as StingX2 isn't the best achievement maker
2.A Jury to start with of 5 people. Ideally four developers that have been here a good amount of time/forever (Scott/Jacko/Brian/cirellio/coczero) or maybe developers that have been kicking ass lately (scootaloo/rewsifer/marverick23/rdannylor2/meckool) and one gamer who has some dev skill or none to balance the panel.

What do you guys think? Questions?

Posted: 19 Sep, 2014 14:41
it's a fine idea but tbh shouldn't the general idea just be promoted that you should feel free to go back and add new good achievements like that / readjust the point values for games that have simple achievement lists like so many on this site? Like, without a big event for it... it should be a normal thing without the need of a big panel or anything, right? And so many devs admit to making really simple ones just to get more games on the site, which there's definitely nothing wrong with, but they're also basically inviting people to come make better / more achievements at some point.

Regardless, this could be a fun thing and a good way to 'kickstart' some people into doing this, or at least give some true classics some much needed better achievement treatment. And lol i'm so critical of bleh achievements and like to think i'm pretty good at earning them (i'm almost in the top 5 in score anyway) I could be your "tester/balancer"

Posted: 19 Sep, 2014 14:45
I totally agree with your first paragraph this entire things idea is to kickstart a think tank of brainstorming. The idea isn't don't dare touch these but aiming to get something truly crazy like Coin Allergy which is something very unique about the site.

Posted: 19 Sep, 2014 15:37
Trying something like this definitely couldn't hurt. I would like to see us focus on lists with 'less inspired' content that could really use an extra fun achievement or two.

Posted: 19 Sep, 2014 19:43
Last Edit: 19 Sep, 2014 20:19
I was thinking of one the other day - in , get the shield, speed boots and invisibility all at once - the challenge is because speed and invisibility are temporary, you really have to plan your route to get all 3 active at the same time, but the code for it should be simple.

I love the idea BTW, great idea sting! I had a few ideas lately, badges for completing a group of games, i.e. playlists, todo flags, starred games etc. I'll pool them into another thread.

How about clearing the whole Tetris field in nes Tetris? Clearing Final Fantasy with a single character? Star Fox without killing any enemies (low pct?)

Edit: I'd love to give out some bonuses or something to encourage revisiting titles to make them less boring - it doesn't affect the majority by any means, but there are some sets that are solely "level 1, level 2" etc.,

Posted: 20 Sep, 2014 00:02
I love those ideas scott - especially for the new badge/site features - and it makes more ideas flood into my head that are perhaps a bit 'too much', like setting especially crazy/unique achievements like this into their own pool or making them special achievements you earn a badge for doing each or so many of, and that could also tie into the aotw/aotm deal we have going on... but I dunno. Too much to think of at once lol.

The Tetris/FF/SF ones are interesting but seem to be your usual hard/challenge type stuff, while coin allergy is truly unique. Im thinking stuff more like your Sonic one, or beating a tricky boss in a castlevania game using nothing but knives (or an aerial one with just holy water by hitting them with the bottle), or more straight-up coin allergy type ones for any platformer with collectibles where it can be done, or like beating a whole dungeon in secret of mana using Lunar Magic at least once per 30 seconds, or something lol idk. Just really unique and interesting but definitely challenging things. Tons of Cir's things for ff6 especially would fit into this for example.


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