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Double Dragon II


Posted: 23 May, 2013 16:29
Last Edit: 06 Apr, 2018 22:17
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Created 23 May, 2013 16:29 by

1. Double Dragon II (USA, Europe).gb
Double Dragon 2 (U) [!].gb
RA Checksum: 4f3b84eb325f9162086fac77ac577e7c
CRC32 Checksum: 5B96E474


Posted: 24 May, 2013 23:51
OK, so long story short, I completely messed up with this game.

Going by what I found here, I added achievements for finishing each stage, and one for finishing the game on hard. Everything was working fine, only the stages were extremely short, and I soon realised they were merely sub-stage, and so not really worthy of all the achievements.

Rather than have them deleted and start over, I decided to just changed them all, and I think things are OK now. I've still to find the score location in RAM, so the two score based achievements cannot be unlocked yet, but I'll hopefully have that sorted shortly. The only real problem now is that a bunch of the achievements are for multi-player, and as I'm unable to properly test them at the moment, I'm not really sure what to do. Maybe we should just delete them?

Anyway, only one player has unlocked the achievements so far, and maybe it would be unfair to take them away from them now, but that's not a decision I have to make, thankfully, lol.

Also, as with most of my achievements, the badges and names/descriptions are in need of a rethink, so any and all suggestions are more than welcome.

Posted: 25 May, 2013 00:26
Yo!! I hate that feeling, having spent ages on an achievements set only to find it either won't or can't work - you did the right thing, I wouldn't worry if someone's been awarded achievements they didn't earn, especially if its just the one guy :) if he wants to go back and earn them properly he can reset his progress in the control panel for this one game :P

I've just checked, there's an open source add-on called VBALink that I could add to RAVBA in order to enable netplay over LAN/Internet, I'll see if I can add this - for now I think you can load up two copies of RAVBA, load the ROM in both, select 'Link up cable', log into one and that *should* work ok...? That should allow you to test MP achievements.

When it comes to badges I've found they can be pretty tricky when it comes to GB, as with so few colours and pixels it can be a challenge to find something interesting or relevant. Obviously I have to add that no copyright imagery can be used, so there's not much else I can say :) With titles/descriptions, the game's manual can be a good source of inspiration, things like character/level names, quotes and environment descriptions can be found - but it's mainly up to the developer to find something they like the sound of - and if not, someone here will be able to suggest some titles I'm sure :)

Posted: 25 May, 2013 04:16
Yeah, I get that feeling a lot, lol.

I think I've used VBALink in the past. Definitely heard of it. Would be nice if it were added here. I'm not all that big on multiplayer, especially online, but it would be a nice addition and open up a lot of avenues for new and unique achievements.

Not having any luck finding the score in RAM. I do like the improvements to the Memory Inspector, though, I've just never been much good using it, lol.

Posted: 25 May, 2013 09:04
"Obviously I have to add that no copyright imagery can be used, so there's not much else I can say :)"

Can you let us know exactly what is covered/not covered?
Are images from the games manual ok, front cover etc.
Obviously screenshots seem to be what most creators use so I guess they are OK.

Posted: 25 May, 2013 11:03
Any imagery of a copyright nature e.g. Avatars or badges on this website *may* be covered by 'fair use', it may not. I'm not a lawyer - if Sega or any copyright owner asks me to remove any images to which they retain copyright, I will have to remove them. Similarly, if I told you to google for ROMs, I'd be breaking the law by facilitating piracy, so I won't say that. Similarly also, you should only play ROMs to which you own the hard copy of the game.

That's the official line. In my opinion, as long as you're not hurting anybody, I'm sure everything will be fine.

Posted: 25 May, 2013 11:24
That all sounds pretty fair to me. It's just I have used a few images from manuals to mix things up a bit. As they are part of "the game package" that would have been purchased I guess they are covered. :-)

Posted: 25 May, 2013 12:05
Its a little bit more complicated than that - if the image is on the internet it's viewable by all, that means it doesn't matter about owning the game or not. The image is used to demonstrate a reward for a game, and no smaller image would be appropriate for demonstration. Avatars similarly are usually covered by fair use: user content subject to appropriate moderation. Basically as long as it's not really vile, pornographic or offensive, you should be fine.

Posted: 25 May, 2013 16:41
"Basically as long as it's not really vile, pornographic or offensive, you should be fine."

I guess if development is open to everyone anything is possible, but you'd hope the community would respect those kind of things without question. Especially if they want to build on it.

Posted: 29 Dec, 2013 21:57
We were chatting about the multiplayer achievements for this game earlier. Are they worth demoting until multiplayer is setup or is there a way to earn those cheevos

Posted: 16 May, 2016 19:06
Why hasn't this action been done yet?

The achievements doesn't properly check multiplayer, it only checks for the menu and that's just once, so you can trigger them in normal mode (and I'd say that's how people got it in the first place).

Posted: 09 Jan, 2018 22:45
"Hard Game" unlocked for me when I selected hard difficulty after already having beaten the game and watched the ending.

Posted: 21 May, 2020 10:04

Clear Stage 1 (10) -> 5
Clear Stage 2 (15) -> 5
Clear Game (20) -> 10
Clear Stage 1 on Hard (15) -> 10
Clear Stage 2 on Hard (20) -> 10
Hard game (70) -> 25
Normal game (30) -> 10
Perfect game (100) -> 25
Score 100000 (20) -> 5
Score 250000 (100) -> 25


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