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Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Sacred Cards

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Posted: 29 May, 2015 14:49
Last Edit: 04 Feb, 2019 13:21
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1. Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Sacred Cards (USA).gba
Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Sacred Cards (U) [!].gba
Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Sacred Cards (2003)(Konami)(US).bin
yu-gi-oh! - the sacred cards (usa).bin
RA Checksum: 0a7c58069d5390165482e88a22158bd2
CRC32 Checksum: 141FB1CC


Posted: 29 May, 2015 14:50
This is my project now - I just wanted this as a place for myself (and others) to put ideas.

Posted: 14 Jul, 2015 01:20
Last Edit: 14 Jul, 2015 01:42
Don't know where to put this, I will just describe a few bugs I saw with achievements:
- The Ultimate Ritual (5) and Sweet Revenge (15) are gotten just by obtaining the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon card after beating Kaiba regardless of how you did the duel.
- Show Me The Money (30) is gotten by reaching more or less 1,000,000 instead of 1,500,000.
- Trio of God Cards (20) is gotten by summoning Obelisk and Silfer against Yami Marek Ishtar and kill Ra with one of them without having Ra on your field.
- One-Hit Knockout (10) is silly precise, the foe must have exactly 8000 life points not one more or less or it didn't work, not really a bug, but I think if you deal 10000 damage point to a 8500 life points foe, you have to get the achievement.

All those things only are what I experienced not what it can be experienced by you, I just report it to you to help you to improve it if you want.
I just also wanted to make a little more complain (I already did one about the fact that you are forced to use the US version, but I think it's a Retro Achievements system problem) about the fact that you can't get some achievements without using cards code, I think it's not fair, Two Can Play That Game (15) for example demand you to beat Yami Yugi with Exodia, but all the Exodia part aren't naturally in the card shop when you have to beat him, so you have to do the card code, that's only my opinion, but I respect what you did, and I thank you to had did it.

Posted: 14 Jul, 2015 09:24
I will look into the bugs you reported. I appreciate the input.

- Ultimate Ritual and Sweet Revenge I was aware might not have been triggering correctly, but nobody gave me any information. Thank you.
- I will check Show Me The Money. You get 500,000 after beating Marik and this would count if you had 1,000,000+ already. Is it possible that you did this?
- Again, will look into the God card achievement.
- I wanted to do 8000 or more, but I couldn't find a way to code it and make it work at the time. This was my first set.

US version is the standard for most games on RA. If I used the EU version, I would have added a massive amount to my workload because languages can change some items of memory (like text memory).

As for Two Can Play That Game, you don't have to code in Exodia. Winning duels unlocks random cards in the shop and you can keep doing this until Exodia is unlocked, if you prefer.

Posted: 14 Jul, 2015 09:31
I have checked Show Me The Money and I had it in 16-bit instead of 8-bit. Corrected, and will report back any other changes.

Posted: 14 Jul, 2015 20:11
I understand better for the US version now, I was thinking, it was relatievely the same with just some text changes.
And I didn't know that winning duels unlocks RANDOM cards in the shop, I was always thinking it was predetermined, for I wasn't able to buy Exodia, so I did the cards code.
And for the One-Hit Knockout (10) achievement, I was guessing it was for that reason that it wasn't working like I was thinking, but no problem, you know, the achievement said that you need to reduce 8000LP to 0LP, so actually the achievement is correct, I just wanted to tell you to be sure.
Thanks again to had made those achievement for the game, a good game and you did a nice job.

Posted: 18 Oct, 2017 03:32
Stupid question years after you did this, but the Never Coming Home, does that mean never lose and never save?

Posted: 19 Oct, 2017 12:50
Sweet Revenge triggered in the middle of duel with Ishizu, I had beud in my hand, but obviously this was the wrong person

Posted: 20 Nov, 2017 15:53
Last Edit: 20 Nov, 2017 16:03
Is there a way to nullify monster effects in the game right when they go to use them? Because going flawless against yami marik is rough with him having exarion universe...

Belay that, finally succeeded when he didn't pull it quick enough.

Posted: 12 Mar, 2019 13:49
Last Edit: 12 Mar, 2019 13:53
I added battery save protection to the 23 achievements in the set that needed it.

I also marked the 8 achievements that I know to be missable by putting [m] at the end of the titles, and I reordered some of the achievements to more accurately reflect where the missable achievements fall within the story. For reference, "Afraid of Nothing" must be earned before the Ghouls invade the town. "Wing Clipping" should probably be accomplished as soon as the Building is opened on the map since Mai doesn't stick around for long. "I'm Not Messing Around" is missable because you don't to defeat all 10 Ghouls to progress the story; I believe only 5 or 6 of the 10 are needed. "The World Can Wait", Sweet Revenge", "Destined Duel", and "Two Can Play That Game" are missable since it is only possible to duel Ishizu Ishtar, Seto Kaiba, Odion Ishtar, and Yugi Muto once per game. Lastly, "Will You Marry Me?" is only briefly accessible before entering the Stadium Site.

I noticed that a few of the badges are random images taken from the internet, and they do not seem to match the rest of the set. Here are the backups and my replacements:

Posted: 13 Mar, 2019 13:03
Last Edit: 16 Mar, 2019 10:42
I would like to propose a revision of this set. I am mainly adding achievements for performing each of the rituals. These seem like interesting challenges in a game that isn't very difficult.

DEMOTE (1 achievement)
Show Me the Money (30): Save up at least 1,500,000 Domino.
- Reason: This discourages players from buying cards. It seems preferable to only encourage players to grind for a higher duelist level and greater deck capacity.

ADD (28 achievements)
Putting Demons to Rest [m] (3): Defeat Bakura in a duel at the Art Museum
The Man Behind the Masks (7): Defeat either Lumis or Umbra in a duel and learn more about the leader of the Ghouls.
Quintuple Century (10): Reach Duelist Level 500
Magnetic Combination (3): Use the effect of either Alpha, Beta, or Gamma to form Valkyrion the Magna Warrior.
Metamorphosis (3): Protect a Petit Moth until it can grow into a Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth.
Relinquished (3): Successfully activate the "Black Illusion Ritual" (Card 783)
Millenium Shield (3): Successfully activate the "Curse of the Millenium Shield" Ritual (Card 665)
Yamadron (3): Successfully activate the "Yamadron Ritual" (Card 666)
Dokurorider (3): Successfully activate the "Revival of Dokurorider" Ritual (Card 699)
Performance of Sword (3): Successfully activate the "Commencement Dance" Ritual (Card 676)
Hungry Burger (3): Successfully activate the "Hamburger Recipe" Ritual (Card 677)
Fiend's Mirror (3): Successfully activate the "Beastly Mirror Ritual" (Card 674)
Psycho-Puppet (3): Successfully activate the "Puppet Ritual" (Card 695)
Skull Guardian (3): Successfully activate the "Novox's Prayer" Ritual (Card 679)
Super War-Lion (3): Successfully activate the "War-Lion Ritual" (Card 673)
Fortress Whale (3): Successfully activate the "Fortress Whale's Oath" (Card 700)
Serpent Night Dragon (3): Successfully activate the "Revived Serpent Night Dragon" Ritual (Card 691)
Chakra (3): Successfully activate the "Resurrection of Chakra" Ritual (Card 694)
Garma Sword (3): Successfully activate the "Garma Sword Oath" (Card 697)
Javelin Beetle (3): Successfully activate the "Javelin Beetle Pact" Ritual (Card 696)
Crab Turtle (3): Successfully activate the "Turtle Oath" Ritual (Card 692)
Sengenjin (3): Successfully activate the "Revival of Sennen Genjin" Ritual (Card 678)
Zera the Mant (3): Successfully activate the "Zera Ritual" (Card 671)
Magician of Black Chaos (3): Successfully activate the "Dark Magic Ritual" (Card 722)
Tri-Horned Dragon (3): Successfully activate the "Curse of Tri-Horned Dragon" Ritual (Card 680)
Cosmo Queen (3): Successfully activate the "Cosmo Queen's Prayer" (Card 698)
Black Luster Soldier (3): Successfully activate the "Black Luster Ritual" (Card 670)
Gate Guardian (5): Successfully activate the "Gate Guardian Ritual" (Card 667)

ALTERATIONS (9 achievements)
Before: I'm Not Messing Around [m] (10): Find and defeat all 10 Ghouls
After: Cleaning Up the City [m] (10): Find and defeat all 10 Ghouls
Before: Who Are You? (15): Progress past the quarter-finals
After: The Final Stage (5): Progress past the quarter-finals
Before: Two Can Play That Game [m] (15): Win against Yugi with Exodia
After: Two Can Play That Game [m] (15): Win against Yugi in the semi-finals using Exodia
Before: Trio of God Cards (20): Summon Obelisk and Slifer against Yami Marik Ishtar and kill Ra
After: Battle of the Gods (20): Summon Obelisk and Slifer against Marik and destroy Ra
Before: Dominated (5): Reduce your opponent to 0LP with 8000LP remaining
After: Invincible (3): Reduce an opponent's life points to 0 without losing any life points in return
Before: One-Hit Knockout (10): Reduce the opponent from 8000LP to 0LP in one attack
After: Overwhelming Power (5): Reduce an opponent from 8000+LP to 0LP with a single attack
Before: Final Countdown (5): Win a duel with Destiny Board
After: Destiny Board (5): Win a duel by spelling out FINAL with the spirit messages
Before: Mask of Shine and Dark (5): Successfully use Mask of Contract
After: Mask of Shine and Dark (3): Successfully activate the "Contract of Mask" Ritual (Card 693)
Before: The Ultimate Ritual (5): Successfully summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
After: Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (5): Successfully activate the "Ultimate Dragon" Ritual (Card 675)

• I will subtract 2 points from "Zombified" and "Jinzo Trapped"
• I will subtract 3 points from "Stroll in the Park", "Stop US", and "Pier Pressure"
• I will subtract 5 points from "The World Can Wait", "Sweet Revenge", "Will You Marry Me?", "Slifer the Red Dragon", "The Winged Dragon of Ra", and "Easy Mode"
• I will subtract 3 points from "Century", 1 point from "Double Century", 4 points from "Triple Century", and 7 points from "Quadruple Century"
• I will add 10 points to "Never Coming Home"

Posted: 16 Mar, 2019 10:52
Last Edit: 16 Mar, 2019 11:56
I am changing out all of the badges in the set, so this post will contain the backups and their replacements.

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 11:15
All the new achievements are working fine other than the one I reported. Thanks Prism! Really liking the new icons as well. Was quick to remaster this cool game :D

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 12:52
I'm glad you enjoyed everything, bonecrusher1022. I definitely think it was a good idea to use the in-game card border for each of the badges, but I wasn't sure if my icons for the Duelist Level achievements would be liked or understood. I was trying to use ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, but I'm not really very good at graphic design.

Posted: 18 Mar, 2019 17:52
Last Edit: 18 Mar, 2019 17:59
In case anyone is confused by the unusual Ritual Summoning rules that are used in this game (the ones taken from the GBC games), here is a quick explanation. You have to have at least three monsters on your side of the field, one of which has to be the monster listed on the Ritual Spell you are trying to cast. Then, you must tribute two unrelated monsters before finally activating the Ritual Spell, which will transform the key monster into the Ritual Monster. It should also be noted that the key monster and the two sacrifices need to occupy different monster card zones. (e.g. Don't tribute a monster and then Summon the key monster in its place since the tributed monster will not be counted for the Ritual Summoning) Finally, "Gate Guardian Ritual" and "Ultimate Dragon Ritual" are special. For both of these, no nameless tributes are necessary; instead, they each require three key monsters that fuse into the Ritual Monster.

For the sake of convenience, I will list the passwords pertaining to the different rituals since what shows up in the shop is completely random. I might as well include the magnet warriors while I'm at it.

Relinquished: Black Illusion Ritual (41426869) and Dark-Eyes Illusionist (38247752)
Millennium Shield: Curse of Millennium Shield (83094937) and One-Eyed Shield Dragon (33064647)
Yamadron: Yamadron Ritual (29089635) and Mountain Warrior (04931562)
Dokurorider: Revival of Dokurorider (31066283) and Temple of Skulls (00732302)
Performance of Sword: Commencement Dance (43417563) and Water Omotics (02483611)
Hungry Burger: Hamburger Recipe (80811661) and Bio Plant (07670542)
Mask of Shine and Dark: Contract of Mask (02304453) and Mask of Darkness (28933734)
Psycho-Puppet: Puppet Ritual (05783166) and Mysterious Puppeteer (54098121)
Skull Guardian: Novox's Prayer (43694075) and M-Warrior #1 (56342351)
Fiend's Mirror: Beastly Mirror Ritual (81933259) and Fiend Reflection #1 (68870276)
Super War-Lion: War-Lion Ritual (54539105) and Leogun (10538007)
Fortress Whale: Fortress Whale's Oath (77454922) and Mech Bass (50176820)
Serpent Night Dragon: Revived Serpent Night Dragon (39411600) and Darkfire Dragon (17881964)
Chakra: Resurrection of Chakra (39399168) and Versago the Destroyer (50259460)
Javelin Beetle: Javelin Beetle Pact (41182875) and Hercules Beetle (52584282)
Crab Turtle: Turtle Oath (76806714) and 30,000-Year White Turtle (11714098)
Garma Sword: Garma Sword Oath (78577570) and Succubus Knight (55291359)
Sengenjin: Revival of Sennen Genjin (16206366) and Hitotsu-Me Giant (76184692)
Magician of Black Chaos: Dark Magic Ritual (76792184) and Dark Magician (46986414)
Zera the Mant: Zera Ritual (81756897) and Ryu-Kishin Powered (24611934)
Tri-Horned Dragon: Curse of Tri-Horned Dragon (79699070) and Black Dragon Jungle King (89832901)
Cosmo Queen: Cosmo Queen's Prayer (04561679) and Queen of Autumn Leaves (04179849)
Black Luster Soldier: Black Luster Ritual (55761792) and Gaia the Fierce Knight (06368038)
Gate Guardian: Gate Guardian Ritual (56483330), Sanga of the Thunder (25955164), Kazejin (62340868), and Suijin (98434877)
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon: Ultimate Dragon (17928958) and 3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon (89631139)
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior: Alpha the Magnet Warrior (99785935), Beta the Magnet Warrior (39256679), and Gamma the Magnet Warrior (11549357)
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