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Road Rash II


Posted: 03 Jul, 2015 13:31
Last Edit: 24 Mar, 2018 23:11
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Created 03 Jul, 2015 14:31 by

1. Road Rash II (USA, Europe).md
Road Rash II (UE) (REV00) [!].bin
Road Rash II Rev 0 (1992-12)(Electronic Arts)(EU-US).bin
road rash 2 rr205.bin
RA Checksum: c04a309f607aaf59f55eb8dad6affa73
CRC32 Checksum: 7B29C209

2. Road Rash II (USA, Europe) (v1.2).md
Road Rash II (UE) (REV02) [c][!].bin
Road Rash II Rev 2 (1992-12)(Electronic Arts)(EU-US).bin
road rash 2 rr206.bin
RA Checksum: 062ed2f4e698bd8c61ebb1ee74a08d2b
CRC32 Checksum: 0876E992

3. Road Rash II (Japan).md
Road Rash II (J) [!].bin
Road Rash II (1993-07-27)(Electronic Arts)(JP)(en).bin
road rash ii (jpn).bin
RA Checksum: 98196408705f4520213ba1e43bef67f2
CRC32 Checksum: 9A5723B6

4. Road Rash II (UE) (REV00) [T+Rus_NewGame].bin
RA Checksum: cc4889aa710263e3cffc9009bd64c454
CRC32 Checksum: 202C2057


Posted: 07 Jun, 2016 03:22
I want to make some ideas about trophies for Road Rash II .

-Winning specific rivals in each level and win the race first.
-Defeating specific police.
-Being hit by a car or hit at intersections.
-Jump on certain curve using stones or same cows and other obstacles.
-Of course certain defeat rivals with their weapons or the same punch.

Posted: 02 Aug, 2017 21:10
Rich Presence Done.

Posted: 28 Mar, 2019 04:13
Last Edit: 13 Apr, 2019 13:49
Revision plan to come.

Posted: 01 Apr, 2019 21:36
That sounds interesting, and how will you do that? I mean the set is complete for 400 points, maybe if you use the rev00 of this game as another game, don't you? the main difference with the other revision is that the final race is against the officers and the game crashes. How about get down all the officers in that race as an achievement?.

Posted: 01 Apr, 2019 22:05
I'm not familiar with that other version, is that the PAL version? Anyway the 400 points is an arbitrary number. The set only has 31 achievements so new ones can be added and the points rebalanced to 400. Any revision will go through the revision voting process where site developers can either approve or deny the revision plan. At some point the 400 point set cap will likely be eliminated and each individual achievement will reflect a number of points consistent with it's difficulty and will not be inflated or deflated to comply with an arbitrary set point cap.

Posted: 02 Apr, 2019 15:22
It is revision 0 the one with 1992 date at the title screen, this revision has one race against the officers after all the tracks are finished in level 5, later revisions omited this. I'm ok with what is proposed for achievements so that many more can be done in the future for another games that already have 400 points and for another hackers.
Btw if you have the time take a look to Road Rash on Master System and Game Gear maybe it looks a bit ugly (pressumibly to avoid sprite flickering the sprites are narrow) and what if it is played at 16:9 res and it feels you are playing the 16 bit couterpart now.

Posted: 13 Apr, 2019 13:48
Last Edit: 11 Jul, 2019 11:09
Proposed revision:

Change - to "Make a Name for Yourself" - Win a race with a custom name (currently this is an achievement for just a making your name "Knievel" ).

Change - to "Red Lining" Qualify a race with your bike's health in the red (currently this is an award for wrecking your bike).

Change - to "Nitro Rush" - Reach 1st by passing opponents only while nitro is active (currently this is an award for wasting all of your nitro bursts in rapid succession.)

Change - All "reach level N+1" descriptions to "Qualify on all tracks for level N"

Add - Qualify on all level 5 tracks

Add - "Police Brutality" - Knock a cop off their bike

Add - Hang Time - Hit a jump and get airborne for X seconds.

Add - Untouchable - Win a race without falling off your bike or taking any beatings.

Add - Take out an opponent by kicking them into oncoming traffic/obstacles.

Add - Fly over the finish line and still qualify (1st-3rd place)

Add - Payback's a Bitch - Take down an opponent who knocked you down during the same race.

Add - Achievements for taking down featured opponents with their own weapon in some cases

Any other good ideas let me know.

Posted: 24 Jun, 2019 04:55
I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Man, I should really make an achievement for slamming into a car and crossing the finish line while in midair."

And I agree.

Posted: 24 Jun, 2019 10:21
Last Edit: 24 Jun, 2019 10:21
Certainly doable:

Posted: 08 Jul, 2019 03:20
Last Edit: 05 Aug, 2019 04:25
The revision is complete. Enjoy and please report any bugs for a prompt fix.

Posted: 06 Aug, 2019 18:00
Level 1 time trials are active.


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