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F-Zero Climax


Posted: 25 Jan, 2016 08:04
Last Edit: 21 Jun, 2018 12:03
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Created 25 Jan, 2016 08:04 by

1. F-Zero - Climax (Japan).gba
F-Zero - Climax (J).gba
f-zero - climax (japan).bin
RA Checksum: 8d27b349bca44d938b67f9a28712f6c9
CRC32 Checksum: DBDC71E3

2. F-Zero - Climax (J) [T+Eng0.1_Heian].gba
RA Checksum: b68445cd4f0044ed1fc2fac8a69bc47a
CRC32 Checksum: B3AA24F8

If your game is not saving properly, setting your save size to Flash 128KB manually may fix it.

The controls for this game are entirely in Japanese, but I have created an image that should make it easy to compare the Japanese and change the controls to your liking. I recommend finding what you want to be in each spot and then looking for the Japanese of the option in-game.

Posted: 28 Jan, 2016 04:13
I guess to start things off I'll discuss a bit more detail regarding the controls. As you may have noticed, there are unlockable controls that you can get later on. By default, the types do not include the option for Braking, which I would recommend you fix before you get too deep into the game. I use UP for Booster and B for Brakes myself, but not everyone likes this style. I'm not too sure what Auto Slide does, but regular Sliding is the default motion when holding down L or R (the side attack is when you double press the shoulder buttons).

Regarding the unlockable controls, you must play Survival Mode to get more control options, namely beating Tour mode with many different machines (it is only 5 races long, so you should roughly only need about 2 minutes or less each time). The first time you beat Tour, you obtain the Hard Brake, which I would have instead of Brakes. The Hard Brake is absolutely necessary for every machine to stand a chance at Braking Link II and III (I is easy enough where you do not really need it), and from what I have noticed, the CPU opponent also has the Hard Brake feature. To be able to take away 200 kph in an instant might come in handy in Grand Prix as well. So, this is the current list of the order the new control options get unlocked (to my knowledge), and how many Tours you must complete to get them (obviously WIP seeing as only a few are listed here):

Hard Brake and(?) Start Accel: 1 Tour completed
Spin Booster: 4 Tours completed
???: ???

Also, some of the pilot and machine combos might seem a bit weird. Climax directly follows the anime (in Japan it's apparently called The Legend of Falcon even though the story centers on Rick Wheeler and Jack Levin), so viewing the anime may clear some things up. For example, I learned today that Clank Hughes actually did drive the Dragon Bird in the anime...turns out he's actually a hacker, so the odd character selection there was cleared up. There is someone that did English subs for all of the episodes, and I would recommend watching the series if you enjoy this game a lot.

That's all I have for now, and I will continue editing the list of unlockable controls as I complete more Tours.

Posted: 24 Sep, 2016 03:50
This cannot be the right order of unlocks, as I got Spin Booster on my first Tour Win... maybe it has a little to do with the racers? I went with the good Captain my first time...

Posted: 29 Sep, 2016 02:29
No, wait, now I'm unlocking them in a completely different order despite using the same racers (save wipes are the worst)... it's probably just random.

Posted: 19 Mar, 2018 21:10
It seems like the achievement for Zero Tests (class B) doesn't trigger. At least not when using retroarch/snes9x. I even tried beating my record on some of the Tests twice (without any luck).

Posted: 19 Feb, 2019 05:23
Just a heads up, the leader boards for violence needs to be fixed it seems like it only submits your first time and everything after that never gets submitted.

Posted: 12 Jul, 2019 20:54
With the set cap gone, each set will be re-scored, proportionally to other sets using the new scoring system.

If you've played or mastered the F-Zero Climax, or have a strong sense of it, you can help by entering how you feel the set should be scored. How you score it, along with other users, for this and a number of other important sets will have a big impact on how all sets are scored in the future.

Here's a link to the scoring sheet:
- - Requested by

Visit this thread for details on how you re-score a set easily and effectively.


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