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Substitute Achievement of the Week

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Posted: 04 Oct, 2016 02:02
Last Edit: 03 Jul, 2017 11:23
While is away and unable to update his official AotW competition, I thought it'd be nice to at least change the AotW weekly even if it isn't really "official" in way of his. Having the same AotW for months is pretty silly so if you want something to at least shoot for, look no further. This is the one and only thread I'll use just to keep things simple, if you'd like to just keep checking back here to see the change instead of the front page, that'll work. I'll edit this first post with the current 'points' (which is the same format as the current AotW competition, but not shared).

Current AotW: in
Current AotM: in
(I will add SM64 winners to the lb sometime) (cutoff: Jun 6th 2:00)
(Master of Darkness) (Jun 7th - July 3rd)

"If you already have this achievement and want to enter the competition, please visit your settings page ( and remove the achievement from your account first. You will find the option to remove individual achievements from your account under 'reset game progress', first pick the game, then the achievement. This will allow you to re-earn the achievement this week." - 13:17

1) You must EARN the achievement within the week/month, not just have it. See above for instructions on becoming eligible if you've already gotten it beforehand.
2) The achievement will change every Sunday night/Monday morning EST, the monthly achievement will change on the 1st Sunday/Monday of each month.
3) You can post in the thread that you got the achievement if you want, but you don't have to to be counted. Just getting the achievement within the timeframe is enough.
4) If you get the achievement outside of hardcore mode, that will be noted on your 'score'.
5) The achievements you get will allegedly count for the real competition when it returns, though in the end both are just for fun.
6) If the official AotW contest comes back again, that will take this one's place and I won't be changing it until it remains unchanged for 2 weeks once more.

If you have any ideas on what you think would make good AotW/Ms, PM me or post here.

Previous AotWs: Splatterhouse 2, Friday the 13th NES, Super Castlevania 4, Parodius Nonsense Fantasy, DK King of Swing, Rockman CX, Rhythm Tengoku, Drill Dozer, Crash Bandicoot 2 GBA, Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, Shadowgate, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Bomberman GB, Ghoul School, Back to the Future, Rendering Ranger: R2, Super Turrican 2, BS Super Aleste, Godzilla, Actraiser 2, Donkey Kong GB, Choujin Sentai Jetman, Star Force (U), Metroid: Rogue Dawn, Link to the Past

Substitute Scoreboard:

(19.5) Yakurena: SC4, PNF, DKKoS, RMCX, RT, DD, CB2, BK:GR, SG, CTTT, BGB, GS, BttF, RR:R2, ST2, BSSA, GZ, DKGB, CSJ, SF[U](Soft)

(15) GameDragon: DD, CB2, BK:GR, SG, CTTT, BGB, GS, BttF, RR:R2, ST2, BSSA, AR2, DKGB, CSJ, M:RD

(12) Zato: PNF, RT, BK:GR, SG, CTTT, GS, BttF, ST2, BSSA, GZ, DKGB, CSJ

(8) Gatosai: DKKoS, RMCX, RT, DD, CB2, BK:GR, SG, CTTT

(8) ilikepie345: CB2, SG, CTTT, BGB, GS, DKGB, M:RD, LttP

(5) an7xuan: GS, BttF, ST2, AR2, CSJ

(4) beefy2016: BGB, GS, RR:R2, LttP

(3) Heebo: PNF, DKKoS, CB2

(2) Rizla: GS, RR:R2

(2) captainclassic: BGB, GS

(2) phgames: CTTT, BGB

(2) FireyAmber: CB2, CTTT

(2) Xan0707: SH2, F13

(2) Dexterspet: RT, BK:GR

(2) popoki: SH2, SC4

(2) earfly: SH2, SC4

(1) cmcseveney: LttP

(1) TheRagingDragon: LttP

(1) RedXIII93: LttP

(1) Gabszinho: LttP

(1) metalbubble403: LttP

(1) NightmareJames: LttP

(1) Lairar: LttP

(1) Edgarmcfly: LttP

(1) Beastachu: LttP

(1) vascillia: LttP

(1) skaman18: LttP

(1) KTH: LttP

(1) Fallout13: LttP

(1) Trorionz: LttP

(1) ZeldoRetro: LttP

(1) judeclivejet: LttP

(1) SomeGirl: LttP

(1) GamerDavid: LttP

(1) Raziew: LttP

(1) JFBrazilian01: LttP

(1) Itstheboylink321: LttP

(1) macacocareca: LttP

(1) thor18: LttP

(1) siouxerskate: LttP

(1) fredlima: LttP

(1) PKStarship: M:RD

(1) JoeSpar89: M:RD

(1) soulrider: M:RD

(1) tencerjeddy: SF[U]

(1) TrullLord: CSJ

(1) kutal: CSJ

(1) Gorgar: DKGB

(1) Shootzy: DKGB

(1) BerserkerBR: GZ

(1) Lava303: BSSA

(1) BenevolentDick: BttF

(1) hansolo77: GS

(1) ted: GS

(1) DZ: BGB

(1) matheus2653: BGB

(1) Goldor: SG

(1) liraman: SG

(1) DrackosFlare: BK:GR

(1) gooch: BK:GR

(1) Monsheus: CB2

(1) aMafy: CB2

(1) Shantak: DKKoS

(1) RonnieDonnie: DKKoS

(1) MGNSM8: DD

(1) LLZRetro: SH2

(1) RogerioFabriEG: SC4

(1) MisterTi: SC4

(1) Hate: SC4

(1) RonOdin: SC4

(1) Arv: SC4

(.5) BDub913: LttP (Soft)

(.5) blaxbb: LttP (Soft)

(.5) remidica: LttP (Soft)

(.5) scratch42069: LttP (Soft)

(.5) Kronoan: LttP (Soft)

(.5) TehStaub: LttP (Soft)

(.5) nini: LttP (Soft)

(.5) Mel64: LttP (Soft)

(.5) beepop100: LttP (Soft)

(.5) strixbot: LttP (Soft)

(.5) Sidar: LttP (Soft)

(.5) reaper00702: LttP (Soft)

(.5) Scootske: LttP (Soft)

(.5) alfie65536: LttP (Soft)

(.5) washer: SF[U] (Soft)

(.5) guterres75: BSSA (Soft)

(.5) Equim: DD (Soft)

(.5) CrazyDomino: SC4 (Soft)

(.5) Volpe: SC4 (Soft)

(.5) staas1: SC4 (Soft)

(.5) kdecks: SH2 (Soft)

(.5) FyeRoxas: SC4 (Soft)

(.5) BlueDragonNinja: SC4 (Soft)

Monthly Board

(4) BerserkerBR: Demon's Crest, M'n'L:Superstar Saga, Super Robot Taisen: OG 1 and 2

(4) GameDragon: Daimashikyou Galious, Super Robot Taisen: OG, Final Fantasy 3JP, Advance Wars

(2) Zato: Final Fantasy 3JP, Advance Wars

(1) Pyrrhus: Advance Wars

(1) SonicZ16: Final Fantasy 3JP

(1) Rizla: Final Fantasy 3JP

(1) billbotics: Final Fantasy 3JP

(1) ilikepie345: Final Fantasy 3JP

(1) MGNS8M: Super Robot Taisen: OG

(1) Ryan914: Super Robot Taisen: OG

(1) Lockerdown3: Super Robot Taisen: OG

(1) Yakurena: Daimashikyou Galious

(1) Gatosai: Daimashikyou Galious

(1) SlimKirby: M'n'L:Superstar Saga

(1) rios299: M'n'L:Superstar Saga

(1) Guimupop: M'n'L:Superstar Saga

(1) matheusps92: M'n'L:Superstar Saga

(1) KrustyKong: M'n'L:Superstar Saga

(1) LLZRetro: Demon's Crest

(1) Linx: Demon's Crest

(.5) Jaylinx: Advance Wars

Posted: 04 Oct, 2016 10:50
Last Edit: 04 Oct, 2016 10:50
Great! This epic initiative should stay abandoned like that. Yet, I hope the absence of is only temporery, and he will get back to us for good someday. Also, I'm wondering if isn't too difficult to be achievement of the month. isn't easy, and such additional challenge might not be attractive enough to encourage players to try it. I'd recommend instead - finishing game with good ending. I think AotM shouldn't be harder from AotW - it could be but it's not necessary. The best is to place completion achievements for bigger (more time demanding) games for AotM.

Posted: 04 Oct, 2016 11:36
I kind of took inspiration from the RPG AotM and "Hard" AotM categories. I wanted to stick with the Halloween theme for the month but the only RPG I could think of to fit the bill isn't finished. From what I played, Demon's Crest didn't seem like it had potential to be hard enough to warrant a full month for just completion of it, but perhaps drawing inspiration from the "hard" AotM is a bad idea in general. I'll move the AotM down to just beating it as you suggest, as I mainly wanted the AotM category for RPGs.

Posted: 04 Oct, 2016 18:27
i'll be waiting for my prize in the mail. i want a paçoca! :3

Posted: 05 Oct, 2016 03:28
Grabbed . Wow, it's been forever since I've done these! Feels good to be back.

Posted: 05 Oct, 2016 04:10

Posted: 05 Oct, 2016 16:31
I'll honor any points you give out Dex, you rock. I'm pretty much ready to come back its just I work every sunday these days so I always forget aotw. Since you gave out a kickass aotm ill return it to form on oct 31st

Posted: 06 Oct, 2016 21:59
Last Edit: 07 Oct, 2016 04:07

Posted: 06 Oct, 2016 22:04
How do you post the thumbnail and achievement on here?

Posted: 06 Oct, 2016 23:28
Last Edit: 06 Oct, 2016 23:29
Use the "game" and "ach" buttons and just put the # of the game & achievement after the = in the [].

So for the 2 you posted it's 66 for the game & 30047 for the achievement.

Posted: 07 Oct, 2016 04:06
Last Edit: 07 Oct, 2016 04:08
Edit, ignore this.

Posted: 10 Oct, 2016 16:29
Last Edit: 10 Oct, 2016 16:30
I got Happily Reunited... ..

(on soft core><)

Posted: 17 Oct, 2016 09:28
Changed AotW.

Posted: 18 Oct, 2016 22:25
Got the Sweater in Friday the 13th for the NES.

On Hardcore mode.

Posted: 24 Oct, 2016 08:08
I suppose this would be my last AotW for now, as it seems Sting might take back over next week.
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