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Ikari Warriors


Posted: 30 Nov, 2016 23:37
Last Edit: 05 Jan, 2019 21:33
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Created 30 Nov, 2016 23:37 by

1. Ikari Warriors (USA).nes
Ikari Warriors (U) (PRG0) [!].nes
Ikari Warriors Rev PRG0 (1987-05)(SNK)(US).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 731b764f201e31c5b250c67acf835fb3
ROM Checksum: f31987aa39a973985bc647c7517e032e
CRC32 Checksum: A6A9943F

Plus 1 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (2 total)
Ikari Warriors (U) (PRG0) {[o1]}
Ikari Warriors Rev PRG0 (1987-05)(SNK)(US){[h Vimm][iNES title]}

2. Ikari Warriors (USA) (Rev A).nes
Ikari Warriors (U) (PRG1) [!].nes
Ikari Warriors Rev PRG1 (1987-05)(SNK)(US).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: ba3c7743be48ae513fa836c1eba526f9
ROM Checksum: 2871c67f35a88bc33efe139d935bb34e
CRC32 Checksum: EED05076

3. Ikari Warriors (Europe).nes
Ikari Warriors (E) [!].nes
Ikari Warriors (1989-08-10)(SNK)(EU).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: efef201d1d0719426d38e1f3e1d6b2df
ROM Checksum: 10d334858e618c27098b43e4cb1d7da0
CRC32 Checksum: 90757260

4. Ikari (Japan).nes
Ikari (J) [!].nes
Ikari (1986-11-26)(K Amusement Lease)(JP)[b].nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 32fdfb48b1e8cee9dce2aa434d032fb8
ROM Checksum: bbd0ed86c22c00bebb6890046be8fdef
CRC32 Checksum: 68B0CFDC

5. Ikari (J) [b1].nes
Ikari (1986-11-26)(K Amusement Lease)(JP).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 3232592db6231541753677077001b9e9
ROM Checksum: 860da9b977d2b95d2643e654785c43f4
CRC32 Checksum: 4FCA3E3A

Plus 1 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (2 total)
Ikari (J) {[b1][o1]}
Ikari (1986-11-26)(K Amusement Lease)(JP){[h][iNES title]}


Posted: 17 Jul, 2017 17:00
Last Edit: 19 Jul, 2017 16:26
So, I am currently planning a set for this and want to hear your feedback, as I have no idea how well other people play this (IMO) very hard game. And as the game is hard, so should its achievements, I think. And I heard you guys like some hard achievements. I hope these ideas are not too hard. I am a bit nervous to post this, to be honest... Anyways...

So far I have thought of these:

(Questionsmarks mean I have no name for them yet, or they're ?working titles?)
First steps (10)
Survive Area 1 (1P-2P)

Frustrated yet? (20)
Survive Area 2 (1P-2P)

Almost there (30)
Survive Area 3 (1P-2P)

(Thought of naming it "I survived Ikari Warriors and all I got was this lousy achievement" first)
Thanks, Kawasaki! (40)
Survive Area 4 (1P-2P)

Take this, you'll need it (5)
Gain an extra life by scoring 50k in single player

Better take two (10)
Gain another extra life by scoring 100k in single player

A good start (25)
Score 250k in single player

Third tier action hero (40)
Score 400k in single player

Second tier action hero (45)
Score 450k in single player

First tier action hero (50)
Score 500k in single player

Get a life, Paul! (5)
Score 50k as Paul in co-op

Get a life, Vince! (5)
Score 50k as Vince in co-op

Better take two, Paul! (10)
Score 100k as Paul in co-op

Better take two, Vince! (10)
Score 100k as Vince in co-op

?Paul 4 Life? (20)
Score 200k as Paul in co-op

?Vince 4 Life? (20)
Score 200k as Vince in co-op

Leave something for Vince, Paul! (25)
Score 250k as Paul in co-op

Leave something for Paul, Vince! (25)
Score 250k as Vince in co-op

Even cheating is hard (5)
Activate area select mode (disables gaining other achievements while active)

Thanks for your feedback.

EDIT: Gave name to all achievements, added "Second tier action hero" and "Even cheating is hard"

Posted: 15 Sep, 2017 12:46
Today might not be Friday the 13th, but it could very well be. So to compensate I released a set for this tiny little gem, that will sure drive some people to yell out some obscenities - I mean more than usual. It's the infamous Ikari Warriors!

I have a fondness for this game, or at least it's Amstrad CPC and Amiga ports, which I loved to play while growing up and had my first game development thought - having an option to play as the bad guy, laying out the level and selecting when which unit tries to attack the hero. I also remembered the Amiga/Amstrad port to be much easier than the NES port, which is ridiculously hard and very, very, very long.

Anyway, here is how the achievements work:

Well, you activate the area select cheat, which this achievments checks the value of. Please note that all other achievements won't trigger as long as it's active.

I added these as a sort of tutorial for the game, as probaly no one will bother reading the manual. These basically check for a change in a Bit flag, as all upgrades share the same address. Only the golden heart checks for a value, since it will always give you a complete set.
Please note that only B, F, L and S are dropped by pink soldiers, K is dropped by green soldiers. The rest is hidden somewhere in the level and can be made visible if you shoot at the respective spot (be sure to remember them as you don't have unlimited ammo).
Please also note that the Shotgun upgrade should be avoided after getting the achievement, as it ignores other gunfire upgrades and therefor makes finishing the game harder.

As tanks and helicopters can be destroyed by you and your enemies, this may sound easier than it sometimes is. This one checks the value of the Player Sprite ID.

This, as usual, only checks for the level ID as you progress.

These are mostly for the best, as your score gets set to 0 if you use the secret continue code. 500k is doable, but very, very, very hard. You need to know the game very well, know where all the hidden upgrades and hidden bonuses are and so on. You'll also need some amount of luck. You get an extra life every 50k, so this should also help if you get so far.


Athena is hidden somewhere in Areas 2 and 3 and you need to find her. Get her through Door A or Door B back to her realm when you pick her up. This one checks 20 of the 26 possible "other sprite" IDs, as she usually only appears in some of them. Checked on 5 playthroughs (with me changing the lives value) to be working, so this was quite annoying to figure out right. If you find her without the achievement popping up, be sure to drop me a message or file a bug report.

Finishing Areas 1 and 2 in a tank is one of the hardest things to do, as there are a lot of anti-tank weapons between the goal and the final tank. It is doable, but very hard. Area 2 is a bit harder, as it features ground the tank can't drive on. Good luck, you'll need it!

Also planned was a "Forward, always." achievement that checks your coordinates for progress and resets if you ever get the annoying rockets (punishment for not advancing). I did not add it, since I felt this is already covered in a way by the 500k achievement. If you beg to differ, go ahead and tell me :)

Be sure to leave your feedback, as it is always welcome :)

Next up:

Posted: 15 Sep, 2017 22:29
Awesome! Which rom the original or Revision A?

Posted: 16 Sep, 2017 09:37
Last Edit: 16 Sep, 2017 10:14
Should work with both versions. I just tested it with Rev A in the first two areas, everything worked fine there.

I also fixed the Fully Loaded achievement, as it didn't trigger because I set the area select value as an requirement and not as a reset. There were no bug reports filed, I just noticed it while testing the above.

EDIT: I also changed the points you get for finishing Area 1 and 2 in a tank, to reflect the fact that one is harder than the other. They were previously both at 50 points.

Posted: 28 Sep, 2017 10:36
Made minor modifications to the score based achievements, so these will unlock in 2 player mode as well. Please keep in mind that you can only score 500k points if you play alone.

Posted: 06 Oct, 2017 14:16
Last Edit: 06 Oct, 2017 14:31
Added Rich Presence, since we can do that again.

It features score and remaining lives for both players. When no one is playing with you, P2 will show up as having 0 lives. Initially wanted to add an (inactive) behind P2, but that felt redundant thanks to the 0 live indicator.

And now I'll not post in this thread again until someone else does so first, so it does not feel like I'm spamming.


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