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Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge

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Posted: 03 Feb, 2014 11:47
Last Edit: 08 Apr, 2018 17:25
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Created 03 Feb, 2014 11:47 by

1. Banjo-Kazooie - Grunty's Revenge (Europe) (En,Fr,De).gba
Banjo-Kazooie - Grunty's Revenge (E) (M3).gba
RA Checksum: 1e32d754b8a874d279086f98cf523dfd
CRC32 Checksum: FB4F38E2

2. Banjo-Kazooie - La Venganza de Grunty (Spain).gba
Banjo-Kazooie - La Venganza de Grunty (S).gba
banjo-kazooie - la venganza de grunty (spain).bin
RA Checksum: 656b49e4db1a3ad6475b29c347a4fefc
CRC32 Checksum: 32544634


Posted: 03 Feb, 2014 13:38
Wow.. never even knew this game existed! Isometric banjo on gba?

Just looking at the screenshots now.. looks good actually

Posted: 03 Feb, 2014 14:28
is Earthworm Jim in this as well?

Posted: 03 Feb, 2014 14:31
strange. the none www version of the game page has an earth worm jim icon and what looks liks a ducktales icon instead of the title screen. The www version is all Banjo

Posted: 03 Feb, 2014 14:56
what the hell is going on here?

wrong pics are all over the place... !

Posted: 03 Feb, 2014 15:02
ok i've re-uploaded the correct art for earthworm jim.. somehow some other random pics got attached to that game..

also banjo and kazooie icon managed to attach itself to quackshot..

Posted: 17 Apr, 2016 17:35
Last Edit: 17 Apr, 2016 19:10
Achievements for this game maybe? :)

Posted: 23 Apr, 2016 18:34
Last Edit: 23 Apr, 2016 22:33
I agree with 8bit, this game totally needs Achievements.

Posted: 04 May, 2016 08:43
I'm pretty sure I can handle this game's achievements... Already figured out the note values for the first two worlds and overall game totals just from my experiments to gauge how difficult it would be to do that, so if I just apply the lessons I learned from developing for Spyro 3 GBA it should work out.

Posted: 08 May, 2016 02:40

Alright, I've figured out all the values necessary for the first two worlds' cheevs, as well as the game time, health counter, and overall game totals. I still need to play through the rest of the game to verify the other worlds' values as well as those for the final boss, endings, and post-game slide, but with what I have I can give my current plans for the points breakdown:

6 Worlds Jiggies (10 per, 60 points)
6 Worlds Notes (10 per, 60 points)
6 Worlds Moves (5 per, 30 points)
6 Worlds Jinjos (5 per, 30 points)
6 Worlds Honeycombs (5 per, 30 points)
5 Total Collections (10 per, 50 points)
6 Bosses (10 per, 60 points)
Final No-Hit (25 points)
100% Ending (15 points)
Speedrun (30 points)
Credits Slide Coins (10 points)

Game Total (400 points)

As far as the speedrun goes, I have not figured out whether it should be any% or 100%, and of course that also means I don't have a clue as to what time marker I should use. Any suggestions? For reference, the WR any% record appears to be about 45 minutes.

Posted: 08 May, 2016 10:14
Yes, but is that 45 minutes optimized, if it's optimized then there's no hope of us regulars doing it, if you set it for any% I'd recommend something like 1hr30mins or something along those lines.

Posted: 08 May, 2016 10:29
You'd definitely wanna do an any%, but perhaps it's best left for a leaderboard if you can't decide on a time? It's hard to get it just right and going for something ridiculously low will turn people off more than interest them, I think.

Posted: 08 May, 2016 15:47
Why make a speed run achievement when you could just create a leaderboard instead? I mean, if getting through the game fast doesn't yield any reward or better ending, why should it matter and why disadvantage those who aren't really speed gamers?

Posted: 08 May, 2016 19:00
I mean, I am a Speedrunner and I still see Speedrun based achievements as kind of a deterrent personally, I mean, it's up to the person making the achievements really.

Posted: 08 May, 2016 20:36
Last Edit: 08 May, 2016 21:55
To be honest, I'm a bit scared of trying to code a Leaderboard... the instructions on how to do so seem quite a bit more complex than making an achievement...

As far as difficulty was concerned, I was thinking more along the lines of the DKC speed cheevs, which were quite doable... though I can't just take the 100% WR and apply that time to an any% like that creator did there (more or less) since:

1. The time saved by not doing 100% isn't likely as great here, and
2. I can't seem to find a 100% speedrun WR to use in the first place.

That being said, maybe 2-3 hours would be good?

Of course, if I DO decide to scrap the speedrun cheev in favor of someone else putting in a Leaderboard at some point, I guess I could divide it's points amongst the Empty Honeycomb cheevs... or maybe the Jiggy cheevs... or even the Total Completion and Final No-Hit cheevs...
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