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Discord Emoji contest 2 and new icon contest


Posted: 01 Sep, 2017 21:09
Last Edit: 01 Sep, 2017 21:13
Dates and overview:

Emoji-contest 2 (In Sept — 8 Sept, submissions allowed
Community Vote: 8 Sept and 15 Sept.
Server icon contest (In 1 Sept and 15 Sept, judged by the admin/mods


Emoji Contest:

Starting now is the 2nd emoji contest! The rules this time will be a little different than the first contest. All the rules will be in place up front and there will be only positive votes. There will be one week for all entries starting now. Old entries and retired emoji are allowed for re-submission. ( Only verified users will be allowed to vote.

After the week for entries there will be one week for voting. During the voting period there will be two votes going on, one for all the current emoji, and one for each of the new emoji. We have a total of 50 allowed emojis on the server. If there are enough entries and votes the top 15 emojis will replace the the bottom 15, as in the emojis with the least votes. And if we want to slowly replace all the emojis with Kirby emojis that's up to the community.

Any on topic post or discussion is allowed in this channel during the submission period. Requests are good too.

Submission Rules: Only verified users can submit. Submissions should be 36 x 36 static images with a clear background.
All submissions must be labeled as such. Any other images posted will be ignored. Each user is allowed a maximum of 15 submissions.

Helpful Tools:
Image resizer: - Great compression. To get to just the right size use the up and down arrow keys.
Pixel editor:
Image editor: - Excellent for removing the background of images


Server i-contest:

RA artists are called to action! Our server icon needs a facelift. Submissions for this contest will be allowed for two weeks, starting now. Afterwards the active admin will judge which becomes our new icon. The winning entry will replace our current for all to see!

Discord icons are circles and then become a rounded circled when highlighted or selected. The icons we see are resized to 50 x 50. Discord recommends icon images be 512 x 512, but I don't really see why, that seems so big. To get a feel for what will look good and what will fit I'd recommend creating a test server where you can post your submissions to see what looks best.

Submission Rules: Any size will be accepted for submissions, but the image should be square. All submissions must be labeled as such. Only verified users are allowed to post submissions.


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