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Posted: 21 Sep, 2018 16:32
Last Edit: 04 Dec, 2018 14:52
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Created 21 Sep, 2018 16:32 by

Rastan (USA, Europe).sms
Rastan (UEB) [!].sms
Rastan (1988)(Taito).bin
rastan (usa, europe).bin
RA Checksum: 5b3a785de403c311db7f17eae27caae6
CRC32 Checksum: C547EB1B


Posted: 22 Mar, 2020 20:02
Last Edit: 22 Mar, 2020 20:03
I decided to try creating an achievement set. Rastan seemed like a good candidate to begin with.

This is what I have planed so far.

Points, Titel, Decription

5 Kentorous Clear stage 1
5 Slayer Clear stage 2
5 Shukumas Clear stage 3
5 Aryous Clear stage 4
5 Fedorak Clear stage 5
5 Read Dragon Clear stage 6
5 Final Dragon Clear stage 7
30 Rastanfari man Beat the game with no continues.
10 Kentorous - Challange Clear stage 1 with no continues
10 Slayer - Challange Clear stage 2 with no continues
10 Shukumas - Challange Clear stage 3 with no continues
10 Aryous - Challange Clear stage 4 with no continues
10 Fedorak - Challange Clear stage 5 with no continues
10 Read Dragon - Challange Clear stage 6 with no continues
10 Final Dragon - Challange Clear stage 7 with no continues
5 Kentorous slayer Defeat Kentorous without geting hit
5 Slayer slayer Defeat Slayer without geting hit
5 Shukumas slayer Defeat Shukumas without geting hit
10 Aryous slayer Defeat Aryous without geting hit
10 Fedorak slayer Defeat Fedorak without geting hit
10 Read dragon slayer Defeat Read dragon without geting hit
20 Ultimate dragon slayer Defeat Final dragon without geting hit

200 points total

Posted: 23 Mar, 2020 01:39
Sounds great!!!, is it possible to support the Game Gear Version at the same time??, this version the music pause on pausing the game instead of start from the beggining as the Master System's.

Posted: 23 Mar, 2020 13:35
Benny Burrito I love you.

Posted: 27 Mar, 2020 22:53
Set is live. I recommend using Genesis Plus GX.
There are some issues with the picodrive and gearsystem cores.

Posted: 30 Mar, 2020 20:43
Last Edit: 02 Apr, 2020 15:08
I'll see if I can get the Game Gear version working with the set. Not sure how that would work, but I will try.
After a brief discussion with staff, we decided it's best not to start linking gg-roms with master system sets.

Posted: 03 Apr, 2020 03:30
Last Edit: 03 Apr, 2020 03:34
It seems not linking to the GG is for best until something like cross platform exist, is there a rule against to make a separate set for the GG version?, I think developers should support both systems when GG games use the SMS mode, as user's prefered system, thanks.

Posted: 04 Apr, 2020 18:45
The set activate on loading rom, but none of achievements works.

Posted: 04 Apr, 2020 19:17
What emulator/core do you use?

Posted: 07 Apr, 2020 03:20
Cheevos nor leaderboards trigger when FM sound is off, the ones from finish stage with no continues and the ones defeat bosses with no damage, "Equiped for battle" triggered though with FM sound off, the emulator used is Genesis Plus GX the one from Ekeeke's github repository.

Posted: 07 Apr, 2020 15:25
Last Edit: 07 Apr, 2020 19:28
ohh interesting, that's why it's wont work with picodrive and gearsystem cores, only genesis plus has FM sound. I'll work on a fix for that.

All achievements and leader board have been updated and should now work with or without FM sound mode, Gearsystem and Picodrive will also work now.

Posted: 07 Apr, 2020 19:54
I'm using Retroarch with Genesis Plus GX.
Thanks for the support, I'll try again later!


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