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Hello everybody..


Posted: 29 Sep, 2018 05:51
Last Edit: 29 Sep, 2018 11:43
Feels good to be here..I´m quite old player..
I can faintly remember playing Donkey Kong when it was just electronic game..
My English isn´t quite good or my grammar and I usually have lots of typos..
I used have and play NES,SNES,PS,PS2,Gameboy Advance,N64 and GameCube..
I played other consoles with friends that had them.But I stopped buying new consoles after GameCube..
I did follow what came up like Wii and Wii U and saw same polished version of Wind Waker and the latest..
Well one title per new console and limited money..You know..
I did go retro for a while with N64 but joysticks were getting harder to get and prices were rising..
I did however buy SNES Classic about six months ago and that woke my interest for the good old retro games..
The days that I have emulated anything was really long ago..In the time of Zsnes,PJ64 and so on..
..And about three years ago I had to buy new computer.Which is this HP(so called)gaming laptop with 950M or 970M GeForce added to Intels interna 530..
so this could barely run Hitman Absolution..
Most of all I thought that Win 10 can´t run any emulator..
Then I saw a link here while browsing on the gamefaqs wondering had I really mastered some games or did the cover and screenshots look just so familiar that I have ticket those as accomplished?
After thinking couple of days I figured "What can I lose?"and made account..
In my age I don´t even have smartphone..And Got into that Discord too,,Lots of confusing options..
Installed RASnes9 and fiddled Logitech F310 on it..And Started Secret of Evermore..
I could have started something else since it´s a long game to get all achievements.
But I don´t have that skill anymore that I had 30 years ago..My fingers are aching because of my joints don´t grow new joint tissue anymore and my eyesight ain´t so good..
but I have been a stubborn player..So it´s learning again time..
I´m also trying to get my friend here too..He´s more to keyboard and mouse player..
But he seemed interested..And I want to see if he is match to me..
I have too many favorite games to list now(my mind is blank)but mostly games that don´t have time running down..I list those later..
I´m running this with Opera browser since I don´t know if this site and emulators run through Edge or IE better(or anyway)?
But..Nice to meet you all..

Posted: 11 Oct, 2018 21:48


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