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Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 08:02
Last Edit: 05 Jan, 2019 22:59
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Created 23 Apr, 2014 09:02 by

1. Zanac (USA).nes
Zanac (U) [!].nes
Zanac (1987-12)(FCI)(US).nes
V14-/V15+ RA Checksum: 049e3f53884ea5650d1dbf43751ea965
ROM Checksum: 737d8e7fd11e55b2ac43de154060ad4d
CRC32 Checksum: 2165C0C2

Plus 3 unique ROM Checksum variations with the same V14- RA Checksum (6 total)
Zanac (U) {[o1], [o2], [o3]}
Zanac (1987-12)(FCI)(US){[h Mindrape & EFX][iNES title], [h2][iNES title], [h][iNES title]}


Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 08:02
This is yet another game in which I'm having trouble finding where the score is stored...

Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 08:28
added the score for you, they were single digits for each number. I just focused on one point value (10's) and searched when it went up or down. ie. new search at 0, value said 7 and searched >, value went to 3 and searched < and repeated until I found what looked correct. Changed a couple of values either side of the address to see if it affected the score on screen and this time it did.

Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 14:51
Nice one jacko! Thanks for helping out here, we need to add more tutorials for this sort of thing, I'll get the memory dialog improved asap

Posted: 23 Apr, 2014 15:56
Thanks, I should've realized it was stored that way; I was getting hung up on trying to find either two digits per byte, or stored some other way, like divided by some value.

I think I've also found a value to tell when the high score has been reached (weirdly, it counts up from 0 to 0x80 when this happens, instead of just setting a value), and then immediately after the score they store the high score on a Game Over, without a ones place. It does make me wonder if the score uses the ones-place byte though, or if that's used for something else.

Posted: 03 Aug, 2014 14:57
Last Edit: 03 Aug, 2014 16:54
Is it normal that this game doesn't award a "Site Award"? Because so far I've got a badge for every 100%'d game, until Zanac - got 5/5, yet no badge. Plus it doesn't show up on my "completion progress" tab at all.

Posted: 03 Aug, 2014 18:21
A game has to have at least 6 achievements for a site award, I'm not sure about the completion progress tab though.


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