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Acid Drop


Posted: 18 Sep, 2019 05:48
Last Edit: 19 Sep, 2019 14:01
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Created 18 Sep, 2019 05:48 by

1. Acid Drop (USA).a26
Acid Drop (1992) (Salu) (PAL) [!].a26
Acid Drop (1992)(Salu)(PAL).bin
acid drop.bin
RA Checksum: 17ee23e5da931be82f733917adcb6386
CRC32 Checksum: 14CDDAC7

Posted: 18 Sep, 2019 05:50
Last Edit: 18 Sep, 2019 10:00
I will build a set for this game. :)

This is a puzzle game like tetris or columns. there are 30 levels and the goal of the game is getting the highes score as possible. the player can start at level 1, or wich level they want and after some blocks the level increases automaticly to the next one. every level the blocks falls faster. level 30 is insane fast. nearly impossible to play.

So my plans for this set are.

"Beating" the game like start to play at level 1 and reach level 30. Every 5 levels the player will get an achievements. after reaching that level and getting the achievements, the player can stop the game and start another time he wants at the level (because he can choose the startlevel) for reaching the next 5 levels to get the next achievements.
the game dont have a pause function (as far as i know) and there are no lifes or continous so with this achievement-mechanic, it feels like giving the player some breaks to not beat the game at one rush, because at the higher levels the game can be very chalanging. after reaching level 30 (and getting all the level-reaching-achievements) the game is "beaten".

but of course there are more possibilities, because the game has a scorecounter. so i want to implement some score-achievements like, reaching a specific score at level 30 (player has to start at level 30).

reaching a specific high score, the player can start at wich level they want.

maybe its possible to implement some other achievements like reaching a specific sore but dont build to high.

thats my ideas so far. im open for more ideas.


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